08-08-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Gets Nude

Thursday, August 9th

Mens Room Question: What is your naked story?


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And you want sure. Think here is real. Trying to. Offend anyone. There's our. Did you win the hearts. Yes he's. All gathered in secrecy. So many. Stay. Your radio more than three times. And Bjorn and win. They don't want to lose another 2800. NAV the along Stephen Drew hill. These ads at you all good god man my car. Okay do you are in the men's room. He's intimidating joins us a doctor run freely Dodd's ORG. Once you don't need to know the hangover edition can play a profile that's. Plus headlines men your shot of the day follows through emails and everyone's favorite TV time with Taylor class period is your heart you're your own South Carolina woman on the other best. John and making white people look like crap. We had a Minnesota wearing confines of man with a head on a woman's land and not taking an. They think may goalies and unfortunate positive test for oh VOA news. A massive hailstorm in Colorado hills to animals in the zoo would dunk and the Jews and a nine year old has his lemonade stand robbed at gunpoint. In North Carolina a nine year old kid though coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. Although not a good kid good day did you and yours are I'd look there is nothing wrong with being naked. But you can't just be making anywhere and you still have a little respect for most people the right all right Jason points. A group of new Vista home why they're being evicted from the rental home. And now will be made in that was known in advance but because they suck at being made us one example is when they accidentally blew open neighbor's car. Let that sink in for a second day have a fire there neighbor's car blew up at gunpoint naked or not you gotta go. Could go to he's incisive Amanda if you learn a horrible way they do need to keep your genitalia into yourself and most people want to see. Long story short. He was shot in the chest because he wouldn't stop master many improbable woman who made it clear that she did not care to see his new. Then there's the story of one David McClure has situation. Mild as that might be certainly started to compile. Now he lives in British Columbia him. But he visited Seattle to take him Aaron. But many are making it any streaky game but he's back from any bugs here and alcohol what am I the worst thing you can do but here's the thing. Hampering our rescue. This stuff makes his way back to Canada but he's actually an Irish citizen who's lived remembers Columbia on the visa and my gender roles there's a chance there. Depending on the level of conditioning would scare you might end up getting deported back to Ireland would love the worst points happen though. It's just a point that again gotten naked for anybody in you deported. And yet because again there's nothing wrong would be in May give them loans people who cool would you be amazed me. It's just one of those things but also sometimes people who naked and we just don't know why sometimes if you sometimes it was someone else. But this is what we want to know today. What is your naked story. Probably show call 8449990. Look like humans are on FaceBook both on footer and ends the grand moments are live ends in those emails to the men's room and men's or my dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. He's through with my. Dogs and oil they don't miss universe 2880. Well. Are you today from ESPN. I kid named joins us to talk about to run them freely dot ORG Kenny Mayne a bit on the show a few times before and and dreams come true there is only and they had to do it for he's still doing sports and everything and all that stuff but Kenny as as doing some mug good and he always has always doing nothing charities stump for any organization called. Run freely. Dot ORG. I mean I. I know it's and look in principle what he's doing a spectacular and I'm glad to the one thing and I stand by this maybe because I'm lazy. You don't even some charitable might end game is that you don't have to do much so I understand what he's doing and trust me if you mobility is a problem what he's doing as a tremendous thing but why doesn't always have to be running. Like why. Ideological. It's our those dues and as well as the man I don't want to run this is all lightning aren't a lot of. This is in this in this device that that he and his wife and their organization when it does is. Some veterans have a difficult time getting around right this device actually embraces and supports their legs so they can be mobile they can get around the water run they've won a lot but he's he's saying right I'm right in Manhattan I could you don't think that's up. Well he had been able to run a lot and nods and probably since college tour put this thing on that big deal and it's a go onto Greg call soft drink a lot of talk about I didn't trust me we'll probably talk about run freely dot ORG for about five minutes in the junior golf and Pearl Jam for about three hours so it's a big liberal oh yeah you get me. So and what it would indeed be and I are short depth once you don't need to know the hangover addition they did a study to find out what alcohol is out there give you the worst hangovers. And we'll bring that information coming up along with the alcohol that will make your annex they feel held a lot better profiled as commendable drink it tells who shot the day. And of course our question today what is your naked story for some reason I don't know if it's the heat I don't know what's gone on if he goes a long way but there have been a number of stories about people just getting naked this one is that what will lead with today. Headlines as a grandma's shot a bicycle ist. Pastor made and Clinton in her Houston home. Some guy called the old owners pants and pulled his pants open played with a stinging any ran up but I told him to get away from my door else you don't. And according grandma Jean didn't mind this is Houston Texas on somebody their says I'll shoot you like that's not a joke page they will shoot TV 69 year old grandma opened fire. She did shoot a demand okay it's an act young gun and a stop masturbating in public. And need to be told that. Grandma Jean was taking on her trash when she spotted the masturbating bicycles riding on the street you know I mean he's writing down the street mastery that is. I've seen people arrive without hands but with all the vigorously enough and I'm assuming you're in an exact urgent to be fair takes a smoke. I liked Eddie can multitasking. And something to be sent from a perspective about employer like well now he's weird but he can do two things are wants shielded him to stop and leave according to a police spokesman who told buzz feed news that the two got into an argument. And he came up to bug grab my jeans driveway while continuing to expose himself. Some guidance is a quote pull out as fast bulls fans wide open and both play and the thing. The man continue walking to order reaching for the front door grandma Jean had her young grandchildren in the house the time she did fire her gun the striking the man wants. Quotes I don't bother nobody I don't get in nobody's business is just me and him and I like I can't say and I warned them. Men attended to get on his bike again but collapsed he was transported to a local hospital or Z is expected to survive. I would have done the same thing if it were my house according to an unidentified neighbor a no tell you gonna do when he got in there she was protecting her property. It is unclear if grandma Jean will face any charges more than likely though she will not. I gotta go a little problems of this guy and none of them of the fact that he's masturbating while riding a bike one. As someone ask you to stop masturbating publicly I can't believe. You have the goal today and have an argument wouldn't like to say yeah but what she's said is hey kid you not masturbating in public and certainly not in my New York. That there's nothing to argue you say you know man I see your point you're probably right let me put this way that that's number one to. At what point do you think that trying to open someone's door whenever your math simulate. Do you does any part of you are the Pentagon opened nor good to know what compound there these are good time. Forty arguing about she says stop masturbating in my yard but what is your argument Barack isn't true I renewed and were wrong. Well yeah yard drive around estimating our noble and a bicycle bicycle I buy some. Is there a better way what's yeah right. What's on bicycles are a narrow baseball apple pie with more American another and then baseball right you think it is a baseball game and have a good time a guy. US authorities say a Vancouver British Columbia resident. Who ran naked under a baseball field during a Mariner's game in Seattle is set to appear in King County courtroom to face a criminal trespass charge. These city attorney's office says that David McLaren was charged at the incident took place at Saturday's game between the blue jays in the Mariner's. McLaren could face bigger problems than that Sports Illustrated reports that he isn't Irish citizen living in British Columbia. So he could be deported from Canada over the incidents this is what I'm saying I know this has become a much bigger problem for the irishman or poorly when streaking after his buddies and him how many American dollars. How are our new American dollars there again eighty buck eighty bucks eighty bucks. Yeah I don't like him for that both he and he was naked naked. I mean he was all the way they can use eventually tackled by security guard which I'm sure it was not fun for the security guard that daddy demand pomp and that is probably why don't more security. At any kind of sporting event but you are Nagin. You almost certainly run by me this is friends. Who venom they set up a golf hundreds of occasions. As of last night and had no money. Didn't even raise a dollar not a single dollar Seattle city attorney's office spokesman Dan goalie says authorities decided not to file an indecent exposure charges and that charges typically made when the alleged sexual element is involved. He was really young Graham McNamee and about this news. They hit him on the criminal trespass because in case you do not know during an actual sport event running through reaction. Not permitted the fact that they didn't get a Monday decent thing he's. They did come afraid I don't know man I really do it if you if you if you live in in a city that is close to the border candidate even mind that Canada. As one of the Major League Baseball team since the exposed now nationals they have the Toronto Blue Jays and when you go to Canada. We are watching the CBC every single Toronto Blue Jays game shown Charles it's always our. So obviously the national team the team up Canada. Is the blue jays when you go to a game like that you're basically streaking in front of the entire country of Canada. Because they are all smarter and watch this game you know I mean it's amazing it's unknown for believable how many don't last summer Rasmussen would you talk him down from Tron uneasily now emeritus Canadians authority except I don't know that you are right but they I mean why does win war and soccer team and a friendly but do as a guarantee I was happy that everybody here is gonna love Mets managed Aziz just last week of India Brazil and one American team a mature a little showcase I come down from Canada all right. I go to a baseball game in the United States yet it's and as I said Alabama family the first thing I see is some guy running naked on the field what is the what is the first thing in my thoughts. These crazy Americans. I'm doing is when you think that you did you have an idea you're absolutely offended that I am a loonie. And then when I read the the guy came down from BC for some guys and I thought to myself I don't know why but a farm and I did see that from camp right and you continue to reach because it's their national team I guess but any continue to read. And it's sounds Dominic go. Other guys from Ireland then made absolute science so when you put it together I'm not start that a drug errors guy got Megan ran through anywhere you look it's all spared half and a wouldn't you browse with the Canadian guy and that it wouldn't surprise me if American guidance of the by the Irish guy losing candidate into American street from like real. He's kind of purpose and also it also and maybe I'm I'm completely wrong about this but I get the feeling it just is in the Canadian way. That insurance I don't know quite caps right you're right cavs match the Ministry's feel there are gay but you gotta which goes on c'mon now man like we're gonna did you open field to back in your seat enjoy yourself you'll thank you wouldn't be like yeah. I'm just one of those things just start everywhere. It's inevitable for an event like streak there but until I think you're right everyone know what is shocked when her registry you might be shot that you happened to be gay but here I don't know minutia like Christ. So Billy if you're a streaker knowing them is not the worst thing you can do believe he's have a time limit. Parents of like what you want streaking. Inevitably these guys are gonna tackle you and we get the two running around trying to avoid. And out but if we set aren't you got fifteen seconds and do your thing if you can actually does go back up your seat aftermath of the way this is fine. Broke again once you get on the field you don't leave the fields are breaking a dash of the dubious triggered cells not shocking solution like well if you wanna avoiding criminal charge. Yeah fifteen seconds and then get the hell off the field after that they're going to be valid credit. Yeah game that I would be the I think you should street should images but we know what can I tell those things we give a major sporting event metadata major at these guys for any sporting events. I'm Pete and I never go to a football game of the kid in humorous in Maryland played Florida State I'm a Florida State almost upon seventy points. What you got for balls lust or has a lot ally of the game was a drug Maryland damage that ran the whole idea that they don't make. He wasn't naked but it was still highlight of the game a big about rarely or never made that in the field. And this is a really sense a liquid can remain dominant Wednesday but the thing about only this if you watch ESP and and the two game that's meaningless is toward the end of the season knew the team's gone of the playoffs there's a streaker it's a highlight. It surely is but he's not he's not during the game because they say like we don't want to encourage this type hey all right you don't want your own car and never errand when it happens but the air will look back but that's bold. You're still wearing it. Excellent this guy I think I don't know man I better do a day or two in our jail system for tonight he did a night like this you got to punish those that don't do look like does he have to get. You can't as if you're back to Ireland I'll throw it okay and as I don't get the different set of rules you know man so yeah and it's alcohol. It's alcohol and and I don't know if it's worse for him because from Campbell's point of view like you didn't do it in Canada were really center that the true living. You went to a foreign country from and how close relationship you went to a foreign country. To do this then you gonna come right there aren't I'd like but don't send them back to Carolina's then again they don't think there's been that I and one thing is is is inherently true. He's not a Canadian citizen right if you or Canadian citizen obviously you're gonna get some leniency in Canada but when you're not to think anything else given do you why. You can't get into Canada they're very they're very difficult about absolutely right who can get in depending on you know so if you're not a citizen you know the rules are I would. I mean I'd I don't think it's unreasonable I just you don't that you normally. If you're traveling anywhere else I never heard a game and you can go to Spain if you gotta do you lie maybe that's true I don't know but I never heard that. You know I'm Stanley. It just seemed to Canada has those rules are just hard rules and that's when it I'm not let me ask you this and and I don't know and so what did you come from the states are going to Canada I would say 50% of the people to go we're driving. Is there have been gutless and other devices YE into Canada. No I saw the same if I'm not gonna record them on driving in a known Brian I I don't know how are I don't know how they how they know is he your passport. It was on your record yeah it's a felony up there. Yeah absolutely right they don't I don't run yours today but they do run your stuff don't they are they just look at it and your head and just sit there and if I wanted to management through before men find them on their path than they want to look a fifth time and got caught my seat now but remember this when your buddies tell you their version of understanding legal things like anything. They don't run it then they're not going to know what should sound bite futile Norfolk and run it or not she'd love will be. Aren't you why the Libyans and they didn't run new information. If they do run it it's like your fingerprints are all you can fingerprints and see what you're not on the system. The matter. Right yeah that's the point. Probably my fingerprints and horrific sentences aren't cannot today is so what is your naked story before 4999. Mile. Not on the Muslim and Morgan are just don't commit. Here's a momentum how to present I don't think my preference the system does an hour are gonna do anything to rule on the farm but that is I knew whenever I want yes you care miles go ahead and acted now because he went proof that goes. Guy actually years ago I would certainly he's see ended his fingerprints or something like this. But part of the reason they both of them is that you (%expletive) you're the only person we've seen the doesn't have fingerprints. So we have your finger smudges. But everyone else that we've talked to every other suspects has fingerprints and basically got busted if you're going personnel got a wealth the lack of fingerprints wonderland when you drop everything. Let me ask you file off your you know because they're there is did you have a under the grips on their amendment and is an incarcerated and are among. And Priscilla butter fingers and back I think he just drop there it. I don't know anything ever. Hello even welcome to the men's room. I. I gotta make this sport excellence. October are months ago. You have to remark go. Spin but go I don't know that I won't keep their birds you relate what you are Jewish at a time. Saw Covert job whoever. Saw him a dirty. A wake up there like 8230. In the morning and ears out beaten out by thinking you know so like a guard shot. But then I thought about it looked like what are the Carter's shot doing well do you know that he pretty important so. OHR. I get out of bed and oh my are the bedroom door Aldridge both Jewish law and car into the room. Run downstairs ready yet but toaster. And other legal complaints. Just on fire under the cabinet played it on buyers site. Around got eat out he opened fire extinguisher and why I'm dead so are still pretty good but she has on our next ER. You've got to bang out. We stand there. Cheered those same like all of you know why in the world at bat just tap that and they're not seeing what comes up very. I can make it. It. Then there in the middle of the Milicic and put a budget or stolen smoke. Just you know eventually get around not. They've played their own as they might even save your tube and let you realize your major currencies in the front. Up our in my hand well good luck you're out there. I think you know. You do this you know I know. But in an emergency you know when I was a little kid like seven or eight we are very close neighbors and I still was not the father I guess he would come Caesars. And it was a night where at our nerves like for the morning or sometime like and your right my parents and lymphoma freaked out there run to the neighbor's house my brother and I. Are looking through my bedroom window environment and really shows up they weren't feeling truly understand what's going companies can't all the stuff so. My parents come back and kind of explain because we were close to the skies have looked at me as seizures. In my he's biting diamonds tong all the regular style so his wife called over to my parents can't help our. The days go by and were were asking about her and terminate get a sense of whether it is that seizure while you're biding your time my mother is kind of explain it and I'm like. So what did you do. And she sent me arms would fit in your your father kind of took charge and a better idea of what to do. Put me in the guy's wife had to hold them down he's a big dude come to in she's like why he doesn't know scorn I'm she goes. It was kind of weird. He sleeps naked eye. Outsold. Almost like you don't you try to ignore these things and if it does order in this situation but he's kind of flailing around so she's like will we get there it is. Brad duke Portland individuals is like. He's butt naked she's gonna do it nobody knows sort of dummy threads she's like. Doesn't think a slap a bag of 400 slash. We have just one of the and so he doesn't I don't think the trying to save your money up front line I had for you we're distracted. Well by as famous bouncing back and forth. But after that he would have been fine but after bag and I and even jokingly said he now sleeves and shorts just in case at themselves and thank you guys don't thank you for the help but he could not get past facts like to mothers in my opinion a Smartphone she told me yeah as well as he knows them by young its process gamma and. Not on the program from ESPN's towards energy any Maine joins us our question what is your naked story 8449990. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Pages you. That's true. Jobs and a man came on the philosophical on Saturday around 915 about a couple who appeared to be having sex in their man and a Wal-Mart parking lot. Allan Dodds got there the van was a rock in the day when not in anyway they found 32 year old woman named show and tell knee in the driver's seat of the pants down. And her 32 year old husband frank need. Leaning over from the passenger's seat. Buck her up there looking and as fans are down soon I guarantee you'll end up I here's it was even though and I didn't know who are married it. They've had a lot of problems and she and tell even has a court order that bans sprang from having any contact with her that's some real contest special kind of contact order. Or I guess they have some you know. So does the word though if if she is agreeable. To be making. Contact like it well they overlook his surname and there are reconciling who knows anyway and are reconciled and I'm sure there are I mean at that point they were both arrested for indecent exposure she and tells also facing a charge for impaired driving. And frank is facing a charge for violating a court order are questioning what is your naked story 844999. All of our quick comment here I always appreciate this one is as I send my buddy picture my entertainment center and Milan for sale. I just woken up when I took the picture try to think about my naked reflection in the TV. The standing joke to this day is he didn't realize the entertainment package was included. Yes I death hello area Al welcome to the men's room. I love it all last time. You guys. More news. And I. Thank you remember me am I got in about a year ago I I have been hit Egypt who went to Catholic girl school and I couldn't capture things that's important to my apps collapsed. And till my naked story hasn't. Is it seemed kind lined them grandma you know during the late eighties and I was. We're in that stage it was only you know it. I am. Until I I went to went to the other end and we know accounts were jetted to read it but you know blocking and that don't Armitage. We've got a little easier I think Agricole. Aching trying to actually show I don't eat at most in a hard look at it the DO NN. Number I think I wouldn't need Camden new Jerry B Aaron. And pushed it started to sprinkle Antonio do you. In and around you know court you know countdown Olympics and I it starts to rain a little bit harder and I realized that my dress I'm in it now coming apart. I am because the only held together list. This fabric LL she. I am. She'll very quickly on my weight she would eat part lack calmed my dad has come into actually nothing and I will be holding it together keep it there. Owned and ran into my light or dark. Then what do you do see into the card you just miss the rest of the show naked in a car can you fix your dress one. I'm. Ringing toward the end you know and additionally the later part they showed like I just ran back. The car out which he didn't act on it application you're looking a bit. Arial how old are you were you when. Could it. In 1990. Lol well into heaven he. Seventy Netanyahu get I don't know value every really different and there right got to get out if you are Torino face when your cell and there's old did you what did you run away from home or what. Well they haven't toured in the summertime delighted you know ideally I would bet they'll they'll want Ellicott that they elect it. Like Eagles sixteen I friend America we wouldn't go which she can't seem to be showed. And didn't really I I had one ridden like share share on the battles at once again. Harold I. You news and hang. You ran into her leg that everybody I'd like to know how or don't like oh you're Libya and it's like my car. And why so it's a Buick. A lot of festivals like UNC group hippies think they've rolled Buick severed Cadillac really on the to host the view isn't I don't know. Somewhere along the look and somebody's grandma just gave this I don't dance that we're keeping it under god when you get an area like this is ZRI it's simply a room and. Sure it would it would Buick Riviera in 1976. I mean literally married and it let huge huge huge car would do for a living now. I'm into. I thought I'd actually get. I'm a little bit on online community back and I went into the wine business how amazed and yeah you what do you do. It worked breaking in through an and I nationally. Or is he went to Somalia Google deal I'm actually I egg at her final and I'm isn't. They go to school deliver present ones yeah absolutely this morning until you do it oh yeah yeah I actually got. And does it isn't something that pays well I know what it is but I'm so much about it beyond that. Tells you if you find your dream job is really love. Up and play gloves important why. Talking extensively about you know if it didn't believe that you know idea to get. Us here don't you. So another words don't know what I like my job. Shenanigans. You on the men's room radio network.