FERG BLURBS -- Berwick Softball on Sportscenter

An incredible catch in local softball!
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FERG BLURBS -- Why You Should Watch The NBA This Year

So, full disclosure, I'm a basketball-head, and have been since I could walk. I had one of those wall-mounted hoops with the rubber mini-basketball pretty much from when I was a toddler to when I was a senior in high school. When I lost the ball, I'd use balled-up socks. I watched countless NBA...
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FERG BLURBS -- Airshow Loses Money...And That's Fine

Word on the local streets is that the Northeast Pennsylvania Airshow, which made its triumphant return after a 17-year absence a few weeks ago, finally got their numbers back from their big weekend. According to multiple media reports, including The Citizens' Voice , the airshow saw 25,000...
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Dave D and OB Podcast - Local Athletes

DiRienzo and Mike O'Brien talk about local athletes and how proud they make us. NEPA REPRESENT!
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Northeast PA Bridal Show

Sunday, September 11th 12pm - 4pm
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