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Thursday, July 6th


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Well you're about to hear is. There and. Summertime and the living too easy for I'm Victor and so that's Michael Bryant over their what up Mike. Oh hey how it goes it's Wilkes-Barre Scranton penguins continuing their offseason Mike and you my enjoying his summer vacation. Planning any trips and a couple trips of one reasons I love working in hockey is that it's a gimmick Summers off him. And it's a lot better I think. And having their winters off maybe that's a bit skewed since and so pale and Irish and really can appreciate your son or activities in the sign. But yes I have some vacation planned down. The shore slash speech live at the end of August in the Labor Day and then come back and get ready for the hockey season. What about you I'm going to the beach this coming week Jack we're packing up the surf gets my wife my two year old daughter we are going down to the beach. In lovely and scenic New Jersey going to Jersey Shore Dodgers bigger Jersey Shore let's not the MTV Jersey Shore now. Everywhere that the situation is not that's where we will take our situation but you're your own situation. I don't know what that means but it's true when going to be true wanna see my Ab. It's a tough tough tough tough tough but my question though you know waited up to since I think. Nobody. So I'll be sure to pack extra teacher it's a lot for the beach you're welcome New Jersey. My question to you is a pack of my circus and move it just three and a half hour south here and close to the ocean. What do I do. On the beach to try to you entertain myself my wife in my daughter okay. A national to have an expert on this program because IA. Can't sit still for very well sir you need to keep me entertained. At the beach has beaten I feel like beach going. Is an exercise in idol soon to just. You there and enjoy. In theory during nothing right is that what you doing literally sitting by the ocean and watching time lapse. Right. I'm data that is the plus I'm also limited by my health scanned and whatever SPF I have on hand when I go to the beach. So. I bring everything I pack up and the bit to coach the tote bag or backpack whenever I got. Throw in some bucks for the music can. I've had or couple paver blocks couple. Point being couple blocks them. Maybe I'll bring my sneakers school for little run or walk while maybe there's a football involve throwing the thrown around with the friends or family. Box she sat thought she ball we worry but she watchable so there's. I know it doesn't usually work on now like the dry sand in the mounds on them but if you get there in no time in 96 slick flat surface but you. Interest you don't think about a but it works. I mean when it's really good kind of and of DA initially five camera there after before Peerman. Peach is kind of and to doubt and the societal in the suns on beating up and down you may be. Namibia to Derrick I don't know. But just who botched the easy botch your ball. Relaxing but relaxing Portugal and there with what happens to the bulls get swept into the ocean here they are framing your for an awful Hoch and also the very heavy don't go very far that is true. I thought I. I thought a teaser all interest in doing so would diss there in order that you do them first you read first music first bond chief global budget lassie descended to play right. What what's your typical order of operations when you get solar get there. Author on the butts and ash at the line off throw off throw in the book. Open a book for a fifth cut cut over the blogs photo book and author of the book and open the book and about chapter in half and realized. I'm bored and then this is a trashy romance novel here reading by the I don't know whatever whatever. I think I should be reading probably isn't that required reading on the beach trashy romance trashy romance novel for everybody. I disagree okay. I don't disagree hard. Ben author in the bugs. That are realizing a menorah my friends and family take up about it's a bit but then asked if they want to go to the ocean go first when are you gonna pleased with waves right correct so as you can and pop in the ways may be doable. Body surfing we do have a boogie board yet W bordering India that's bring the boogie board and then maybe take maybe take a walk. They come back and kind of repeat. Discovery launch and snacks involved 20 yes and leverages galore and beverage is what is sure beats. Food slash snack. Well we have gone traditionally. To Bethany beach Delaware OK and boardwalk Fries are like the official go to mid afternoon snack when your on the beach like you have to kneel before and you know breakfast or whatever you planning on coming back for lunch but halfway through the morning nearly can is. It's only go to big box of Fries and then shared among sure groups that's usually what we do it. Now I know you have toddler I'm sure you packing a ton of snacks rare. Much like yourself who seems like can't sit still for like longer than a minute and a half. That's my line of thinking from my two year old now we're not gonna go to the beach every day. But for these days that we do go to the beach we are gonna have so many. Little buckets little shovels to get sand castle activities couple of books what are our own and he's gonna do your itinerary is dictated by a small little human are you at all. My main focus is day trying to make sure that she doesn't run off on the beach shore be trying to make sure she doesn't get swept away by you know king Neptune where Poseidon or. Whichever one of the other ocean Don Johnson taker from a com and and see trying to make sure that my wife doesn't go stir crazy because. All I wanna do is just sit in the shade and like read a book so I'm the one that goes to the beach. Once the put up the umbrella wants to just sit in the shade once or read the book or listen to music and just be left alone. That's not gonna happen with my two year to be building sand castles surprised me digging some holes. Yeah I should do you describe the shuttle and you move San from one place to another and he would if your two year old that's exactly what you want to do I hope. I hope she just shovels and doesn't eat. Yeah basically I just I just hope she doesn't just take the shovels full of sand and heat. What Jeff snacks for your daughter and yes well one point two. Thank talent I'd like gummy bears or I have crackers. No way to think about earlier when the parents are at this. Sneak into and delved into the kids' snacks meat or good parents. Either. Whatever my wife's not looking sure I'm just I'm down hey hey do you want you on some don't some gut she calls and strawberries those little Debbie snacks then you us of shutters. Yeah she takes one. Have one she takes home I have one. The joys of parenting and going to the beach and stealing your kids it's basically I don't know four gonna last five minutes or five hours on the beach but I'm just down for an adventure either. Jewish member to apply sunscreen. Number one number number one. Figure for me absolutely right so Jersey brace for impact endurance a clan is coming. I'm Dave you're and so that's Mike O'Brien over there Mike do you wanna disclose the location of you or your beach destination later on this year or do you wanna let people be surprised when they see. One I don't think anyone's gonna recognize me you where. And except open my family. And yeah we'll save it for later in the summer where you're going conjoined to disclose I'm going to keep man. Which I never been to but I here's variance that's very nice I won't. Painted this I'm going to a town not too far away from where you'll be okay. So we can compare notes after it done and done he's Mike O'Brien I'm deeper into debut podcast. Thanks for sale. Listening to the deep Dino via podcast when did you read so much.