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Tuesday, August 15th


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What you're about to hear is fairness. I once again making podcast magic. To the best of our abilities. Abracadabra. We've gone even the news suppressed or change ago I'm gay endurance so that's Mike O'Brien this is the dainty and Obi podcast what Mike. Nothing much sir how are you doing. Well you know cowering under my desk and being terrified of another nuclear follow up. I I heard a great phrase on this today. You're free to make your drink a double tonight but you still have to pay your credit card bills staff after a if that's true and terrorism Kaka left the scene as the the world brings closer and closer to nuclear brinksmanship. Again. The two lesser in this room making what we can do. At doing what we can do to make the world slightly better place finding a ray of sunshine and otherwise cloudy day it's what we do. So to. I'm making light in and a world where at far too many things are far too serious right now retreat. Which in that late August slash early September frame of mind where the weather gets nice again it's not beastly hot. Every once the sun is shining in every yeah seems to be in a slightly better mood yet and it's one of those times where. The weather is such that you roll the windows down in Egypt sunroof do you put it back. Just turn the radio dial have been higher and get the sunglasses on and just and just enjoy the drive in the weather create butts. It brought me to something. He heard this week and that's where you're here you hear a lot of music during the summer you know some mixed tapes summer jams. And I realized that I have a concept I wish there was one term sports like one single word can describe this butts. I heard a song I liked a whole lot perhaps even Bob's been by and I couldn't stand to. Now look at it and so. I thought about how my songs on their life that where kind of love that song I cannot stand. This and so this is more than a guilty pleasure is a guilty pleasure is just it it implies that like that song specifically. Is something you wouldn't wanna brag about but this is a song that you actually like for whatever reason like from turn on Britney Spears Ryan injury that odd. Backstreet Boys are N'sync song I don't. Despise those groups her. Artists the border go to put like you said. But but I am more than that's more ads were taken at a couple steps further but this is the kind of thing where it's not. Yeah you'll be happy telling people I'm like this song rather than sort of turning the volume down when to pull in the parking lot hoping nobody hears she played this a good song. If there's any other song on by this. Ban on how these artists time outs cannot change fast so what song was that the media start thinking about I citizen more of genre vs damn thing but you'll never hear me. Listen the country very much and you jumped we won't hear me. Find any tunes by the Zach brown fat butts. When I hear chicken fried I disagreed sought I love the song. And that is like to loans song an entire genre. That I'm like yeah I'm into it policy address but god I don't hear anything else I've never heard that son were were playing in the background now. Yeah I can see our. I'm not gonna say I like it but I can see how that's on can bring us some stuff for you. I too low of country music I can't get into it it sounds like the same song on endless repeat to me and I can't thank you can't differentiate it. But I too have exactly one country song that I really really like. And it's probably. The worst song if I ever thought Britain really. Red Solo Cup column on for whatever I'm telling you might not line. I feel a lot better about my song and I like that song OK so stupid and he's clearly drunk while singing it. But I like I've. I don't know why do you like your music I like that song you are. Click anthem for like every bro yes out there every. Almost basic white curl yes. OK I get. There's nothing in me that should justify me liking this on and yet I do okay well to be fair IAA. I'm judging you. How would expect no I'm judging you and but there are some bands slash songs that I probably can be judged for summer kind of and one is. And it's Haiti right now or has been around for that one is. A classic rock. I condom. That I'll probably yelled that suit you wanna go for and you have a problem due to go first time unless you told me about why this concept was yeah idol I've too. So picture best to our com. Everyone else loves this band music guys love this band. All the critics love the span they sell out every show they ever do their just unanimously. Everyone universally. Loves Radiohead except me I actually think they're trash it's but it's one note plucked on a guitar and it's an awful lyrics and it's. Sat in morrow is in it's it's not even music there's a million McGrady had socks and on for you say it but I do like the song creep. Okay that was their first song. We had and that song is almost. Out of the realm of what they do red eye because it doesn't sound like Radiohead is that what that's why it's good I'd mall I'm kind of right there on the same level because. For ever. I couldn't stand. This stance. They'd turn me around with one song and it. It's cold play. I consistent and yellow I couldn't stand clocks you were a talk about just little gross tanks T slow the songs and Coldplay Alice. Like could not change channel fast enough but then that your Caucasian guy who graduated from college you should look cold I should love cold play your absolutely right and I should but I don't but we're turning around ironically enough. Wasn't I turns commercial. Yes yes and they're featured the song view below veto them by Coldplay which was not like any other song or her before right elect. Yes I'm in this song strong drum beats good lyrics. Good chorus. How are similar on it it's got a good hook on it and to be honest. In May of turned your somewhat of a a turnaround few links. I didn't pull plus it'd make you feel. I'm by the now they're actually some do some cold clear songs that I I enjoy who couldn't but for a long time might it was cold play no. Except these movies well I am proud of view of the you've joined our ranks wolf I welcome I'm proud of you that you joined rader has ranks now. Know that song and that's it but since they since disown that that song and it becomes like eight sling it. That makes me feel even better about my decision I don't I don't I mean such distinction on my and so I think you win this particular battle but via the main. There's there's a big one there's a big one that I won't get yelled at for by you by anyone listening room and yes. So this is a song that once again you hate the band in general what you like one song. Yes. And gave this band has been doing it for decades and probably consider when the greatest rock bands. Of all time and you won agrees lead singer is one of the greatest guitarists. Some the best songwriters. But I can't stand the throwing stones. Get out get out yes let's yeah I know. Are you I know there's not a there's not a Rolling Stones song that I'm like yeah out and Indo us in this most often. When it pops on the radio like now let's change channel now I can not hold accepts. Gimme shelter. All what a good song off and with that that's a great cannot get enough about song Allison that all day air day. That's normal right so what the word for this be proof. We it's got to be a word like the eskimos have for snow where with success so that's good enough slept like a get seventeen syllables to admit it's really can only speak with a native tongue like I am the first mortgage. Hops in the mind is your worm but that's something completely different but it's got to be something like tallied a song that sticks in your craw. And you can't get it out of your hand what a song that you love by bench who hates. How about Yelp to lock. Short yellow block is called play spelled backwards so Yelp Sloc. It is that in reference but what's read you read spelled backwards. G here. Hole lead guard the holy dark decoy car to order I think that there has been a joy Darnell the word I don't let me you're gonna. To see me hanging us from to have oneness and as embarrassing and me yes it was kind of a spirit. So when I was. A young professional. For whatever reason I found myself employed him as a according university he was a fine moment in my life it was great. But I was subjected to in that period of time. All the music they college freshman we're listening to. Had mr. pretty university in the summer of I don't know of it's ninety's yeah no it was like it was in the 2000 separate it exactly when it was but the big song. That was on the radio. It was at every party of like adults to a summertime barbecues but then you drive on campus and you hear blasting from the dorm rooms. So returned from a life I like the song and I shouldn't like the song cruelty time little bit more than guilty pleasure but now it's even worse than that. Again this is in the two thousands. And it's Miley Cyrus is party in the US bomb on me it's a totally embarrassing it's total saccharine. It's cheese but I don't care it's a great song that's it that's a guilty pleasure. Is that the is that what that is guilty pleasure so it's not a don't Hoya and deployed our. The point guard it's not a good place are not not to open it up there if that sounds like bad bets doesn't apply to what we're talking about the size likes of the union point and four or solve it. Still played rock to avoid dark it's the song you like by the band you hate. You heard it here first and probably last. I'm Dave your and so that's Michael Bryant we're gonna go and put our earphones on health. And we're gonna listen and do I feel shameful and we're gonna have that audience there and we're gonna have that listing in our already their team. And we're gonna have that one entry in our library this one song specifically from being in the week. Listening to the deep Dino via podcast what do you read so much.