11-13-17 Seg 1 Mens Room Gets Caught

Monday, November 13th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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You what sort of here is real. This radio program yeah. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is. Other than secrecy. This is not. They say. Or radio more than three times. Why they don't log in November 2715. Narrow. On the Stephen Drew hill. Each reds fan. Auburn ball. I had in my car. Yeah. It's all right memento a. Okay random question question is back your guess is as good as mine categories food and drink. We will reviews of men's room rules did read my profile list plus headlines events and shot of the day fumbles through emails and everyone's favorite. TV time would take a quack you're getting you're aren't new to go a woman lawyers in Chicago soon stop inmates from having a meeting it. With palm ally handers and if you've always wondered your cat officially launch your life to be over and done. Why Canada looking for bartender who inflated no ghost man whose post office who won't deliver mail because of B Holmes old posts. It sucks when your court and drop your code that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men drove. Here's a question. All of our bench is good day to you and yours are a woman and Oklahoma. Once married to one reverse sauce I know that sounds and the beginning of a constitutional. A woman and overall well I won't tomorrow and one of her slumped well she actually did it knowingly. And that's pretty sick but law agrees that in six of the moment got in trouble well guess what. A few years pass it's he gets in trouble again because more recently this same woman married her dogs her. Seriously she married her son then she married her daughter that's what that mom decided to. So let's talk about problems we go to Turkey or father discovered that his daughter got engaged without his permission. His response to what it is that perceived slights. Suicide on FaceBook life. He gave the big Longstreet surfing in the big long speed demon did it even family members are watching begged them not to saying amen you know. Back off a cliff. But people overreact. Everything people overreact to things all the time for example and forest grove Oregon. A pizza delivery guy he calls the cops just reported couple who seemed and I quote. Agitated. And swearing back and forth. Okay and that's what he doesn't over fighting he doesn't it. He just here's what he perceives to be an agitated conversation calls the police police later determined that the couple was absolutely fine. They weren't agitated. They were speaking in German. That's true star. Doing this under the corporate. He's out of it's why can't can I got there are talking about flowers looted our all time. You are so anyway these are some of the stories we saw in the lead to many many questions questions we would like to ask you the form of the random question question here's how it works. You call laws we will ask your question the complete random and accurate answers that question really should review the story that inspired the question you're on a random question questioning Ford. Or 999 all you can Mike commands from on FaceBook follow us on two under immense in my hands in your emails to the men's room mad men's or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Now I think I'll I image over 2750. Man once again we were abused a men's room rules all the O rules you may throughout the year at our website men's or my doctor Ayman Al categorized up there and we'll try to add a feud new rules. In a lot coming up also your guess is as good as minor categories today being that the holidays are approaching. Food and drinks over the world of foods in the world of drinks and profile this of course right afterward during a tells with a shot of the day in today's the day we do our random question questioning for four iron down. And I ran a little getting all friends hello Franklin and welcome to the men's room and oh. Oh okay Mack I plant. Drag on. The day after Thanksgiving joke ma'am and there are loads near the don't know and I think look it's worth repeating because every year history of the go goddamn indirect so what does that. Everything's giving Charlie Brown. Yeah annuals front for the comes around Charlie Brown's warlords ahead. Ouch on the ground is somehow government had these courses him in the throwing things to be thinner he is not spared their search post. Jelly beans and popcorn it should be noted all of this food prepared my bald. Nevertheless everybody freaks out. Long story short as Charlie Brown greets each one of his friends to his home Bruce Thanksgiving feast he says he greets with each by name I. Hello peppermint patty hello Marcy and whoever else frankly roles of. One brother Rhett. They know those and then we say the word I have my half they have five breaking rules and my mom I am not so you are ahead in the land of these are new move frustrated watching it you'll notice Pryor wouldn't start with a deep one here for you okay. What would you do for a nugget a McDonald's chicken meat nugget but would you do for a nugget. Just born. Now Lugo twenty peace and don't go all week in the deal what would you do for a twenties now salsa your choice including picture yeah unlimited sauce. Boo. Now pretty much hear anything Pretoria turnpike is circulating and I guess. I mean there Honda box right in front of the I'm offering you betrayed what do you have right rough what are your general vicinity right now what would you trade up. For this point he's not. A little nitrate ordered yeah. I concentrate my ball on order. You would trigger bond for toward peace nugget if you would trade their long for a twenty Beasley nugget means you have recently used said bong. Yeah is no doubt about it all gonna dunk does the water look like motor oil and is that a complete mess. No I rent or clinic in their everyday I followed already found the trade disaster like you concern yourself forty net Samad back at let me well. If I can't believe you trade your bong reported these gentlemen plug I exam like. All had a look at it we're gonna dispensary so I get like 30% up last night Thomas is lost. Like they invited our toes in ninety dollar out. I have made you have sixteen dollar piece for how much is torn piece of a million. Otherwise 699. Maybe not underwater car. I would Google do the tribal outrageous and we'd Susan Jordan a dispensary that would be good we appreciate that. The sixty matter Obama it's time we see you out we might instead Tony nuggets are regularly and you know Augusta let's just carried twenty hot nuggets well there's no matter where we go see won't get. When he got an advice I can play out when I'm nuggets. Police are looking forward to revenue climbed through a drive through window and assaulted a McDonald's manager over chicken the nuggets. We go to Indianapolis a manager of the McDonald's. Near downtown Indy. Told police that two women drove up to the window and told them that they had not received the McNabb it's my mom and nuggets that. Manager told the woman they've never ordered or paid for the nuggets even producing heparin and a receipt is proof period are looking at a north. Alone in line behind the suspects recorded the incident and posted it on her own FaceBook page because that's what people do. When the woman said they wanna do buying chicken nuggets at this point. The manager told them they would have to drive thru the drive through lane to order and it told him to called have a nice day. That's where he went wrong as a manager turned his attention back to the other customers a woman began pounding on the drive through window. And honking the horn and Manhattan ipads. They need both the and then climbed through the window did it hit it it knocking over a container of T. Blew up its assets Ian MacDonald who sweetie okay I'm glad to the window at a drive through McDonald's for McKnight they knocked over a tablet register and then began assaulting said manager. The woman then climb back out the window got a good car believed to be a silver infinity and sped off. There was no security video recording of the incident due to ongoing construction in the store. The customer the drive through lane who recorded the incidents since the store manager so there you go that a negative nugget season look you just have to go back through and ordered him. And I'll get Emporia have a nice day they climbed through. An assault now look the I did the perspective of like look make it to just worry about it's not a bit instead of making me drive through baby even if he said no. I'd be pissed maybe Jack Coleman name definitely flip multiple what I would not do is climb to the the window of a drive through. Just for the purpose of insulting the manager Manfred nuggets now were it not if. And nobody wakes up their morning show hello friend humble lieutenant physical abuse rooted in the mood and nobody random random friend Brenda writes hello. Welcome to the men's room. Oh oil. Sorry meant to foul all right I know there were doing Goodman and everything good you wrote. Our best and graduate earns a little. Throwing your family. Would you say you're the closest you remember your family we need him here in jail or whatever the dealers he's in good. So yes Bob my sister you were dead come to grow our senate still much so. We're real close. So. She did not order the girl watched would you be as close. DOJ into early in particular yes Lou. You know the holiest got to get. I'm but if you have one family member over you wanna hang out against some free time that's pursue wanna spend time. Oh yes OK wish you all older younger sister. Oh you know sister older older sister she's older thirteen years here these low DC take care of you grown up. Yes you name it says a lot. And good so we're not others ranting I'll repeat just. All right so this all of you know it's there if he's on either peace getting stuff for free basically. Awning you know we edit parts now got behind and move would would you or would you say you offer your sister in return. Must art and personality I guess the announcement unhappily and a threat to every English and I meant. Brazen mass doing your family closest to prosecutors say in Oklahoma won once married one of her sons. That is the service and then years later married one number three dollars. That daughter miss. 26 year old received a ten year deferred sentence. Which they describe as ten years of probation. Her biological mom 44 year old Patricia span has pled not guilty to the same charge which is a felony Oklahoma the carries a sentence. On ten years hard you marry your kid and then say you're not guilty. It would do they do it for a guy. Insurance school or they just wanted to get ahead of the picture and tell me what you think at an out of Cleveland that Patricia allegedly said she believed the marriage to be legal. Because she lost custody of her daughter and two sons when they were children. And reportedly called it off with a daughter after reuniting with her in 2014. Being thing also is not named on either one of their birth certificates. Merry Mac. A mom. One. OK I mean. I eat my my brain doesn't wanna let this happen. She's thinking she didn't see your daughter for years and then hit it off romantically that is correct they headed off they got married. Why else they would get married you know I just want to believe it's so weird thing first. Our most maverick Mao my my. Did you know he. Eight. She used a different name Patricia Clayton when applying for marriage license in march of 2016. And basically a year after missy was great at the annulment. From her previous marriage with her son she filed for having sided. It legality and fraud. She says her mother told her she sought legal advice that confirmed the reunion was in fact legal. After a state department of human service child welfare investigator responded to the inquiry. Suspecting that do had an incestuous relationship and alerted police. The detective last year so that the woman told me they got married to basically defraud the states in order to receive more benefits under health care. It was one of those deals. So the whole idea in the long run was via means it'll cash whenever I listen and. He's not a random friend coming brand and I know we can do this stuff friends of friends. Truly an amnesty for the first time listening to the show with my girl wolf that is let us. Your prediction who reviewed showed us unbelievable at all I mean she moved Darryl when Toronto list do you yeah. So. There's nothing about. Tie in Brazil stubborn and being out. Do you do. True conviction you right now. See if you can talk during the sex. It's cool. Have a nice day and 84 point 999 all it is our random question question. Hello Bailey welcome to the men's room random random friend can urban friendly hello not a Brett freaking out man friend Bradley you know really. Failure to do LSD. White and middle school kids yeah Troy Smith he'll go bigger go away pretty I don't know what was going on a middle schools. Wolf just checked a small ball line. Drug addicts and criminals. Back I believe you. The new Nintendo Ancestry.Com. To send in your DNA is go to an event Billy the what are you good ads for what would surprise people to learn about you. Other than you did acid in middle school. When it. It's a go back first want claim based client base aren't Malia basically. Have to lower at six during. We can't. Can I ask you quickly to based on music. No we don't you tell our viewers know you told me you're gonna get based on an idea Ballmer did becomes a global bodies talk was put Barney Miller product did you see that they scanned taos. So now. Here's a things subdued sets up is basically are gonna Cal's name runaway growth there are positives yeah. I gotta do like dusty was toying around piano number years back any any said that you know just how much other women pay attention when you're playing the piano right right below the base now again if you think it 908 in a party with like no one really cares only tech measures we are. If you sit down and play appeal I'd like. If you walk at a dozen Metairie don't you can sit down and play PM. Some do you have a Sydney now you've got big got a fleet could become a guy named base and nobody can. Nobody I do think there's one person who and it's like a drunk like me or something in my you start play in the basement. All mouth and aren't final so you think there's an all time high there's only one guy you the last guy I. We don't show up and maybe I'm the only guy acts like god damn it like working you go where people care that he had to go like open and might not rush I'm glove personal again. But even as many of Glenn says he's still on the back I mean I didn't have to go in New Orleans or something the any human like they also lost no one cares about the basal blow the jazz they don't like these and other base when. To do didn't bring her on her and he didn't do you. And good time to do to do. And yet this kind of quadrant and it Els and others since us. Yeah well. I asked. Him saying yeah yeah. Brees and asked what are you good at there was a price people. Red Sox Al how popular monkey that's we know he has the price of the Red Sox two time all star in the mail starting to this guy's pretty good right hide a guy yeah. Ireland is also did you only wants yes your life you never animal or maybe I think I am is famous McKee that's why I don't think I ever heard of I don't remember that much he vets looking bats he was removed he Blalock. But it only move he had no aren't always pretty visited baseball movie this is the baseball McKee moves you back to you my friends eat half he also likes to bowl. Okay all right so he he know that movie bad football guys they're not exactly known for mall is probably a deck and that that's Arnold loves so loves the base. So movie geek he he balls a little bit the off season here is based flowed through whatever is got a little time right. Well on Sunday. Smoking bowled a perfect game at the World Series and bowling eight PGA tour event the two time all star. Who ESP and called a bowling aficionado. Told ESP NE estimated maybe he'd road ten perfect games in his lifetime. Alana but this was his first in a PBA events so we got pretty damn good by the way being that good to instill bowling a perfect game. In a tournament. He'd be bowled well but still finished 144. He averaged only three over ten games thirteen pins better than has won ninety averaged two years ago. But he basically just kind of walks on makes it in the goes out there and global bulls with a pro was the basket and easily doable. I don't think of our broken 200 my god I haven't won 98 once and that was you went 2514. Years ago but. I know I didn't. Yeah I'm with ya. At I don't belong to the federal 200 full of regularity probably like a 17175. Maybe people that are good bowling man it. They make it look like it sucks right so to me and games like pool. Bowling I don't wanna be that good medical and seen people go to go to your bullet in the lane next to the guy that knows what he's gone. Yeah and if he doesn't get strike on every for a complete Blakey is pissed. It is him sit down he's brood utilities turning on Mike and you're stuck in a farm I was due to borrow for a governor I'm having another beer at. Why don't get so good sometimes you don't hate the anytime you you can write that person does matter what the sport is it's it's an Atlanta they're thing that I he's right though. If I think it's sports specific cranked it is that is for sure played like. We know people I have you'll get all fired up mock coffin like image issuing their grandfather like yeah we're exactly. Kelly just knock off thousands pick up basketball is this just try infinity. It's just been community say the ball back out okay Randy Johnson on line and then we don't do that. Friends don't do you get every ball and everything that wasn't charges that they yeah. Hello Craig welcome to the men's room. I thought relax. Party strength. Back and yeah I hope you guys I'm missing here. Kyle's shoulders what. What did you get or do it before anyone else only the first step in or your age group or maybe you saw before any water. This guy unique bid the tour is among my friends get arrested for public nudity. Yeah not my dad and I doubt thrilled to do and the Goldman hell why not. I'll worse yeah you don't realize not all of I'd say oh my dad. I don't know light brands and people are not my little burst blood actually get one big eat bad huge venue I've gotten below about one of the gag order they handed out may have bad you know that night. Who's the man. Other white America. And what do they would you just do get they're saying the guys are dancer what they'll go out there. Yeah I know blow me out there and reality but they nocturnal. Collapse. And how long did you get the same with a no holds on behalf of what. And that's very cool I'd also like what happens when you don't sing a song land that's cool you got the adrenaline going. This seemed like your dues be awkward like well. Okay dresses like jump into the crowd like what do you do after that. I know I don't want dominant guy in the same stage going I didn't really yeah I got they had. We're not more. It's. Amazing how quickly that escorts are out. Oh yeah dad fast doesn't matter if you're supposed to be there or not they they quickly get you the hell out of there as fast as it possibly can. I saw video of guy you'd jump onstage with a Foo Fighters they ask anybody noticing Tom Sawyer he went up their did pretty good job of that of those critical to a guy and then. Reason we ask what did you get or I'd do before anyone else. There's a guy who's already camp doubts. In front of the best buy in Laredo Texas. For Black Friday come on man an apparently put his own turn up as those bars Leno. He is the first person the other in the country to start lining up for Black Friday because he really wants to get our saved 350 dollars on the TV you're someone like that. How would a news reporter went to interview him he didn't wanna be on camera or give his name may be self aware enough to know what's doing is there is little bit still but he also didn't say what he wants to buy. He does not want to give up any information. He's always you have the tying Brantley the reason you need to save so much money is because either you don't work or you took the time Baltimore to sit in front of a goddamn store went to each week and a half of all I Friday. The moment telling us. Even get a part time job we can't just take off two weeks but don't how many OK who's to say they have three fit the other TV how many these TVs they actually have to get their Smart and I look I'm convinced that this I don't know this to be true but think about it every single you Black Friday happens. The news covers and of course and inevitably it can be target it to be addressed by committee mingle plays. I ran out of this item that everybody want to but inevitably to me await the stores have to be behind this to the free advertising revenue bonds are get a ago. Yeah we did have the latest current TV ever wander. We've been Rosen man beside but we're giving another shipment and they tell you the guy named Bateman wait they just if I did not spend money to advertise I'm can remember was to give. Way back to the daily you looked at the newspaper advertisements for cars they have one car prices like Jessica like an American point tiger like that's the car while the price they'll want to go there really. Though little song we don't have that won that race. All the same things oh yeah Bill White went in the picture in the news you know when Peterson's but that's a stock photos surely don't think we have left at halftime we got just. Read a question questioning four point 9990 LaMarr your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Oh did you know. You don't have a gentle men's room. Come on Laura used the men's room rules your Kansas goes my category today's food and drink in the meantime it is our random question question 844999. All Le grand am. I know romance welcome to the mentor and friend friend. Oh god oh god make. Very old to learn and then ha okay. Let's go does donates. When was the last time that you or someone. That you know called the police. Remove its. And they're. So hopefully you or someone you know I don't know the November home police myself in my life. Normally meet her and I ran deep police Honolulu obliterating them. You can dad's army in man and goes on the heroism to no good but also but you know. Death well. I don't know a little bit and smile. Like this is the nerves there but I have done and tangle here put them. We're not quite awhile back but again. 99. A little domino Rainier valley and up targets are operating here in Austin. And yeah my roommate got a note do you argue hitting our started yelling out and burn your Linear and close the door at times. Did somebody call the police are flash. And well I bet they'd rather a marriage illegal firearms and marijuana stuff right there and how. Milan is ma'am it is age you have legal marijuana legal fight and I are much. It is a problem. No cause that all those those are things are written little. They're. Yes religion not connected and then all of life. And I are right now. I didn't open the door I just talked to today. Were sliding here. I really talking you know probably I don't think it's okay girls staying here. And you know course started to the mosque and they would elect why did you window which was right at the walkway as well I looked up well yes. We're here I'm not opening the door you are starting goal. There were also no doubt and looked out the screen in charge big crowd need to do Lugo. The may have been. The usual. Genealogy list. And I hope I hope we call god oh god yeah you're you're just trying to kick I don't know and and quite literally light changing it I don't know I'm dead bolt held up pretty lucky damn okay oh I didn't talk which also are very. So yeah. On the cops. I don't blame him and comes out and I'd lie and of course they're trying to do you didn't know. Really just wind blew. A bona. So you have illegal firearms in their legal we need in your apartment. And how can Claire Aaron and you decide not whom we you know what this means more to our golf. And now look what they started screaming let me take you on the door I don't know I don't know. What do you do movies and I know there are a lot. I'd suggest you open the door open are hell no and I hope the bone. And also got quiet. All. I usually. Stay on the radio. Sugar. And and. Brazen whereas del was the last time you call the police or someone did of the mine he called the cops. Because the cops were ardea displays and even want to open the door because you want to show them his illegal weed it's illegal firearms. So recalled more cops sure. The reason we ask a question and it's our ideas can't imagine that operator. But you have to send more cops on the cops nurtured door please you won't open the door for the cops I think that story ends a lot more cops showing up the majority don't TT yet. The final website known as Oregon live duck down down then out of Portland there kgo in most of froze my heroes when they they they they do little thing every week. Where they post the police blotter. From the forest grove police department this community is about 25 miles west of Portland yep because cannot are on the way to Pacific Ocean somewhere that we Hawaii cannon beach Summers summer that where it. OK so here are just a few other reports of people called the police aren't I it's on the block of aluminum forest grow yes the little things I received a report of a person screaming the words pickles. In sprinkles. Nonsense that glee late in the evening. Officers responded. They were however unable to locate anyone screaming pickles the or sprinkles. Got a caller reported the woman was walking around apartment complex yelling about killing the police. Officers contacted the woman who agreed then to quiet down move along and that she would not in fact kill the police. There's more that at a police were called all the sister after a game of tag between second graders escalated quickly. Twelve point of name calling. Cindy one boy home in tears. Prompting the boy's older sister to confront one of the children officers determined. No crime had been committed in the in the game of tag gone wrong between second race. We continue. Officers restore responded to a senior living center where a man was trapped in his apartment after he had fallen in nearly severed its foot off. Officers kicked down the door and rendered aid until medical services to Iraq and these are all things that happen. And Lamar for the July. A pizza deliveryman reported a couple who seemed agitated screaming back and forth officers were called. And contacted the couple who are absolutely fine they were just loudly speaking in German. But at the last time Condoleezza. Credit classic western aid far. Or 999 alive. They should many games continues on the men's room radio network.