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Thursday, July 20th


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We'll hear about it here in fairness. Every time we get together we're happy although today there's a little bit of a Pall over it I'm fifty after Enzo that's Mike O'Brien over there what do might. I don't answer. Buffalo it was better about you know. The couple hours alone aren't. We just found out the news that Lincoln park's Chester Bennington according to TMZ. Hanged himself and committed suicide they found his body at about 9 o'clock this morning. And it's sort of cast a shadow over a lot of things that are happening today with another stark reminder that life is short and that mental health issues are everywhere. And came in between 2016. For this one but it just seems via. Another N a long line of singers performers performers artists that I'd gone too soon and like you said mental health issues. Drug addiction issues obviously. It's still very early we don't know exactly what caused him but he has said in the past. That this is something that he considered just because of the wing of itself. His life had turned out substance abuse issues physical abuse issues in just a whole host of problems. Indeed so and again for me the most tragic part of history is he's a father six. And so we have six children left behind and friends family and all his fans from around the world and fans of Lincoln park's oh. Again tough of tough morning cuffed to a tough today and I think I'm doing this point just wants to know why. And deep condolences to Lincoln park's family friends and music fans everywhere. Well there's really no easy way to transition from a down. To what we deal with the hard part segue. So OK there it is I've eight admittedly there's no it there's no easy way to do it so let's just move on and and we said with there has to say. Yes there's and so we move onto our next topic and for me it's in the music realm and I've tweeted about this last week as said. The defiant ones a four part documentary on HBO aired last week and it was something I. I want as his client when yourself as if I wanted to see out there wasn't mossy TV but it happened land on an early in the series. And it was immediately in thrall for those of you who don't know the story. It's there really is the story in the tail of Dr. Dre and Jimmy I've seen who ran in scope records and sort of follows. The two of them through. The path and WA from when doctor Trey was on its own to forming beats. And now basically running apple music and resale I'll let you know rap genre and care about that. Jimmy Ivey work Chris early Bruce Springsteen. Stevie Nicks you to. New doubts. Nine Inch Nails Lady Gaga they biggest Jones and the biggest and you can't talk about music in the last. Three decades in any genre without talking about inner school records and not knowing was he in his court records are the label from the biggest bands the times. But they also sold a headphone company for three billion dollars. And run apple music now so it's just an amazing story and I got me thinking if I had my own record them. Who would I want. O'Malley who would I want to work with the big expands the coolest bats may be the lesser known bands that. You know kind of Brewster prominence and would just be cool with the work with them and I've been. Rattling around this idea in mind at the last couple days selected draft you mean like almost organs records draft movie records. Movie music. A different records. Top three. If I could start disable with three dance or have a man labeled some points who what I wanna work and it was a question to you as well aren't I I'd like I'd like this now. Let's set some rules and guidelines because obviously you know both of us would fight over having The Beatles be sure. Are a little bit too old for what we're thinking about right now right well this is Max one or two it's the rockets of the eighties and more so let's take it from 1980. Two and 1999. Look at habits are two decades. You've got twenty years you have a record label for forty years starting in 1982 and 1989. This is your artists you get what along with it. You get to work with these artists you get the the residuals. From revenues record sales. What how do you get to be apart of crafts and who you pick me BC. Rising over cultural phenomenon in particular genre. But you also have to factory and maybe drama or not true positive things come and look like for example a rep for the south here. If you're working with Guns 'N Roses the biggest band and you early mid ninety's. Botched. You have to deal with Axl and all the drama that encompass that sell to pick. But tread carefully that's a whole lot of headaches come here it's exactly is what you wanna work with Guns 'N Roses during their heyday for however long ones but seven years there 57 years. I like a contract so it's gonna do with your idea so we're gonna do a fantasy draft style that means you get to pick first and then we will ping pong back and forth. How many are we talking three closer Lester threw OK I think they'll take us through fair enough. I'm starting out number theory and they have now expand the limit and be careful because they said this is fantasy draft styles that'll pick your third favorite. Because I might steal what might be your favorite so I understand I understand okay I think we're I don't think we're gonna cross paths very much okay. Thoughts I'm gonna pick number three now they relate to the game. Actually no I take aback because I went away a broad base would be all right these guys came man. Late eighties early ninety's you're talking you're taking Ace of Base Archie I'm not taking the recent days though I saw the sign in and did open in my eyes. But and they saw the success say granted doesn't count but they have been around for decades are in the rock and roll hall of fame. And they kind of need the metal genre. Mainstream will do and I'm going with Metallica blow right off the bat. Well I gotta cross on Afghanistan okay. Obi records has Metallica Metallica to render records we'll start with say well one of the biggest names in music history. And I want like you to set up a good base so I want the money come in and we'll call this the tenth post picked okay. You know it's like the movie theaters they release that one big summer blockbuster that makes all the money and then they can do their little side projects after that your. So my pick is Michael Jackson death ICI focused more on the groups and the individuals and I don't know why but that's a great back. And and I know there'd be headaches and lawsuits coming your way at the end of that but you know starting in nature really and moving forward that's just when the outcome it was a 2002 that that was on nine it's nice ninety's just gonna drum is still at least it's like he dominated a decade. Yup thriller wreck you have to you have captain Neal down in Disney. I mean really Pete. Right actually apex of the tablet at a discount they'll have to do that. OK so you have Metallica I have Michael Jackson and that's to radically different directions that we belong to and indeed Al I wanted to dole. Aerosmith but I feel like their peak was late seventies and with the sweet emotion all those. And all those great songs that he had laden elevator can be eighties resurgence but it wasn't quite as big as he writes I I'm you know when you think of Aerosmith I put him in the eighties show I cross him off the list. So I'm gonna go with someone who maybe had a little more. Relevance and eighty's and ninety's and I'm going and individuals well I'm going Tom and he knows operators carry. I lost somebody in the Hartford is that a fine pick thank you. Didn't make went past the major lipstick I enjoy your well I mean to be fair I'm in sports your music I feel like you're gonna. No and you're beaming down what one has as your coming out. From a fan perspective I'm coming at a from financial perspective OK and both of those are fine. From my second pick it is without a doubt one of my favorite bands. A band that I can listen to every week at least if not every day a level lot of their albums I've seen them in concert a handful of times and every time they've killed. Plus they had one of the biggest selling albums of all time so I get the best of both worlds when my favorite bands. And I get the album sales and residuals to. AC/DC. AC DC did not make my list 1980s back in black could pay for just everything that I wanted to do for my entire life. There's a Afghanistan. So I love it and to recap you've chosen a Metallica and Tom Petty. And I've gone Michael Jackson any CDC for our record labels. I'm Aaron gross and this is not a number one pick this just. Do I balance it out because. Here are some men's and thinking of them Red Hot Chili Peppers honorable mention honorable mention Pearl Jam yes probably. Every June and ninety's only draft or probably on my list as well probably on the list. They sell out every concert they ever do in the tour a lot of you not have pinprick REM is on the lists and Van Halen. I'm through Def Leppard Green Day was in their as well a black crowes as a personal favorite team Matthews band thought of but again they came to eight. For someone has spanning the eighty's and ninety's and actually still kind doing it today. What about. Bon Jovi yes. He is another one of those that know the union out to Bon Jovi concert film it sells out to us. Still wildly popular string and number one hits that's a great selection Michael Bryant I don't know selection as soon as I said that it's seem. Same initials. I wanted to collegial and I'm a sickly bunch over at Anderson good to hunt Jovi streak is he having different then Metallica. Tom Petty. And Bon Jovi they are three sides of them very very awesome calling. The three side echoing a ticket that that record if you add those three on your record label. You still be making money forty years from now those are all good is still snows I mean and I published a listing or change the channel one news guys come on. How old now okay. My third pick I had a lot of honorable mentions as did you Def Leppard minimalist approach and made my Lewis black crowes also made my list as did the easy top and you two. But when bottle put an album on my phone without asking that's when I lost do you draw I mean scope and future already so we can. So what else could they do McMahon death scenario. So who's number one. I would go for another personal fan. Favorites. Look I know this is again it has nothing to do with anything other than. I love this day and so that this is your baby this your passion the other two they're they're raking in dollars for you this one. This is close to heart breaks okay this is a bit that I spent a lot of quality time with through the years. They are as easy to. ZZ top I'd you know what I know that they had its biggest hits in the 1980s. But I celebrate the entire ZZ top catalog and I regret nothing about that choice they are my voice. We've we've grown up together. And I've seen them in concert 35 times and every time they just made me so happy so. I've got. My money maker with Michael Jackson keep the ladies happy that I've got I put my favorite bands and AC/DC for the dudes out there and got my pick and it's easy to. So I can tell a tool as mine Metallica Tom Petty and Bon Jovi got to look at the source right now there's so many good dance. And groups and not only that you could put together hell of a festival with humans know well I mean. I'm thinking of other shark like Beastie Boys tribe called quest Lori and vegetable chew down premiere radio had Nirvana. Came to become too rates they drew Von entity to have long enough I don't. I could go back and probably read draft three different. I groups are bans and still be happy and there's no wrong answer Steve. I'm Dave you're and so keys Michael Bryan and that we're both very Richmond right now in theory maybe something. Listening to the deep Dino via podcast ready to rent so when Michael Bryant.