Company Selling Fake Muscles to Help People Look Good on Virtual Dates

American sporting goods company Sportarly understands that you probably want to look your best on virtual dates, which is difficult because gyms are still closed. The company has begun selling ‘fake muscle suits’ for people dating in quarantine.
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When's the Viewing? Funeral Home Hosts 'Sleepless in Seattle' Movie Night for Valentine's Day

A funeral home in Louisiana will be hosting their first-ever romantic Valentine’s Day movie night on Thursday night. Learn more about the parking lot screening of ‘Sleepless in Seattle.’
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Man Takes Out 8 Billboards to Deliver Special Message to His Wife

Sometimes it takes a grand gesture to show the proper amount of love for one’s significant other. That’s why a man in Oklahoma decided to express his love for his wife using eight billboards across Tulsa.
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Dave D and OB Podcast - Yalpdloc

We all have that band or artist we hate. BUT! We also have that one song we actually like by that one band we really hate. This is a podcast about that.
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