10-20-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Has A Bad Time

Friday, October 20th

Mens Room Question: When did sex do you wrong?


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This is the men's room. I think when its exterior on May fourth floor 999. Cola are run your backyard when the session the wrong. So are women in Hawaii and I had a friend. Who. She was chubby and it's not someone that you would just actually try to go with. Where. How and so Shia Iraq and and may your romance and the hard. He had a swoon related to. Sure it's a friend around. So we are hanging out all night and I can trump and she is there and agents they've hand. No wait a minute miles an hour friendly guy I'm drunk and he's earned and we don't know right now and out. It's a little junky as are obviously had a real actual credit mental as far as you know it's easier mantown at certain you could look at the I didn't I don't know that the that the never seen you know how to prepare aka illegal drug issue. Chain there I'm there and I did say it like 00. Okay. Yeah. I just and yeah yeah. Sugar. You don't work at night. Now. Dude dude Rob Brown Robbie their. Okay did he think I got a lot of old five year old kids in a room with you on your lap right now on your mom's sitting beside. Is that gonna help. If you want to tell this story opponent tomorrow comedy do quite a girl get into our own and let them out there doing downwind it. I'm a person I don't get on disliking it may be. We can do them we get we gotta we we we got to. Now things he put mouth to mouth rob we understand what it is just aren't you you're you're killing that whoever you are feeling it with the years. He goes yeah so I guess that. One thing lead to another. Oh my god Ali and I only able she had only. Had picked up one other guy. Beside me. Her whole life. One thing lead to another we end up. Doing. Don't know can't stand so on so for a few days later. Mr. well look I don't know the grandstands humble enrollment file girl. Why did you dancers no pants. Do you have hokey pokey didn't you do well here tomorrow yeah there there I'm trying to hit a good China keep it clean and I like about the best route to go. Okay so you see how good we had sex yes sir I drove there abstracts I don't know what happened Noah can't. Then at a different OK so do you date cat. Are still friends lovable up. She called me up and says all we need to talk. I didn't think anything of it I don't think. Anything of that yet sure how much she says. Well you gave me chlamydia. Can do. I could not hope I get it up a lie you've they had to beat someone else. She says no highway Ghiaciuc after we had sex and and near fatal one other person. And you gave me chlamydia. You give Obama good Lydia. This woman and then nobody wanting that's exactly where I'm better liar you have sex thriller wanted to resume times yes thank you giver chlamydia can. Yeah they're trying. I met that are so let me think it. She says so well not all that chlamydia and I have chlamydia and I haven't taken a tilt yet so. Happening right erect that that that seemed logical bonus. The good news and her do. It again I did are you drinks orders. He. Robert you look really Robert you OK and you know grandma. Oh I'm great and just sometimes a little or anything like that and six of lemon. It's. I don't know. I don't know who I got it from and I had had sex with about four other women. And our economy will play a match and they can it was the ordeal lady on the beach. Who. Kelly gave it to me. She's in really dirty. Content is she cool. What can you probably do for a living hottest areas here are your card you are units and collector you don't say specifically where you don't just say the job you do. Got it down I had literally just in spoke. On scholarships. And so dollar how many academic and no I don't think it has only has an ironic in the U I am actually very Smart that. But I equity of 34 year old woman on a beach I get it. You'd actually like 44 and and dirty but by our our own as her since she's dirty. On the beach and you think you did you glue maybe. You know the funny at Iowa and I she's I brought so much so you're just a bottle delighting. Match what do you majoring in I just wanted to know. Psychology is hard chloride you're kidding me are you kidding me man made. I know all I. Into crazy and they will open how I was. Do that makes sense that maybe you're really give people advice is you realize that's all of it isn't gonna do great if you're gonna give people advice people gonna pay you money. And you give me only will you can't really excited Brad Pitt has all the very apparent at least you're honest about this maybe do I don't make. I read bugs. I get a degree and don't deny any drunk fool can do at a bar. We have the beverage. You want advice here are some medical Latin terms out London I'm would you say these things to you in years would take me seriously because I read a book everybody who gave you better advised. He was half and basher. Does excellence is like you know like counselors is not for me I think you want to rob and where does that still you're wrong aid for far. 9990. I mean no offense because I know you're one to right what's that psychology the psychology on the site go outside minor all right you just type. Twosome my realm of people telling you think. It just that it's almost like a joke like when me yes your psychic and a how'd you know think. Is you don't think. Anybody else is right about the copper if you don't think psychology works dangerous likelihood Danica can probably she goes and out talk the body did you opt for. Rather it be fair dude what was early twenties and college oh yes yes I don't know about you but I wouldn't MM I brought about after him on the beach player or get dirty woman. This thing and what goes on Hawaii. Well its parent I think we chicks love it. They lower their. And he had to say she's slid thirty woman on a beach in the perfect shape that he sent only one that's say yeah it's paradise is there I thought that I'm very excited but it but said it's a fat fairness and I mean that as far as just being older. It's Chris Berman paradise Jonathan Mann someone else and I'm like can I solve once. Was and why I don't know why exactly onetime partners as long as boardwalk you can walk up and down. The reason messing Chris Berman out is just because I did not noticing him. Because he was Chris Berman and I notice them do that he was lounging in the us in this won't share company an organ on the boardwalk. The roses someone that. Noticeably. More disgusting rats and people around them and when I'm kinda looked over the whose feet don't worry maybe drugs weigh in on this thing on white. That's Chris burns if this. Things like this you have to you have to have the time and the money to get to Hawaii in most of the time it's one of those vacations were people do a couple times once in a lifetime or whatever. Most of the time we just up there in age and metabolism started slow down it's not like going to Huntington Beach, California. Where you know what if you wanna take your shirt off good luck. And you can walk around in Hawaii for a week with the clothes on and you'll be the best looking person there because in the money is older they're just kind of settled then you know and they got money in all the stuff. And I got there I thought well first on a lap or or somebody on a hunger there's like 22 options right. The first I got does like. This is not what I was expecting. There's a lot of ugly people there's a ton of ugly people on the B Adam freeway it's not like going to Cancun are going to Florida or going to California are going to places where you know there's a younger population that. Didn't have to fly twelve hour Lamar thousands of dollars. It feels tomorrow spring break and won't question your brain issue as literature if you're in Hawaii and won't flashes her breast she will lift her skirt. It is it's like that and then you gotta go to well. But I mean for the Lou now now you leads to trap to me you're delayed then you are trapped in a won't think of someone invites you write he needs a little young to. No problem man I would go to the house and Hulu. But in the hotel allows that there Lou well I know this on offense next to me at the Sheraton in this to us ushered in methane went on. Our visiting mountain and it's like a volcano fake volcano also and it's been a fire in and they passed it really all you can eat pork in. Oh no no you know you all no no no. That you considered a circular table if his family style feeling OK or so they give you one plate right there might be seven people if people educate look at. But they always bring the plate to the first person like on my left or whatever and I mean like he was a guy get all the food and then it went. Counterclockwise around the table so like I'm watching people like you have taken the check in like by the time comes around but the first three people. Pretty decent sized portions going on and then you see is slowly like thinned down. Pinned down in the next thing you know you got like one little red potatoes square thing like you know what is your chickens yet nothing you know enemy like it sucks so if you go to Disney World right there one resort called the Polynesian. And they had even if you're Catholic anyone in church on Sundays they haven't Polynesian resort thing but it's also where they have the blue out. So the whole time on that they're during the past my family and I'm like it's all you can eat pork and beer look like my whole outlook is probably better at Disney in a month hitting corners of the food. Mostly in my little blue our another duel with a goofy look man if I wanna do real Lou I'll go to Disney don't go to the chair and if you want a real loud she heard it. That does his thing and I was like you know like the tradition of this event like how many shirts. And that's ominous Sheraton with like 900 alleys and that's how I only problem is even remotely close to being authentic. And that's probably it was say this is the authentic whenever OK and he's right your journey at your character to marry out. But if you said to the concierge like Heyman work and I legitimately. Do something alternatively. Believers or men these guys who I think killing him so he wouldn't do one on certain duke out of our Mosley so you want to offend each brand select. What generally be done. And but I want your authentic experience sponsored by the charity. He live and you want to come may look I think that all weekend executed a share tip there. The ninth vote and there are always tell how would you need to be they Google paid they do the whole thing and I can't they do the thing it's just you know you gonna sit there and then you watched the fire. In and you watch some more fire. And and it twirled around some more putts on prom and then I'll do like when you're eating. So like between courses the margin these guys who honored to spend immersed often are banned in the grass skirts and it's cool for a minute but then. When the reality of what you're watching settles and witches lose the fat man in the grass skirt curtain with it and I'd rather be eating but if I don't watch him they get kind of upset and bright red rather eat the want to have make you fat man in the grass scripture and maybe that's just really got to give. I'd rather get a medieval times and never been I don't know anything about it no. All threatening committee on top got a small fry it's about I don't even watch jousting is still undefeated big drums that I mean it's the same thing. There's no so aware of yet now have to back then he's he's if you can't get an error and it if I. When did now what is exterior on a 449990. LaMarr your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. So my. Coming up their return to San vs the FCC and our question today when it's next the Iran needs 449990. Look I have got a double comments are two basic subjects undercover to house first Mara talked about our. Flew out period senators blew out and its end and also are robbed the guy who got a little bit earlier in Robb as a guide and oracle. He gave me chubby chick chlamydia. And you know throughout section of the old woman on the beaches earlier believes as a stress that we we will get them in a minute reversal house says you guys went to back. As he Lou well everywhere I went over there it's been huge and also ball they all you can eat drink. Percentile right. The Polynesian cultural center has agreed blew out what was that I don't free can do. And the door to the wrong breaches in Hawaii born and raised never saw fat people. How how well if you're from there and you go to those beaches where the doors don't know why you start where we're talking about at carloads our dog and gobble from Wyoming who are there on the thirtieth anniversary in May look like it if as far as problem. These are the some of the comments come and I'm not sure this is the best or worst call lever. Followed by the Gaza due respect. I'll abide this rob guy that horrible person I'm miles off early funny but Jesus Christ that I thought Matt followed by a prayer and all robbed at a and then at this guy's comment on killing many I can't even the I'd and even and finally event do dubious psychologist I go fly international space shuttle. We'll see element that I mean an overhaul I like to call. Yeah I agree with their right what was he 2122 era that kind of slack he can use of better words I think right you know what you call every woman ever chunky he could explain things better but I mean man who as far as the chunky farm program and their growth of the same age and what forces should do go over my bad. And it is endorsing laws then I had to review the people I was having sex with a woman. And it was Juli and it was awful and that hourly and tell anybody you know big party going nobody knows and she's. So I'm up there on pull my sheets off a Bentley. What do you do would make someone else's pork and I do so my bedrooms upstairs the parties mainly in the living room on the main floor. And you wash her dryer remain unfinished basement below that there's no way to get from the bedroom. To the washing machine without everyone at the party see usable again would you do that Mark Udall laundromat. Some do through from a good couture went to bed boom you know drew it yet are all big and yet you don't know I'm like yeah I did it and that's what happened. That's how it goes sometimes in my mind that now and its exterior on a 44999. Uncle Ted Karlsson got the brought apple might 28 years ago in it still pays me to bring you. I don't mean like it's still like that was there's one of those moments from lake can I get any lower they do my uncle and homeless. In instill comparatively speaking like. Maybe among those points. Are Jordan hello rob welcome to the men's room. All hop on top never rob not deliver up to here rob. Thought not a psychologist. First of all. I am in the medical bill you could say inject a but all in one I was at cedar. I want to let down. And I didn't want they get the girl pregnant. OK okay let's and I think guy know where this story might be going I A diddle all overall activity. And if my and you just turn me all from it and if I'm gonna do aural I've got to feel first at least dial it up on my doubt donors there is though the voice it was a rock through his racquet control. That's the guy says and I went and had a 10 my god. I put my hand down there IR. I would create or at all. Hall. And Oklahoma oh hey I'm just. I know I'm here on it immediately after that and not let them go back. And I don't play alone. No one else under god are you really are your brain surgeon when he hero. Our public Albert caretaker. OK and I looked under the hot or cold day. Man oh man whom you're creek mobile phone and I don't want none of that learned. There is something about you that I think is fear in my heart. Still unknown how Mike label yup there. Originally until well into look Mike Dresden some warnings on something and then I was just under an overly excited little bit nervous right is general Angelina. This Sean insists that. Serial killer Boerse if Michael what exactly if they want to do you think it's just like you wanted to do. My new rule for today if you if a man named rob calls did you put them through camera. I am. I that was stranded at an early on within the brilliance Soriano and is still Bob not odd but I'm still trying to figure ID generated Brey all. He was he just talking about body hair or talk about bumps likes to explode like what are we use them down. What do you think it is Robin I mean hell. I think she was covered in bumps. Ma who could it have been for Marreese or Manhattan no it had dual band like bed like and genital warts so kind of playing Nintendo band right wilds when you bring it up. Right yeah I care about that old thing in there that's awfully young to get that. Don't you think how old. The narrower slugger I don't know just busy when you guys in the Evernote regular camera. Which. What that's they get back to you is Malia and did you buy until ninety. And yeah. It's I guess I'm saying hey why. I know a club that I got a fit that profile pretty well Donna the printing and at Bruno like you have none other and it's as good residents about race and you can read braille for the team that wants to Santa strictly is due to advertise in Denver today that this reminds that the guy who sounds like it. So I had done I I had I had I had contracted these things right with your words that would not fund right. And do your resume fund the number now no a time governor awards. Okay. So I get them and I get them taking care of all is good so how old's. Eight years go by in nine years old IRA I mean it's almost a full decade and and I realized that what I can see what looks to be award resurfacing and so I'm Mike solved caught up on those little Polaroid. Think that they told me always it always be there and always have equity and right. So once I got him at what I had him you know and like it at the time a married. And out and explain this my then wife. Like no I'm not cheating on you this is recurring thing. Here ago right. So I got to the doctor and I go to look the Merrill and lasers. Token lady now the floor when they they took an army that took care Muehlegg illiquid drop thing other freezing that the likelihood of ninety days in daylight when it when it starts to burn real bad you tell them they have a special cloth they want at all with right that would neutralize the Lou until they say until you say so. It's just in a burned through four floor like forever this stuff is I mean it could just keep going down the hill and is gonna keep Burnham are numbered. So I thought aisles and they estimate they had been updated the procedure so I went to a lasers and so I'm sitting in there and the doctor comes and and getting prepped for everything and I might also say that the entire. Lobby was filled with Christian it lifestyle type magazines. If that makes sense like you had a thanks well if you looked at like a woman's day but it was a good Christian women's day every amid they'll all it was all biblically themed you know I even everything. So. Not really concerned about Moses monthly yeah I mean all that's. Itself. And went into it so there's this huge huge cross that sitting on moments on the wall right across the operating table. As are really operating tables as intently lay down on laser tables laser table so I lay down on this thing and the nurse comes. And I'm like aren't well we're go in on. So she's got to basically hold everything. While he is doing work with a laser. So eat in would you prefer Bauer is fine but I'm gonna have her use laser algo had me hold you meet him again OK so. They begin talking to street acts they begin talking to us and it is at this point in time. Did it dawns on me as I'm listening to their conversation. That is her dad. All. We. And call me. Yeah and I'm like. I'm I'm trying not to freak out you know I mean because it's already a testy situation opponents and his. After months you know but it's an I think it was probably a good thing. Because it kind of distracted me from what was happening yummy like I was like you could be kidding me. Thank you you've you've got to be kidding me like they eat your career. Dad and your Madonna and altered jump right and that's what I'm doing your thing and Harry can man I was like oh my god this is in the but the good news across on the wall and of the Christian music despite into the plans are declaring a done right. I'm like oh my god like this is just bizarre to me was bizarre credit to him Ellis. Forty years ago they've got a model and I come back now I got them all thing done this. Put our money did you happen knocked on what are those kind of stuff yeah I was excited knock it by the sound would make now there's a there's a particle wood in there somewhere with. While when he sexting Iran a 44999. Cola hello stocked welcome to the men's room. Hey guys who go out on top. Turkey it's really got to put up that it will record in the the first one I was roommate for the gala about what year old. In the in his girlfriend. Look on that one night I guess they've got a really Russell. At a fairly cheap. Broken member. I don't know. I know I don't I don't adding you know that's what are always very possible it's very serious blood local utility didn't help. Spoke to it was a pretty educational experiences dailies and it was your blood curdling scream. Yes oh yes and then you have that help in the situation green. All we did note duke in the girlfriend parents the austerity currency room. I mean the regular just. As you just you just hold that stance you know prone up just that Turkey because the opponent. All of those just. There's an awful how long movie commissioner with the indeed recover. He that you recovered I mean it's like a boring but that he recovers you music. Thank god is not like about south. I'm reading was about. I don't know about a week out after that if he stole the pants are a little joke Obama knew he had to cut that. And so anyway the second one got to give you a little back story to mind my girlfriend at the time now large. We were living together. Saying pals that just without actually send we just got a puppy and the puppy like. Clearly you know would kill on the bed we put her into the covered or whatever and it's huge driver into the covers so. Anyway one night my wife and our diplomatic and I don't know how that happened but it can't make this stuff out sort of the dog puppy jumped up on the bed. Unbeknownst to me. While my wife and I are going that it and that's my apple is preparing to hit in the back this cheeks. It's so much dark warm evening and with that so oligarchy she thought we were playing gains its wish you start calling. That's how bullies who got a sense that there. Is a world. You don't really like the full lack junior did everything I guarantee and I'm kind of the fight all the systems are working together. That you pretty alert so. Yes what happened and then. Look what to say that that that much completed. More I needed duke and the the most polite guy he's also used to adapt well to watch it start lap until I was about. Okay. You can't say on the radio. Children. I'm working night. I was supposed to ask him of the dog's still they used also competing models I've never had a dot I the years ago out of very big Belgian shepherd. And I'm having sex and so from the living and so the dogs out there but clearly I'm not paying attention of the dog and I mean. It's just. It's so Brooke dogs have very cold and wet noses and the thing is I'm on top of this thing parked my ass like the Red Sea in the I mean he's like. No lose to wrecked him at this point himself a whip and I mean it just as I Summers ago bicycle tour return to democratic manner enemy and we are. Hope camps are made game. Over the woman's laugh and that may in my opinion it's like we're done editors and there's no chance of going back for the rest of the day I was so mad at the stalled and might have felt bad. Doesn't matter the dog but I know the dog doesn't really didn't they were all let you know dogs kind of censure Moody's economy. This dog steer clear of me all day even when I'm white I'm concerned thing. We couldn't do anything but even if we met eyes it was gonna straight back normally but what I realized the dog never did begin yet yeah. Dogs love small each other's putts and I you wonder if like a day one day in history like now all humans acted like dogs in all interactions began with a good but individually like I was walk up some are very. Men over yeah get him get wet than they only understand why. Back there to me to go around the neighborhood do you Nadal the group's next to me you did all the groups adopt my poop. Yeah let's face who has just an idea it's like and you guiding that's it yeah do they don't realize they hate each other than one moment. Listen to each of them but at least you don't start square mile from pivotal game like look. We knew take your dog overall. It's being higher on the same tree in my doesn't follow we drove around and do that and a file over or through a bitch on. I do it do. He's a nineteen industry pair over like I'll make a bigger part of the threat fatuous and most of about. I don't realize of this matter so much but I big dog in the imperial history and at times and then he won just because of the sheer size and I repeat our inaugural Peter. I'm beyond this entry in this attire and I'm Tanya I've never seen. In the animal more heart broken. You know there's more bugs gonna remain and you did wrong I was not doing it for that purpose and who's paying that appeal offering Coleman out of surgery right mark on the this dog and look who who threw food movement clearly actually is a real sad face dude I mean and I actually felt bad might it is is so stupid but I actually feel bad for this dog. 'cause I didn't realize how really did not realize how. Then I was offending my dog is bad as I did and look on this don't fit I mean it was crushed like two days and you're underdog it just airs at July here and that to me that's yeah just that I have pat downs and oh come tonight like concrete. Out of the room they just look at everything is pleased with the dog you can get them out of the room when with a cat. And you try to get cat owners don't support higher in early nor are now you're on top of the bookshelf I can't reach you. What are realize you're just staring down Rivera miles the dog used to do that man and I think that problem part of the reason to that he was so interested when you're having sex that day and and and you walked out. And Ted whatever you said Ted and Ted biscuits and you know is gonna we're miles journalism you guys have sex that the all right miles as Europe to the door on this into our own right where he normally afford to like I don't know if anybody really addressed and it took about five minutes before my. Houston Miami all confused. Like o's aren't they yeah that's unqualified because I dog I'm like OK that's entirely my little radio to the until Christmas Eve on the door of the healing because it makes perfect sense rate you come out of the bedroom I have the TV like blaring Natalie back to the drinking a beer and mentally yet miles let's listen though that's normally what a yeah. And you start and it's like he was he was he was near he was like I want to get in on this using the site and the thing about that dog man directly to those used a hole he was sold horn and I don't know mobile when he has session the parrot it was a cool restive and all that and I and I would have to like lock your bedroom door. Because you knew when you came home from work if your goes out of place. I'm sure it mend this garbage is going to be watching TV you pull a pillow off the sofa. Is one of the and just are effortlessly across the floor or aren't getting aren't aren't Arab and it said. It was weird. Brown well you gonna do Linda thanks dear wrong 8449990. LaMarr your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Joseph and gentle man newsroom. That's just not a land the return of Denver says the FCC our question today when it's X do you're wrong 8449990. Look out double comments came and it says many years ago my girlfriend of the time. We were having pre marital relations and her cat jumped in the window. It jumped out of the window. And her claws landed right on my eyelids and tore both of them open Almonte and are all god had a hard time finishing up but I did. Why all the good the morning after sex I cops banging on my door. The crazy bridge called the the say I hadn't answered in two days and she was worried I really matter eight hours before. Hole hole hole. Oh boy that's fun live alum boy good old boy he's boiled about me you know Dave welcome to the men's room. And oh days. About to know day in Palo Tom welcome to the men's room. I no longer a top. A lot so far this Soria have been a couple of years ago. Uggla and in Germany. And Saudi you don't put this Belmont horse or golf or being you what there's there's local German the Russians are right. No Big Apple would trigger developed well. And we are god or you can see each other. Like few weeks. And Benji go crazy. And I and our honor yeah you know went on to the next one so. Couple months down the wrong. Romance. Never get an update and download onto an excellent I was leading outside are all with you. So no we double couple months go by and I did that random email and it's from a friend and it says hey I know you don't know me. But you've got on so pregnant. 00 she's like yeah she's not gonna tell you but I want to tell you don't like armed men you know like a call rub they were going on. Chief says yeah you know it's true. And I thought they also get a paternity test because. I'm not stupid I know she's probably. In Oscar. You slam committee's Hannity. I'm not you know to go or other alcohol and ominously for me here's Lieberman anyone's door. You know so. So we we need to figure this paternity tests and they're going to get a little weird to start like back there now like oh I don't know all wanna do their. You know. Bubble bubble up so. She. She leaves. And what book you're watching weird you know like I might have been a kid with this sick but she just light up the left I think she moved to Spain. A little laugh last you know like Blair are primarily to whomever declaring that left the entire damn contract. Puzzle differ like in the states when you leave you go a different state you know there in Europe a different state is a different country right but it sounds good. If the exact but it saw you leave an onstage and boy I'm I have a kid with the girl also I don't know why do. Months go by I've moved back to the state. Get on get on you know FaceBook can. And I see a picture herbal randomly pops up sort click on our profile and she has that little baby in Oakland get out of town it was true. And plug in my belt obviously because the kid was. Out blocked. And I'm I'm like I don't I don't realize that and I have to say that the incidence. Right so they absolute proof you're border GM's stressful months. And I'd been offered third base 151000 Euro and and give me a brand new Audi like all the trouble she caused me when like I'm out where you're crazy. Yeah. Yeah yeah oh yeah I mean I'll take your money to keep the car. The owner Jerry told Eleanor you're told the guy who father of the child that you know he was a dad before she took off. Yeah I don't know because. She just goes that I got a few. You know her first grand view of the world the friendly and one of the towns and I guess you didn't want word to get out there. She edited. No no number I didn't learn how relieved you would you saw that they didn't have more glaring hole I had. I remember going out party and I think I'd guess I was at all happy. Man am I'm not cut out certain in Albany kid in Europe. Now via. The the Africa cup. I agree with them up. I haven't ran a kid here find it and the kids Europe. European baby couldn't you kidding me Elmo and NBA basketball hypocrites I think it blended sexier wrong 844999. No law. Hello Ty welcome to the majority. They could get together again only job. So a couple of years ago I was with my first girlfriend and involved Halloween night you wanna get spooky I guess if you don't. And that is an ugly all right I'm gonna do you fight in us. I think just a little thick that I haven't gotten through before. You mean pumpkin allies these governments and move on all the rage. And aluminum very at all brokered memo get back to you what your bags checked. Smartest guy around away when did when did sex do you're wrong aid for far 999. All those states in the bad jokes are on the way and the return of dead vs the FCC to. The shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.