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Wednesday, June 21st


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Put your energy here is. There. In the warm friendly confines. Of the excellence you studio the video podcast returns. I don't it. We want to my desk. Like to keep the winter coats on in the summertime because we have surely we got the air conditioning cranked up to about 95 for it on my desk area here in the studio once weekly crack down. Well because he crank it up to full power and OK I just Andrea crank it down to a certain temperature. Round series on terrorists that are grown or send your work or at the AC at its okay. Different folks are for strokes that we just approach the problem from two different ankle tussle on. Freezing by my desk here in the studio once we close the door gets to about 95 and a half and we like to keep the humidifier going so you know it's. Nice and warm like a reinforced in here right which is the opposite of outside right now is beautiful finally it took us awhile to get there on the first day of summer we finally have some summer like weather. Which means. If that's currencies and you were doing. Some summertime activities last that we are telling yeah I I actually fired at the girl in the backyard now it's not the first time we do it probably about. Six. Or seven times a week. Even for breakfast sometime off a ball all the days then it at all knows all the meals and all the day this once they whether it's relatively nice and I grill year round but let's be honest in the summertime you think and grilling lake in daily because who wants to turn you really grow breakfast or make him at a no I have grilled breakfast before we grow we are casting girl and a girl bacon now it takes. A lot longer than usual but would you want to grow breakfast damning UN girl breakfast tea group to search or you lake. This is like a short from the Food Network right now I think they're great dessert to speak to make it different and because it's rare the fans your ingredients in their baskets. Use the it's how do you like your blueberry pie a rare job. Medium rare. A lot of people have been very angry at me because they think all he's a grill guys I'm not I use of appropriate liquor. The charcoal grill guys take it very seriously where if you use gas they don't want anything to do with. Yeah there's two separate cultures are growing well yes it's Hatfield and mccoys completely messed up they hit they did not get along for history tells me it's duke Carolina like in. Gas grill guys and charcoal grill guys should not be in the same backyard together at any point penguins flyers penguins flyers absolutely okay all right summer grilling. Let's specifically summer food in general. You've got your favorites I've got my favorites. We've put together a top five list and neither of us have seen the others know. So well we're gonna do is basically we're gonna put together a top finalists and then call the other guy's stupid for putting his lips together and that over our eyes fall. I have my top five I guarantee. Yet that we will not have any matching I'm pretty sure 'cause. I come at summer fruit. The way come at Thanksgiving hookah. In that if yours summer if your Thanksgiving standards her. Turkey and detain certain where you're able to peak creative where you've really got to me Camille happened is that the sides and desserts okay. So I'm with you so far. With summer fruit if your standards going to be hamburgers hot to auction where he can really make it happen. It's both sides. And dessert we're putting the other list of top five summer foods yes and burgers and hot dogs are not on your list not on my last just a crap list. Uneven need to see it I didn't know it's not that I think Clinton listened hot dogs and hamburgers I mean there aren't what's inside there it doesn't give it. It's a given vogue where where can you find whose pockets of in the summer fruits. Are you that I itself so here's what we're gonna get a I'm gonna give you my top five in order and OK because mine is pretty standard and then you're gonna. Wow us with with your sites cranked so I've got coming in at number five. The fifth best summer food stick. Now it can be any different type of steak that you want. But when it's summertime when the weather's hot when I'm fired up the grill I want a slab of meat put on it I'm going stake it amortize okay firewall. Nature halfway on that but also ask your question because stage. It's a year round through correct hot dogs I feel yes you're gonna hot dogs hamburgers she around but. I feel like when you think summer fruits those are the first to pop up stake. I can go chew whatever restaurant get a nice in my Alexandria area middle of January. Summer it is not. Is not a a requirement for steak it's not a requirement but it tastes better in the sub taste better on the grill you know what. That's my notify I'm not carry part of my guys together yes you're perfectly within your right to criticize even though you're wrong number four hour. Summertime foods and you can't disagree with this one. Court Monica. Very specifically he summertime food and it needs to be served. Either grilled yes you can grow corn. Or boiled but it needs to be survey of butter and salt and pepper and that's a good ear of corn number four tech number three macaroni salad. It's the roles Bentley of sites out it's it's not potato salad. It's not any other salad it's very specifically. Macaroni salad an even more specific than that. The one with like the creamy in the meaning Spartan not so much the Italian dressing. I have a big problem already with. Corn on the cob being below man fronts but if I carry out. Our number two. Baked beans and I'm talking the good baked beans you can slow cooking up and for like. Twelve hours baked beans my what specifically mileage speed beans which are awesome and number two and of course the number one summer fruit. It's a cheeseburger it's a grilled cheese burger we don't need to get into any more than that that is my top five list. Go ahead prove your wrongness and tell me yours are right. So I think I went a little more deep into. The summer fruits a hopeful OK in my leg he's our d.s are fruits that summertime you're saying the food is seasonal. And you sound very much like my life like Genesis is the cook certain things at certain times of the year you're saying that food. Is season right. It's kind of like a Thanksgiving are you having cranberry sauce and near the time to Thanksgiving dinner. Prop Buchanan but probably not are you really having apple pie pumpkin pie. May you are just like with the bush immediately at pops in my mutant of Thanksgiving sell Coca here arm lie. Top five number five tied number five and I put this in a category stare fruit. So like your fried Oreo which your fried if you and his fried pickles any kind of of those. Those bear fruit wreaking go to whatever proof. And to get those dot summertime. I know I'm kind of putting into category but. If we need to these are about fried Oreo how long it. Money again next super summertime I'm like whatever faster warfare and immediately regretting this I just engineer dreading it but at the time seem like you're gonna I don't know I don't think it. Know my answer is number four in this is. Aside desserts and this is summertime and it's actually in a little bit healthy for you unbelievably. Warm yeah line of and you're sitting there and hot summer day here on the Jack junior balcony you're in the backyard. Slice up warm Allen. Tell me that's not. Bad that's not up to stink of summer. And we also put in their the watermelon jolly rancher sure okay. You know it's not there's nothing I like more during. You know they reeks of August and didn't miss a putt aren't as hard watermelon jolly rancher it's it's. That's what summer's are made of iron or three. Funnel cake. Follow cake is its own thing. So it's not a fair food. We've covered fair food I hope I can go to a baseball game and yet OK okay I see I I disagree with the concept of fair food being different there volcano it. Here's Normandy are gonna make an adjustment on the fly put funnel cake. In with fear feared them all right. I'm gonna take one of yours because I'm like did. I do agree to the first but we'll put number three state it's a summertime for the summertime for number 20. This vegetable. Of vegetables fresh both fell behind anything on your list like macaroni salad is pee on me. Corn on the cob with the putter the salt. The pepper maybe throw lord cayenne pepper on there are you can do so many things with corn and you put on the grill. I mean Jersey corn whatever corn is off. Corn on the cob and America was built on corn on the cob it it's not by accident that the first Thanksgiving and it's on some might say America is still built on corn in the cup with the Greek fire let me ask you this stuff but corn on the cob holders or just your fingers. I go holders attitude my fingers are very sensitive in how. I go holders until it the kind of like worked their way out and you don't screw resort in advance the right number one number one. And I'm surprised it's ridiculous. Because it is the ultimate summertime food you can have a new winter but this is summertime. Pastry. Well. So now. I go on down onto the ice cream shop in Cologne Nader get in a popsicle Bible to popsicle and has come together but. Meant. Summertime ice Q where do go onto the ice contract ice cream shop where the year pulled out the gal from your freezer at home. It doesn't matter men that is summertime. He's Michael Bryant and he wins this list because he remembered I hybrids are brave. Why didn't king of summer two scoops of Michael right over there and they enter info today veto because guess what is your favorite summer food clothes and. Listening to the deep Dino via podcast we need to rent so at Michael Bryant.