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Tuesday, June 13th


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What you're about to hear his. Fairness. As if we never left back for season title. We did we got tripped a politicized. One of us has a day job that actually took them away from our radio studio doing a podcasts so you know we're not assigning any blame but it's debris and it will be. Dave you're Enzo Mike O'Brien from the experts and penguins back with season to the day GOP podcast. Well let's be honest I mean if you're watching your fevered hit TV show whatever channel on your both television. How long is it between seasons now it seems sometimes the price. You can be watching one season and into 2015 and next season won't come until 2017 and so for itself. Really for you and I is it got bad comparatively I say name and we have about the same budget is game throats so we've got that work importance that important. I love a new animated dragon speech here in the studio Jeremy easy there is aliens are like right there they really come across on the radio. Mike O'Brien is the voice of the Wilkes-Barre Scranton penguins had some news come across his desk not too long ago about a very. Proud and favorite son for northeastern Pennsylvania when this came out Wednesday morning and in case you missed the news. Our local boy earned native son our favorite son achiever town native pat McGrath resigning with what spacecraft payments. For a third straight season and I can't get enough the story. Because. I mean I'm sports patent and sort rarely do you see someone who grew up watching the team. But they now play for Luke and not only doesn't not happen here doesn't happen in sports and that's not just a figure of speech when we say grow up watching the team. We actually mean grew up watching the team he met very very young drove down. Got us tickets got a shirt just like everybody else went to the arena love the early penguins teams love the John Slaney years you know flu love Tom to stop list. Version one point oh have to have to. And that a couple years later his skating on the same you know ice as Tom's Kazaa exactly Surrey grew up watching his team and now laughter. His first two seasons kind of with two reeling mailers. Now a third season fifth overall. With the penguins organization earthwatch restraints are great Ambac and sent me. Down the rabbit all. And that. Crew has. Buying what. Good thing we can. We're gonna dove tail this with the local baseball doesn't just a week and can take so where was accounts and often. An and and this comes the same week. As description looks very real writers announcing that we've got another local products. In baseball for them suiting up in his own backyard. Matt what a spurt grew as a crest would products now playing for the scram looks very real writers say the first time for him to seize the second time they. In need of saunas prayed for the real writers breast cancer and having that honor being the first player last season but. Again in the same week you have pat and match. Getting a little bit of a I was sick getting action but. And back for the hometown team or confirming their action after years and years of hard work. You figure you've got these streams everyone's got their dreams grown up where they wanna go anyone play for. You know if you're an actor you wanna go to Hollywood if you're you're playing your plea for the biggest names in sports the New York Yankees you know the Pittsburgh Penguins of hockey. And you're one step away but you still planning your own backyard so even though you're chasing a dream and you're doing it at very high level. You still get to do or mom and dad can make just hop in the car for ten minutes and see you as opposed to hop on a plane and need to go to another country into war. Senator or bock there's an eternal law and order and watch him. I see. See him at the top of his game looks very zone Jerry or thought done pastor a couple years ago and it's sad that he died but it was great for it like. The immediate aftermath to celebrate life and times Gerry or black Broadway star movie star he was in dirty dancing. On he put baby in the corner he did he try to. But many realized he runs his wrists. But then you know obviously Lennie Briscoe online order for so many years and that kind of talent coming in northeast PA that's great and we celebrated we hold onto. We do and again. It kind of sent us through who passes from northeastern Pennsylvania who else has kind of mean it's had a quote unquote big time. And I think you and I had kind of some differing views on who was what we put the list together let's just say that some of whom we both went well yeah. Absolutely NFL hall of Famer Mike Munchak. No brainer he's reached the top of his profession. But then there are others where. I don't even know who some of these people are in your like all of that. I've immediately probably Jeanne coup was sacked for a from books fairy you may know her best as one of Asher is Rick rents his wife. In the movie parenthood and choose also Jeff Daniels rejecting us. Mr. Daniel's wife or is it confused between jets Daniels and bridges who just Daniel's wife and rector phobia. And it's an Hampshire both of those are great movies crane device and she was great in them and I was very excited because those movies are part of my. Kind of nine each youth and now we are also super excited to see. Mary McDonnell who was the first wife in independents day and apparently ulcer and dancing with wolf still she was the Caucasian girl that got adopted kidnapped. Taken in by the native American clan Kevin Costner actually ran into and that's a Kevin Costner was able to talk. To the need Americans in the movie and she really brought two worlds together she's a uniter. Mike she's a uniter wabash there's also local debt is way different than what I thought was going on with them movie I thought. That she was a Caucasian. Inappropriately cast in a native American role kind of how I Tilda Swinton and Doctor Strange words. Cast any rule that was tipped green comics and an Asian character and all. Is this here's more white lies this political correctness and white washing before is there way before it was a thing there I don't know. She was that this is a story line specifically chosen and perfectly cast. Up I'm nursing dances with wolf see you get a pass for Iraq to phobia and parenthood I think got bounces rank Iraq a phobia and parenthood combine just about as long as Dances With Wolves the first half of it and it's just a long movie. How to I mean if you were a kid when Dances With Wolves came out just resigned right how to secure it six straight history classes where we watch the video. I was in middle school at the time that the Zeev does that count when your being mean to watch it corset touts. I had to choose to watch it now I don't feel so bad at all. Fannie well who else from the major list of how. They're about the national Brothers I wasn't a surprise so rocket by keeping. Regular via and quandary. Who else was on might use new Christy you maxis and Christiane Lawson from factories hill who played baseball when. They actually you know had a woman hand stitching the baseballs before every game in every time there's a foul ball she got angry because she had to do another. But that's how old distant. Christy Mathewson is when he played games some of the names that stand now Rick Meyer PJ Carla some though. I'll be one that jumped out of me kind of along the same lines of religion because Zach. Was David Evans. Yeah hello friends who. He corporates and lost. Island semi okay we'll give. I can't tell us that the northeast and create bypass Zdeno. David Evans. When he fell for court. Off when defense for gas that's I mean part of aging cruise actor when he draft record and bright there at the and terms of childhood Russians. So it goes to show that northeast PA has great things going on and especially once this rain stops. We are going to really celebrate everything that we've got on this there this and the temperature Nixon above seventy degrees in June. Georgia line. He's Mike O'Brien I'm the endurance and I'm sure we forgot somebody somewhere along the line so tell us about it Ellis they'll let us know whoever remiss to hear from northeastern Pennsylvania. Has made the pinnacle atop their game has gone on to a celebrity status that we do not properly recognize spot. Again not deceive match and pat not only. Sticking around making it too. What spurs Scranton and northeastern Pennsylvania and playing for their hometown team and you know it's it's one thing to. To make it big time it's one thing to me can daytime where you grew up call home so congratulations helping to great story northeast PA sports franchises continue their mission. Worldwide dominance that we're getting there but the. Thank you for listening to the DG you know via podcast went deep to right so Michael Bryant.