10-19-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Settles Their Sweet Tooth

Thursday, October 19th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes is all about Halloween Candy!


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This is a men's room. Listening to its real. Donahoe president coming up big dummy can spread to lead our men's room Paul followed by Sar Deans Vienna sausages hole canned chicken I'm sure a little bit different there on Twitter if you follow sermons or might be too little count up and get ready go anytime there's big dummy and we have James Langford teams over on the line and working on question one we do not just from. Real quick man were some of the main page and commentary men and one of them says. I know page she's a war to solve the weight in the the next one says I start talking about pay towards. My ten page of 11 years died this morning. Okay. I had an act and then page from WWE. Whose patient WW I used to be the dividend he women's champion she's English she's dirty dishes. It's. An hour and I'm doing well for my theory. Is those cats and cats whose lives. All right let's get back you James dear James here is your question. What is the explorer look for the natural boundary in North American. Separating waters will flow into the Atlantic Ocean from those that flow into the Pacific Ocean. Although I have no idea posing did you break you heard there John you know a little what did you say we're done and what's the term from the natural boundary. In North America separate waters of loan to the Islamic. Promoters have flown to because of the natural all right. I can just make an about an album at. And the people wonderful. Honolulu the oh and I really got to end the americans'. Credit theft of the side with a waterproof. It's been a patriot. Anyway that is really all a newsman is definitely nothing exciting about it at all heavily. I James your question what is the first elements on the periodic table. Yeah. I don't I don't know I looked dull copper. The nose done Miley right. Obama a candidate very deft. And that's lower case they have dozens. Come and I really want him and not a bad. Come on as an assembled in upper low Lou I need this element hydrogen has bad hands with the symbol for copper. See you. See when held up OK I. I think for copper. It is sure she knows. The truth is I'm not allowed that he might add all of this you legit. Yeah I don't know what I got a Coke but only if I yeah as a weirdo like LB years of the desert land would wonder though and he is arguing that he's utilitarian with a Bradley that all I do it again my. He used that you you are payroll I think our. Atlanta for you know we all elements who blew me. I I didn't feel you're gonna know the answer to those who played the title character in this sitcom musical. Hannah Montana who. I'll that would be Miley Cyrus. Asked just ordinary testament to what we do know and move them off balance my lasagna cover birth hello America I'm Robert. My news. It took a couple of things there before top of mind that copper color you know what Denver we'll Kopper wasn't the resilience and we'll take care everyone I'm drooling I hear you mention god de L. The game is being done live far far 999 LO was our next contestant ready to play the day hello Mike welcome to the Madrid. Yeah my serious sober now for over. Over my favorite show it's an exciting yourself herself. Starting to feel massage physical pinching and hamstring. You know I wanna go and spread and spread and this. And romance people love him. More than I. We should like tweet members of the let him know Heyman people love your snowman is a lot better things in hand. It is a man maybe to add to something that you don't want to eat the way it was anymore. Canon in a melee where we have muzzled him when things didn't learn from Miami is called him so I tell you can tell you have shrimp salad and shrimp salad sandwich man he's just he can't he can't believe how good. We don't get chicken salad shrimp salad sandwich on a potato rolls. So we'll did have shrimp salad chicken salad on the move. But this hands Dallas regret immaculate. But yeah they potato salad macaroni salad and I want it aggregates all delicious you know with its Portland like macaroni salad I don't lose it taste like anything for a reason why you do making pasta salad. It means more savory bread and then examine macaroni so what essentially as a part of silent somehow it was leans toward. Grossed an I don't know what that process out there hasn't Italian dressing up there are none now aren't they German style ground I'm on it would demand isn't. Yeah. Just don't like macaroni salad over the Los zodiac vertigo coconuts on the mile our family recipe you would look. It's like today Italian dressing admin just pepperoni and like John to cheat everybody else. I didn't have all of I told the Baltimore got shore power but can I didn't keep him here and they can't read it in the habit to Bradley memorable nonsense. Just the stump are born likes. Your question who invented the cotton gin and 1793. Hello how are later Kyle and archer wanted. To. Yeah I would expect you to stay Wu as they socket and that's about him again Eli Whitney fan on the show you your family burial it's just it's very exciting. Yeah big delegate four point 9990 let's get Ballmer detest her to forget a line hello Peter welcome to the men's. This kid hello wow on the Peter sauber knots over. October. Has to get there after they get here when he during off but delicious what lewis' spirit but left. Off the executable on total domination total domination 98. Yes the world who bruise that again is that a robot called the cops got the odds of strong last and Interpol starting to Vienna sausages OK and figure hamstring. Volatility only healthy choice which is certainly yes it is the only other choice for sure that I healthy those obviously in quotation marks. Yeah exactly. I here's your question once actor in the once played James Bond previously competed in the mr. you know there knew it. Mr. universe bodybuilding competition. He's on time I'm. Obviously Roger Moore a. Well okay. There were shown cardiopulmonary really know yeah of course somehow let me think. Kind of Peter what are the force states in the United States that border Mexico. Much geography is my my faith into the garage on the CW California currents. Arizona this. New Mexico used and check. Can you talk dinner with your geography now bronze here barely I don't recall that was he'd be very good and all the time. There's my domain for 499 Manilow is our next contestant ready play the game hello creepy Jeremy welcome to the men's room. Okay. I Jeremy is so we're not over. OK so not like below estimates left. And starting in 2000 as well pinching and hamstring. Do Atlantic and I guess I had a lot younger sisters of Vienna sausages are in the house all the time I would imagine the thought of those involved. Who. Was having sisters have to do with neanderthals they're a little kid just stated they were about public that their feet there for young kids. I just got believe that the true. You have to make you could statements draw an academy and also do we get those goddamn things ma'am ma'am can. OK here is your question. America over disputes the airport that's located at once European city. Well Indians. America over Houston airports. I have no idea he's Italian woman you as the very holiday Florence. You know let's move. I just figured Rome probably hasn't felt like the Pope air force open the cold putter war welfare programs to poker approved moved. Pump two compounds if pontiff airline. Capital airlines. That the all right your question what specific locations mainly look means many items. It. Makes sense. Why. Marshall. How we need only. They're here it doesn't drift. All of their. Polygraphed. Colleague and I detects certain western. All right. What was JK Reilly whose name for non magic people. Open floor I noticed over the decision should they can society now muggles. Yeah guess now amassed the angles at the sounds cylinder mode trying to jump on more one more contestant on the guys in their marbles and the mentally whereas the litigator at nine hello Spencer welcome to the men's room. Oh Paula. Hi friends are so we're not so. Overspent for who run outside of the games you have Camilla is earth. Yeah ample authority envious of dismal pinching and hamstring Maria. I got to go to get to get food yes I like you Spencer who brave. You know room off like you know hi here is your question. Who released the album invincible. They're no longer with. Fred. Through to improve an event from Michael's. Isn't that ironic. There be anything. Am I believe it's a group. Eat food. Kinda neighborhood chimpanzee stolen. Is models go I think bubbles will bubbles of longer handling well the starter that I live by as chimpanzees he wrote me gluten gluten are your question. Which group is more balls out comics euros fought doctor doom. I. And had to order. You can all correct and stuff well bottles fired him as a reason to do and wouldn't say so losers who go to like we'll it would kill you wouldn't lose. I'm doctor doom and doctor do you call yourself doctor doctor doom sounds like a kid solved and a comedy act didn't do movement. Thought it sound like DJ the doctor do everybody down to do blankets and hopefully tomorrow I get club did you end. Hillary and I'm glad that they have a doctor do you know you've got to residency Benghazi Herman is vital element of visa he brought up a beef a beef up before you waste then is arms they were informed. I don't know I got ahead seven ousted me details as each State's favorite Halloween candy coming up and we had your emails on the way from the men's or mad men's or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio networks. My. We'll bring it tells coming out of the shot there I'm sure that the return of no and Sherlock but first we have time for a few emails here for the men's room amends or live dot job. Let's jump into the birthday well all the guys Robin today is my son Peyton spurs birthday has been 365. Days of sleepless nights and proud moment. His mother and I love them very much good you know Julie just not really wrong Jenkins thanks guys and Iraq Ghana that from Tim. I'm. Yeah yeah. Her day job to our daughter massive news made an entire decade on this planet had the tenth birthday mad can we get a little kid's face damage in a second OK okay thanks guys from Ben and Melissa up. Oh. Told Jones on love to give my great friend Erin had the nineteenth birthday shot out of the best radio show in the world can we get a big massive bong rip and some sixty German talk from Robin. Thanks guys that from Jake. But the lobes. Every time. I see okay. The unnamed Idaho and now they build and bush in Zain. Do you wanna know he says he did not include. The bucks. Staffers are. Guys I it is backwoods birthday today can you wish him happy birthday on the radio are Amanda unfortunately we are a lot of things we are not on the radio. Sorry Sam and yet the attitude when every on the radio that would be nice we would like radio. Show many Wanda yeah maybe we're working. They also today I turned thirty and I just ask for a little kid faced sandwich. I saw an eight thanks guys are my college. Some bitches your shows my absolute faith except when I'm trying to eat my lunch in your talking about the group and I know it's. It's my dirty thirty and I love your show so much that all requests is for you guys do. Talk all over each other like the fools you are cheers guys that from K well OK I think overall I don't get out there on the ballot. That morning and spread on a papal I don't know rubber glove inspection he's on hadn't and I cooking a good look at number my career has we will there was a member team to go right hand man struggled to read into this business model and can I please request the bird based on Monroe hairy AKA that doctor. Good to give a barber shop based analyst rock opera. While the oh is it to move people around this and grandson. G.'s daughter on this I had smelling it is Stanley is he's still really easy in the modern game and you and you cannot. Yeah Florida's is Josh pronounced mister fantastic. Today I'm sorry my 34 birthday gonna get a couple Joey chestnut in some dirty Germans Robert de thanks guys. No audio book lululemon cooking competition we've made both may. Judge chicken and then have a chance. You know. I planned on cooking to impose tough if you provide them rumpus. Well thread by sexy lumberjack husband Bryant's 44 birthday he loves those things you guys especially. The bad jokes and got to meet you guys for the first time and read festival in my cock even signed as hairy chest could you please read this phenomenal man had a birthday with a big old LeRoy Jenkins. And an original faced sandwich thanks guys in love you honey that from Twitter Suzanne. Amid isn't my mom's birthday today she occasionally listens to Michelle but she will be today since he is routing would make. I also have labor data Tonya the best mother a son could wish for pitching eternal sex police that former sun that Jolie salt. Guys huge job to my dad I'm completing his 45 trip around the sun. Let's see here he moved hear from Finland. But on the brighter side I get to visit your beautiful city frequently. Cool I get an Al hitting the windows suck it up cupcake that from aren't in as proof Finland. All. As blue as blue as approved the name of it does prove on Richards as to. It's as booted and as a group Finland. Guy's gambling a man another hero thank you men's room read dozens awesome I'm the overgrown leprechaun in the crowd enjoying kickass rock and delicious Beers. Can I get a here comes the dope pusher a polluting Jake and a big fat bond Ripley's. Thank you guys that from Vigo V eights. I hit. And guys please give my towel KYAKA. Missile America Bijan happy birthday with a dirty German and I'll see Ted thanks guys since Syria sincerely that from Rihanna. Charles we both they would do the rebirth since I go out good shouldn't it stuffing stockings my limo. And stated commitment. Have you come on down on that play Indiana and they don't worry I'll take take him I'll take Indianapolis. Hi guys do a goal. Happy happy about it hugged and I'm yeah yeah we've heard hey have you had any I mean I. I pay you paying Utah they do bad says. Doesn't guarantee German Brunson and then remove the sausage available through news and world sings on. None of doesn't come another sign retailers. Im sure might apply. Electric out there. Jesus Christ amid a nurse for Tony five years and tell you stories that would make you cry. However this damn show made me cringe to the point nausea and misery nice job guys are from Brenda. Well I'm doing you know nurse jet engine long just leave storm elect only started better grandma's cats bambino and penalized at all that name Mara Mike talk bambino. Apparently poor bambino was very old Tennessee he was acting like he was on the verge of death than not owner decide to put him out of his misery in a less painful way possible so she decided to add. A large amount of sleeping tablets and as food and catalyst to get good MPs and within a rather short period of time after lunch won't thunder can't lying down motionless on the floor and corner. And thought he was gone but she knows he was still breathing Lieberman peace and I'm sure will be over. Day after bambino still there still breathing they after that and the one after a total of six straight days gets left. When he woke up like nothing haven't drank and as little water and went on with his life in an apparent great health condition turned out the only thing bambino needed was a good sleep busy with a few more years after that. Fans have by the way the same cat jumped several times off the balcony from a fourth Florida the street survive disprove that cancer awesome and indeed the spawn of Satan. Adios amigos have from a German born and I will agree that man I'm Mike debt tries jump off the third floor balcony oh I get of them up legend has it. Not subject myself so long because legally and affect casual town hit three dinners my guys are back what I used actually work for a living up font so wildfires we're gonna call on the Thursday and work overnight on fire. I later found out the fire was started by air force during survival training. After fighting the fire we came back at noon on Friday and at that point I've been awake for 36 hours. Moss is as we have to rest of the day off and we have to rest on that day and the next day was Saturday. After we got home the fifteen of us decided that we neutral party instead of sleep I remember being up until around 6 o'clock in the evening at vague memories of even drinking. All the the next morning with a worsening over ever I hang out the rest of the day and keep cool. I went to bed and woke up on Monday thinking it was Sunday I get a call asking why I'm not a work come to find out I woke up on Sunday announced Saturday after lack of sleep and binge drinking. Rock on bitches another one on Ambien a sleep a little over fifteen years ago during the summer between ninth and tenth grade I crashed hard my BMX bicycle. No wasn't bad jumper hitting along those lines it's our thinking oh just writing or my friend's place next time I was really awake I was having my wounds cleaned the ER no idea what happened. I just know that what I did pose wearing a helmet during this and cracked it completely through two different spots. Now with the amount of damage to what I'm pretty sure my head probably hit the ground first I do remember briefly waking up three times during this. The first I was lying on the ground with a name goes in front of me a look Tennessee a lot of blood in my upper body then I'm back out. Second time they're pulling me out of the back of the ambulance and they said there might be a slight bump and never felt the bump. The third was when I was getting a cat scan or MRI honestly I don't know which and they asked if I was called in a file like a blanket and I said yes it's that from keel to carry on the emails. Another attorney no Echelon but first and agendas and now I know. Yeah those. For years. Next. Now obviously when it comes to Halloween candy. But it's not like they're outside of kiddie corps replacing the same candy. Just miniature her fund size versions generals are still going to be candy that you all the eve of how we. I'll play halo and it's. Candy Corson was maybe you'd like to stay at lake there's no doing the Snickers and three musketeers K can I throw the simple and I never see anyone ever by payday or mr. good bar. But at Halloween comes and we're really thankful I'm Max right here and there are always crackle or Ireland a little while her mind not mind the showtime BCA crackle you know I've put in there and crackles great par crackles. Command I think nerds do. Right and lately the weird early uranium like roles of Sweeney's as we darts right in there at the movie theater or Halloween that seemed like a one time we eat some really delicious got a baby girl from us and Mya my two favorites lease renewal and on purpose he singled flicks and these single re sees people. One who isn't. I mean I mean if you're doing the volatile region of the Arlene I am saying the fight size speed about a cup Purdue angle inside Eleanor would get although there do either way I don't care but it was single upon size is not fun. Well the fun inside the teeny tiny wondering whether or not those of the miniatures doesn't want to go in your trail snack mix right. Okay I thought chaos theory and way ahead I can't agree on TV time you have regular size candy bars right and and generally on Halloween you get what they called the fund's size bars to come in like those knicks pax yes like that's what we say in the twits it's just one okay are full size tweets but it's close to look and then sometimes you can get like the people handout when just one full size three c.'s right yeah but as opposed to like you get your stuffing your stocking stuff with the managers yep and are fine too. You broke that down as shocking stuff from the managers at the Christmas Day unnoticed so they're really bad way to kick gave new but it will install both stock and would have miniature. And related blogs I've been a little bit about it. Yeah full of notes that Oklahoma OP has funds football pop up front it's smaller bits funds that are things I as well as our biggest smallest font size and taste it. I thought picked up the reign of state to start with. I was bored of the state of man I don't go to Maryland what do you think if they are most online order candy and Maryland and old bay recent stream. No actually there was no Q Milky Way Coca yeah it's a play Afghan war. It's got a plane governor it carries the torch of why I am the basic and I got new hit. I got a job that I just don't know the pima channel basically the Milky Way Cindy three musketeers we like but you do one. We're at karma right has done all that regard. Yeah it's bigoted in my we're throws peanuts and they're going to elements calls to my grandparents and used to eat frozen milky lace them right there's karma with you how long it would take its parent problem at the champion Roger old people to honestly I don't think you'll probably good idea sentence. I don't want to melodies they mystics your team. Yeah about a way in Maryland beat second place was receipt cup's third place blow pops all right Jerry happy in my language. All right let's so let's try the state of Washington mission they had a brand new winner. Plumes that Washington is it chocolate or is akin ease can be it is can we had spoken about it today. Nerds. No sir and it was clears. Now they eat eat and talk about the game punting backed conversation man. And Bob's. A close meant to zero through the rubble. You all know OK. Okay. The winner not a big and a half now well into second place with some important testing why it's and then Hershey kisses saltwater Tenet he worried that come from all. Do you start when ocean shore are you about a blow doors and god they. This Halloween starts and wanted to do many towns in Washington I didn't do so why cars not design like you know it's like it's terrible I figured I'd feel West Coast which travels south and I California. Again a brand new winner this year. Small. And help you need a bunch of them Eminem's correct all right but second place again. Salt water to knee. No way my they preference on your eminence in about. I'm Dina and Eminem I traditionally go PW pretzel imminent fund is a strong that's like Eminem is that is easy guy but it's just not incredibly this and you little distorted find about you go to the vending machine out there. Yeah they're going to be in an element of the millions of I see a general like regular Eminem survive and pick one needs got to be a pretzel because don't molten milk balls. Now now I try to like we do nudges I don't like just a big gold total notebook yet and they don't look so good I have gotten bigger look at their and they put him in like you know milk carton you're like a big old jug of milk balls. All right let's go to Wyoming. Oh boy jerky and we're talking about most popular online ordered Halloween candy each state and why you. Alia as they might be traditionally Snickers. The reason he's coupon code path I have things are irony that contradictory that out of your sense of a trend here what do you what second place that is a salt water salt water. I read is going almost all water task. As a third because it has to be ordered and if you're not there on the beach of them want is the latest on California's beaches and nobody watches the last ten pages just sucks and I honestly like I grew up in Maryland like we saw wiretap Democrat everywhere what I would never think to put it in a child's bad for Halloween so we don't hate kids can you just have regular water to I think there's that just after fresh water taffy viewed as not it not good is just half these terrible. Yeah you don't want that. So. You know what depression wanna start the price draws all right. Let's go Chicago the second city you would know me. Affiliate they're going to be like. Analyst Gary can Hershey bar some kickass. They start out one way may finish another. Sour patch kids. It's ready it's now they start out salad and I guess we want only. They're a little. Yeah never lets you don't like candidate who get it right but I'm only the sweet part of who won't sour on back and have them look you have children. They rated sour patch kids were really you can't either. Like chocolate Vanilla candy like me then oh my daughter able likes she likes hard to have you seen now it's sour patch kids they have one it's three times bigger. Oh that's a great idea so it's the same Mike baggage stuff but now the kiddies that big that it happened annual school compared to now lose a little bit more drool to clean off the sofa in front of her shirt when it put an amendment health. And my game rabies is. I feel like I think the bigger sour patch kid was not like there's an adult male out there. Not that I would ever do that was eaten. A three year for small sour patch kids went home with their Michael Gregor want to rise to the that is not for children was next in Illinois at the sour patch kids can't catch in receipt got some of our rob I guess let's get to. I will say this Illinois to the already has the best there. Because I love sour patch kids kick cats and Reese's peanut butter Diaz struck I'm drugs are bad kid. They're a gimme state New York all right. Go to New York WC EM Rochester. Us army and Islamic I think words tell me the states and obviously I don't know what state New York looks like. I am on my eyes and oh my god I'm a fly ball over Jersey in the match but where's the yeah on the. Right about Pennsylvania and north your heart working guy in and out of that don't really big East Coast there's this. They get up there people like yes. New York. Goes sour patch kids by the way a number on that they've ordered over 200000 pounds of the sour patch kids today and tell ya. But second place in New York a judge yeah candy corn. Come on man candy corn and people still eat candy corn OK Ali naturally eating candy corn down in New Mexico and that's the number one. I'm really tell us what Indiana. Indiana. Can you front and on the. New Illinois I don't know I don't. I'm not a at night. Indiana goes outside the box the pitch he wouldn't yes OK I wouldn't think. Hot Obama and what. Karl. Karl that is how much Kansas. Kansas follow the image miles is that you can come in the very few if you don't know if it didn't do that I received peanut butter cup all right NN news and then they throw real wildcard double bubble total global hit and likeable lovable image in my Oklahoma. Oklahoma these youngsters in Texas. Yeah Snickers bars. Our own all go home again double bubble. People the middle of the country that you and I'll go to Oklahoma for Halloween no doubt about it and I am very elf. I thank you hedge yet we appreciate historical very tells with a shot of the day that is on the way the return of no as Sherlock is next you are listening to the men's or radio network. Joseph you don't have turned the men's room. Straight tells on the way this Saturday as the minutes went in first our own Steve the throw hill Colmes good both and it's putting her stories with headlines a slew. News and. Sharon lock students learn more effectively from print textbooks in screen studies Jones. We know. Add it or not. Americans love automation until it comes from their jobs they are playing well. Sure doc to sushi you eat isn't fresh fish well monkey's uncle. Sherlock new research shows that doctors significantly better than Google. Oh and and I'm. Even WebMD even within the I condom makers discovery size matters. And now. Sure I'd hate to break into one's heart but principal deprecating in front of students during pledge of allegiance was a fake news story play well. Stop yeah. You do a vegetarian fast. To be ready. Men's room knows just. My news. Yeah. Our shots. It's not as good as usual we had to do during the Afghan Steve throw we'll find out nortel's yes indeed today we toast 33 year old James Cramer. A long month Colorado now James. Recently perch himself an erotic whip for thirty dollars from a local adult shop and I know you're wondering yes he did by the British fantasy series metal beaded blogger. Occasion or concert. Golan all the best that longer now suddenly sadly be medal beaded blogger never got to do its intended flogging duty. Because later that same day James went back to the store isn't getting into an argument would be employees he even tried to attack them. And we're unsure why he was so upset. But he was upset enough that he's and the British fantasy series metal beat blogger. End to the circuit breaker to try to children power. He accidentally jammed it into the neighboring circuit breaker so we took out the power to an old Riley auto parts of the state. James was arrested for felony menacing. And a few other misdemeanors and made he was electrocuted that's where I thought the stories good short. One minute he's gonna fry themselves no we took out the power to do O'Reilly auto parts which I Riley entered. Every morning. That commercial comes on for Rollins reports and as time goes roughly the same time. And roughly the same time overlord Reilly all I will take our kids to school and Mac comes mom they break and so the new. As their favorite small guy who needs a story we've for a lose lose imagery there's booze because we figured Yemeni national over the tong and down the world to party in aren't Tommy's. Downed power outage on job. Finnegan does not live for profiled a stellar 9844999. No love. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.