7 Celebrities Who Love to Play Video Games

Gaming is an epidemic in Hollywood! Being famous is a great way to open up your life for the things that matter, like having more time to sit on the couch with the controller and pwn n00bs in “Halo.” The following celebrities are unlikely gamers, and proof that if you follow your dreams, you can...
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Aerosmith Pinball Machine Coming Soon

Nine of Aerosmith's hit songs will be featured in a new arcade-quality pinball machine, created by Stern Pinball. The Aerosmith machines will retail between $6,199 and $8,999 and feature original hand-drawn art by "Dirty" Donny Gillies. Check out the Facebook post below for more info! (Photo by USA...
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AC/DC Virtual Pinball Machine

AC/DC will soon release a new virtual reality pinball game and details can be found in the Facebook post below. From "With the virtual reality (VR) version, players will be able to experience rock and roll like never before, while providing a fun, immersive pinball experience." ©...
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