02-16-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Has to Blow

Friday, February 16th

Mens Room Question: What could you NOT believe was happening, even while it was happening?​


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. Tell our listeners that 1033 before it rocking and Fort Wayne, Indiana also our friends in ninety point three decayed in Fayetteville Arkansas thanks for be on program guys also. A lizard jumping on right now in Kansas City and 99 Iraq in Kansas City, Kansas city's rock station and ninety Iraq down in lovely Sacramento California so thanks guys our question today. What could you not believe is happening even while it was happening we have the drug charge rank castle I feel and you were just getting narratives tell story yet about the wonderful smelling Ozzie. Possible yes so we're in this little teeny tiny studio on the guy that works with Ozzy tells me like you're lucky he is the best smelling man and music and to know Ozzie apparently is to know that he smells great art and if so why did the whole lot about it. At the time us we sit down we spent like half hour together in this little teeny tiny studio we do the interview that we're gonna produce into this and this radio show and afterwards. That there there are some press people a promo people there today shuttle laws the off to the floor room to like sign some stuff that they get offer for giveaways or whatever whatever they're gonna use it for right. So I'm standing on the hallway chat with the student and who comes down the hall. But making six from Motley Crue. No joke he's producing his radio show they used to do in the same thing with cynical answer success against it so Mickey six walks comes down the hall and comes up to me goes is also the around here somewhere. Can listen via his in the other because dude I could smell him. No joke. No joke like this bizarre six who probably has no sinuses left and right face could smell Ozzy Osborne from a hundred yards away at the other them. And what isn't I well I don't and then I don't know you're right no wrong and ultimately. Yeah always the story so remarkable because I don't ugly I don't particularly remember Ozzie smelling like any we don't either right but that's what I could colonial that's right I remember the best villain man I ever met tonight that former governor of Maryland Parris Glendening. I went to but those pretty Ehrlich Brooklyn then. Was a brotherhood whose vote early do what they're right I'm but either way I went to the opening of the new hit the drone of Baltimore on the red carpet and I get to shake his name and and just driving home a sketch smell I'm gonna lost today. I may go. Damn it how can I know this story what do you think he was where have you ever smelled a total isotopes and Ozzie and these guys your kids' stuff for the greater good little different a little bit different you can clear it smells awesome but it's not like overpowering damage the American throws black cards and it is Gaza so yeah exactly. This all ends anyway and they booed him most surreal part of all of it is now on standing in the hallway while Nikki six and Ozzy Osborne catch up and all the sudden I'm like thirteen years old and you know I think this is good news. Yeah yeah. Right dazzle the nuggets are JaVale I'll be back for the bad jokes coming up our question. What did you not believe is happening even while it was happening 8449990. Hello David welcome to the men's room. Blackberry and all of our. Hearts. So well that is one of the state first time long time. Whenever I get out of prison and I always enjoy any you guys write my guess how. What they mean when ever you get out of around LA times it. Did you meet every day when I get out of prison so you have to go during the day. Oh yeah I just got out on baton thirteen sober right now. Okay now so wait you go to what you report to jail in the morning in the while they let you have afternoon. Hello yes my shift yeah I come on shift you know in uniform other good stuff people do better than you do your thing in the war that they don't need your curb another shift to some guy called out they keep you get go home. Okay let me ask this I would that I thought for a minute you were like a work release inmate that had no idea who you are there could always do in order to do what I get out of jail capacity chart there now are the the prisoners allow listen to the radio and there. They do a guy that they do that I mean you know sometimes we can't dictate what they're looking into can sometimes they are a little bit more. Too much soda pop station to the rock stations that we usually have you guys aren't in the afternoon and don't usually big daylight to listen to is BJ in the morning at times as well. Oh there go we appreciate that thank you that's our target articles and they didn't yet. So I. It's also the story take place inside the present system. It does okay it it does indeed so I'm working outside and I'm. Out of their check in inept people ended at the petting zoo. Which is presents Klein president of program so they're checking people and and I noticed this when gal comes in she's hot you know and normally you don't get. The hot ones under sin city usually have some argue or Obama or whatever and it's usually come individually and he's you know send the money on their books or whatever I'm not judging okay. I'm glad I want to hear it on the chin are usually got you know half a look. And pattern she's she's a beauty she did lead to prison fifteen published owns ten rounding out. And unless Al that's unusual okay socially processor and she goes inside and to visit room no worries. Here not even know lord. 1015 minutes later I get a double whammy income ain't no other stone fox. And I'm like loud too in London on Broadway. It would have been. So big process courage and and one of them is this gas comes over and just she'd get she's doing and choose hell man who is going to be great I'm like for a one time I could function I'll ask you do bad debts. That's the first one that would mean do you why this war ended his girlfriend and unlike moos now. Now so I'm like all right all right so Nubian and did dumb ass that I am I'm like I like a good car wreck so I'd go in to visit room and just because it's kicking off. Yeah in one class Grady cat fight they're throwing down it on like Donkey Kong and understand and Eric froze like a cartoon character I don't know what to do one of them they're just thrown punches one of them reaching the round and then retold the story of one time miles about one dudes fighting a guy sticking its dominant but will this chick had a hold of her song and was pulling that out of us. Steals and John are you the only person primarily associated key lime green gases and I'm I don't understand and it slows and I'm supposed to intervene I guess. As that's what they get paid I know right does this automatically when it's supposed to do the guy in the room as well or is he not command yet. No no she sit there aren't so he's an only. He'd sit there and I'm looking at him and I'm at flashing back I'm looking gaunt he wasn't that special attractive looking at a Lockheed maybe unlike a Shetland pony. I don't know but it was just like these two hot you lose just fight it out over this dude and he sit there your dear green not probably got in your ear grin. But I'm close I'm supposed to do something and I'm not I admit I had such cheap I'd never seen this before I'd I'd heard stories but I'd. It's it's. Good. She's one of them slipped and now there's still thrown punches one of them reaches up inside the other ones bluff and grabbed a handful of movie. B word that's my. And and now a whole bunch of seven other words you can't print television and I'm just like finally went the other staff members who Jake. In that we you get off your gift didn't you tell me. A finally right and yeah I guess I gotta be some coached. So I go ahead and have pulled them apart. And I'm scared have to get them little wind at a handful of stuff I'm not supposed to could have never really quite so I can't ever Republican that the cat fight for. End it roll around in the next thing and no I'm on the bottom of the Apollo is often I mean it's not off. I don't know about the bottle looked. You'll parked in the brain and like you should be able to break the club ought to do is look underneath mobile. Well the other one doubled back on top of the other one I think that was the woman had the whole of the songs so that's coming across my face. You know so I mean oddly smelling good this wasn't bad either so I'm just. Like yeah I'm sure you don't put yourself what Obama did yeah that was previewed their whole lives there today yeah hundred TJ we've lease is up from the bottom of a married woman I guess there's because is not. I don't have been more kinder to me that day you know at that prison gods smiled but yeah I'm I'm trying to come up and got a handful of. Lately anyway praising god did not smile it just works out that your creepy. Like you had no decree be in the this unfold. This was not the prison got smiley so that you could smell the woman's fault after all this goes down what are you deduct about this guy I mean you said you're you think you might be a polo pony or is he Rick I was. And I'm thinking you know I don't I don't know what the Ike you know he was an average Joseph looking dude wasn't a real creep are looking dude and that so. Turn him down and I asked him to several I'll do whatever or some later inside the prison and I was like dude what how the hell did you manage Danny goes you weren't the first woman asking that I guess I would then hit that gives you room that day and I'm like oh yeah yeah I sit so well and it was like you know not a real good with the ladies knee yeah you're right that I'm Holden downstairs and I'm like well. And I are. Lou yeah man that I notice. Let forums. But the upstate New York yeah. There's the guy two guys escaped from prison and it turns out one of female guards or prison workers whatever was she helped facilitate the skate. Content and occasionally kill her husband. If your Jimmy to Okafor for the inmate OK so. They skate in day one on the news to like look we're not quite surely got out we assume it's an inside. Day two of this. The detective that locked in this guy I've got to locked away for years the detectable our love show them but across conference and says look. I'm telling you right back in London detective does not work in this area anymore visitor's guide would arrest of years ago so I'm telling you. Right now it's an inside job you need to look at a female employee. Because this guy had these huge. She uses for the lawyer the look of the lawyer the lawyer about you wasn't joking no this was not even lead at first Campbell but he had lost his mind. But when and so look it's about a theme it's an inside job and he showed some woman is she loves it I'm telling you this is the case and Iran's late. Yeah you know play three statement by day three they confirmed in fact. It was a female employed because those guys pianist was so huge or delicious or whatever it is but even the lawyer knew late it's about as people's. An end and that's what maybe 45 days limb ya but I mean when they are right most impressed compensate. You need to investigate truth about strange usually he's a lunatic would find out he was 100%. Correct. Yeah some about prison deem him. It's connecting messages and we are blown away from the Zurich Emma. Bullet but I was like I know it but I don't mean this thing what it must be like the beautiful glorious view I don't get a bit like. Said to be hit he must comparable to use mainly those mobile will go to kill her husband and hope for you from jolly good bigot must be good lord drove me right. Bad citizen and got everything model peace if you if if if the he can't have a at all. If you cannot all that's not want to look at you now believe is happening even while it was happening 844999. All the more calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. My. Ma'am. A pilot was forced to make an emergency landing after a fight broke out. Nonstop starting. Be dividing Amsterdam flight made an unscheduled stop in Vienna as the elderly overweight man reportedly refused to contain himself in a packed cabin. Chaos erupted on the fly when to dutchman. Who are sitting next to the flat to a man told him to stop the is it and complain that to the airline crew yet despite repeated requests and even a direct order from the pilots. The man carried on parting and then a fight broke out. We're gonna need you to stop for a group who sequel to succeed that you are the pilots of the Dutch low cost airline that decided to make an emergency landing at Vienna international airport in Austria. Officers boarded the plane with police dogs and four suspects were escorted off the plane. The pilot had reported passengers on a Rampage. Before footage emerged of passengers being removed. On social media. A police spokesman confirmed that the incidents centered around passenger. Suffering from wind it was not instances are boring for winter restrain himself and that this offended too young dutchman. Who started a fight with a man. Stop faulty I are true apparently two sisters sitting in the same row as the men were also escorted off the plane. But they told local media they hadn't done anything wrong it was crazy that we were included we we had no idea who these boys work. We just had a bad luck to be in the same row and we didn't do anything. They did not do anything to justify this bizarre behavior of the trans AV crew. Under they sometimes think that all Moroccans Kyle's problems that's why we don't let him Saddam planes. We had a own flights home for another airline almost say is the crew were very proactive and stirred things up. But a spokesman for the airline told local media before people now receive the bandit from any further travel. They were not arrested because they didn't break any Austrian law. He said no our crew must ensure there's a safe flight. When pastors those risks they immediately intervene our people are trained for that even if it's someone who refuses to stop party. Our question what can do not believe it's happening why even while that was happening at four or 999 cola hello Michael welcome to the men's room. Our delegation are here are Barack and all. Of the you know kind of related to explain my story. So let me start opposite ASEAN and you guys urban Detroit airport the Detroit guests yeah I'm very nicely put and a brand new wing that's amazing. Yeah. I believe it although on commission a cross between the most. Maybe. Maybe anyway so. So much trouble I can iron about five years middle of slumber to prod mid July or Kirk at that. So until one is going across the times we live around near Washington to miss you know New York or eight job energy. And so. It's so Atlanta Detroit and so the way you are what played out. You know understandably across. Iowa and on basically eat easily into a top down the left arm of the crops and my next flight. Is at the very base of across an hour. And is not a small airport I had to moron and I only just may. So are you don't impart that. Well applaud been ordered a little bit because of inclement weather turned out a little lightning storm won't talk about our work I had accused Russian and and and Arnold but they're still though I'm like okay additions to our immediate term bad. Then about thirty minutes later I don't know how much longer when it was. Flight got canceled outright anger all flights to New York or grounded because of those who know whether. And I'm just. Freaking out into the Mike I have to get to this to the plate tomorrow because my interview these two tomorrow. Are you an effort Jon and yeah exactly. What you do for a living under the securities and right now I do. Look I do right now and basically Baltimore's civil about it a little more. Involve Lou the net debt load back while still looking for any job. OK but. You know I call my dad let it not gone on so he's freaking out too you know. You're too little time out what do you do for a living right now. I don't like it said civil engineering. Also click here civil engineering are down I thought it's our missed yet okay so you're here in the Detroit airport he can't get there the next day then what happens. So let that I call my dad what he knows why he's freaking out to about or differing reasons your kids what 2000 miles away from home. You've got. You don't know anyone around you doesn't know the area at all. Basically I wound up having to have. Checked into a hotel and I had called boot company and I was interviewing. Look at. I can't get there tomorrow. It is possible we could push this back to Friday at all. Thankfully it didn't work very gracious and said yes you can just pull up on the night you. Come the morning that dispute here in the world for Europe in the Basque. You John. Well it's. Then you do the real kicker president. I live for the job interview. On Friday. It's utterly totally. Just sit out it's like six months or so. But I'm glad there. Sorry Roy Emerson with more experience together at the time I didn't have a single day to mine it. A six month and they wanted to move at least six months or someplace and thank senator. All right I got to act now we're now Damascus that's been so bullish shocking that he had not out of the playoff the ladies it doesn't man. I just couldn't do it was about I'm sorry what. Why is answering yes or no question. Soul. Different. You don't mean it when you put a call that you say call ahead details and so is like noses. I know man like yes or no. What what did you not believe is happening even while it was happening like that yeah I could delay or weather go the way I cannot believe he. The guys is I love the monster was adamant about beyond we've clearly heard on and I allow. The most vertical and integrity and I'll I'll I'll take the bullet for an island sometimes there's there's just there's not that many people on hold instead side I panicked a little bit and now I you panic I I thought crumble under the pressure on the right normally you will put a note up like if there's someone who. Runs the risk of profanity and might get that serve so it'll save up there. Do you know he couldn't assembly there there's no point to listen to yeah. They are. Chasing its tail sometimes sometimes it when I wanted to on the give me the short version they dress it up really really nice and I just I don't see the pig and Julie events when you tell them to give you the short version I'm also tell them to give us the short auction O'Callaghan also working now on my dog and I think what that means is like I'm gonna tell you the short version of the when I get on the air and tell them the really really well this version of yeah yeah I've I gap also demand tokens adds another is gonna oracle would mean a Laird a little figured. I just don't understand what any of that was about one double did you not believe those having even while I was happy that's okay for Ford got back nine all. Doesn't say much out of the Detroit airport I fell asleep and some guy kinda kicked through this thought today man. You've been sleeping they moved to date you might wanna go that's good I was all right thank you yeah get our I offend Muslim uploaded to a Detroit airport the dollar and get a shot glass but the man. This places that is really nice that is the most important that what they did their international I don't know what terminal I flew into the causes huge glass thing a house nemesis this is critical to bringing when you think he'll Detroit lake nice is not an easy worldly and every fly into a new airport I really don't think that you. For the first time you don't know what to expect like if you flying to LAX for the first emulate this place Sok an and you don't you know I mean you figure Los Angeles would have a really nice airport when a vote it's been around forever right it it is and it looks like it is just adequate yet nobody would think it's LA and and it really cool airport. The appliance standards is gonna like. This thing is huge yes you know and Hillary fly to San Jose like this is where you should fly into this is a cool little airport right here man got good restaurants good food or you'll find in Newark. You fly in the new churches are your planet do no I don't think I have a plan that I that I I told the story but I was waiting for somebody to pick me up. So I took a nap down by the baggage claim but I woke up there's a pigeon to stare and. There is no way yeah. It was right by your head loses pigeons walking around I've down that we'll play them. Think everything the north thing he'd make it it is their declared I think he's been around for awhile I put right what the shouldn't be living creatures of the would well yeah. What would you fly to Montego Bay it's just an old airline hangar door and it's open. Error and there's like people there were tables in like that you don't like United Airlines flight including the paper usage and health idyllic I held and then there's the a load the bags there's just do you stand around machine guns or wherever where an ally ally. Welcome to Munson who blame him. They need it mechanically do we need to crack. First word out about half a hello and yes welcome to the men's room. All of job. Call our painful I did so anyway I we need as we do we need you right now if you go mild adult. This story is battered somewhat similar feared that they really brought everything but it's not nearly as cool. Know many many big you you go to work or at the guards. Allen added I think it is like a thousand or don't agree on my action and I went out and let the body. And we had glanced at. All we clicked next day we work together also at the time and so they're like okay Gallo go out elevated high animal so they can actually not buying PR's guy or whatever so. We go and pop them like they're very lash. Gas station the freak at the ample theater and they're the crowd of people there and and that older gentleman who you know he looked pretty conservative I grandfather eap Lil. And you killer it yeah I think he didn't knack for Larry you like. But he did go to the want to lose my yeah I only heard like I am not going there and Dottie why can't he. Canada a couple of Rick. Make of all of the dog and CEO tracks air in and called breakout music they acquired the exact. Any regulatory or other time but he is on its back on my my era. Like that. Isn't he gay yet the band gets back where he needed to me. I never again not my entire life not that kind of anti grand scale race so what we can't really think much out and it doesn't go I think it was like you know caddie 11 in the morning something we get barely. We don't think it's they and then got to be around that time he told us to come I hit and then there Larry. We found dead heat the. The goal cool yet I need I can make in my glory. Why cropping up I think crap like that yeah he's as you do is another piece of crap shoot. Me entirely I mean how can you say well. Mean you have the size of the crash and the the and you pop the did you say one syllable just like it's supposed to be so. What's going on Ed Henry I call you back I never Wear like heat at LA OK and they version that now bitsy thing. So we couldn't get a bit I smell like why aren't buried at. Then there is the first year that I actually got to be Bad Religion that is what I'm still Wanamaker and that is pretty excited to even see them back. Because I didn't I didn't have a goal here are counting on Cheney compared. Look I hate that I'm and I mean these categories like it and Ali people like they're kind of people and and you act. You're like I'm tired of waiting Kirk's. The next candidate carry unique. They are my buddy hagel. We got stranded on a engagement at alta about me trading embryo which is another might cause greater younger. Aliens on my guess net daily the most. Exhilarating amazing lays out a little and there are. I really an emcee at an we've met I don't remember I don't know what you look I'm I'm gonna let you and this is true and I think general listening Lugar. This does not happen for ugly people. I I like. If you were ugly this guy is not going to approach you and you use these rich man's brother and hang out with the band and drink Jamison with Andre is letting you know that. If anyone and I totally. The men came out of a compliment and I appreciate that it yeah I mean look it's ever happened to me yet it's. Regulator ugly people to other stories now they don't receive no more good news this guy gave them every reason bails him ever happen. You were ugly that is not destroy you but I'm impressed as your your friend was a guy. Just don't all get what we normally in these situations not announcing the seven before it's like if there's like two chicks and guys like. We'll live room for zoo right. And you are not yet to fix active at all three of you you're not oh well I don't mean like you do only you two can go back and no one else gag honor code Mansoor worries huge field there's no room for him practically thing. That's fair what is true right and done a lot about it on party buses before we're like. No dudes. If it's funny. But we got to buzz right model accused unclear global sort of all they're more than welcome to late no dude yeah we have plenty of putting it does I think he we don't need any more guys. Guess what television oddly was happening even while it was happening 844999. All loved about due to. But you know what side fell rural Lane's like when you have to be booed me. Why did you relay man and his response rules I have legs when he does that it will stated that applies. Hello Max welcome to the Madrid. Wound. But Kurt and yet. And Nokia are weak. Let but he can't explain that best. So apparently but not yet. What is your body's meant. Issue is that there. Create so. Where effort public support show our religious turnaround. Tokyo are much. Shook up got a joke for all the sale. After party. Words absolutely crazy or walking into this club called it looks Tokyo. It's kind of didn't beat an update like skyscraper I don't. I really equate it to their vehicle up walking out at its. Outlaw watching it out just get our name and they just want to send it yet keepers gesture hit registered as bottles. Our first cable agreed it dude there Mark Kennedy older looking guy ought to air just metalworking. Are any support shot turned that they were yeah they were members about a guy. My god they're great guys and. L. Like it is get beat the street. That quite a start up. In this club like stripper. Like you Tuesday it Inkster played jet struck by. I'm really. Actually what. I thought the light brush across. Campus. Good sounds. I go to our work cut across not just notoriously the best. I mean look we don't go to broke what we talked a guy who used to do business in Dubai I and one thing about him is like what you get picked up on the limo. And the dilemma in the limo shall love with the U ordered the amount it specifically Russian prostitutes waited for him about it. This is interstate that you're not the ride to a hotel with your non interest of the on the way right and if you are Olimpia company it's like a growth. Mark like if approached look at it go and Ed I learn better just like it like audited equitable all it is just that like you want and Billick okay. But that is better. And anyway. And a daughter and that that are. With this middle aged guy. It averaged a target or eat really dropped. Our target that is true here and picking Eddy at arbitrary in doubt after talks in our. But toilet what they play. It ought to. And I don't you go to our buddies saw you you'll appreciate this as you know the guys lamb of god look like. Last time they were in town they were backstage and there is a rescue group called the Motley zoo. And they rescue animals and then they bring their puppies to the I didn't know what the people in the guys in lamb of god look like you know there you know like. They look like lamb of god and they're all standing around holding puppies and kittens I mean Josh like. Yeah it was a terror mayor replied thank Randy and I think it's an apartment as they go through this movement in my back I think that is the umpire it was a real father hold kittens and each and it's just like what is that thing. What delegates do not believe is happening even while it's happening at 44999. Ole boy calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. They joke you know has turned the men's room. Silicon returns Ebbers is the FCC and bad jokes are on the way or before we drink and tells with a shot of the day. In the meantime our question what did you not only was happening even while it was happening 844999. Aloft. Hello sunny welcome to the men's room. All up it's all us all top. David gentlemen good to me are you man. They're allowed got a countless don't interact. So my story that I couldn't believe good. And at this event called no sweat off which is an eight. Pretty much just being punt out of band that goes on over at the double feed each act. And I'm over there at the evidence didn't go to the end of the day and so I head back to my hotel room. Well you'll see over the we are or are you know written to us. So I get there and I get a phone call on one of my friends you win that event said that. They have a few friends you wanna come and teach you. We do mind it is simple well in other words against prince these folks and lead you got a leader governor on your room. And I tell them that right don't. I worry about. Two minutes and get knocked on the door so I go and and strip into the exact same time that no wedge would go on and on. That you make cuts are grip on. Will those things going on down and down. You know censor. Soon. What ended up happening words. Seven. They're female friend and that Shauna admired hotel room. Each one of them holding a bottle looks so our game which he won the top three favorite needs. That night and I've gone for him. Well after this. There it almost sucked it was already down. That opening you know want to get to know give it better. And they questioned again popped up what are you pictures in and sexual activity. I had always goes on. You know every everything is there anybody about it every woman I ever talked to release five minutes of the dollar payout whether it was pretty decent like early we boom that. Yet your horse sake grow up knowing how many knuckles DD like to brag you know what I. Great and I told them about like Al Iman dominate shape and. It's. A thoughtful that it. You go home. And managed it and bought me. And they're curious about that and want to figure out what that would about let it all right give muse they don't bring out my tour rhetoric. Do you actually had an onion just in case. Yet but I don't like totally environment blah. Did you bring those with you with the assumption I want to these nights during the convention I'm probably immediately. Yeah I saw that I can do those cons are crazy. Not out I have heard Emma ran out of guys that are current account right now just in case so right amount of will bring your fund bag. And your tools. So Branagh might go and apartment block air. My age who wrote my aunt passed. All my little stories do. Or smiled he looked like it like. RA let's see other good duck soup. One of the go to the citizen did bondage situations candidate she's never been essentially tied up before also aren't. Inside does not sexually. Yeah. So that. We can that go into it and tonight at this point we keeps we're still dream team then I really good time. And then got so happy that premieres. Just tended to reach huge. Already consists session. Would meet and sit all seven of these girls. You know what if you come down then I'm gonna have a man who has does that. I did not done not a con guy but maybe I am now and I don't know. Now they're pretty much by the and that night well all the drunk work all that and that next morning you guys are waking up and go to my arms are completely dead. And I'm like wire Meyer on there and Mike my not move so. I look ahead to the left and this streak go. Our own. Virtually all having me on my list and it in my arms completely dead are all but naked to my right. Exact same thing and make so this yeah you know what this seven point. And I look bounds and she's the only game between interlaced with their hand on my. Let's look at. Some you gonna call command on. Taxpayers why was it doesn't wanted to settle in there and happens every and every day to do we believe the story. Oh yeah I believe I don't believe you and I do I don't want to let our man I couldn't lift my arms and raised Mormon from about. You may get donated all night on prime wears number and they live. A work out those who stumbled to a hundred mile lefties. I think my I just every move are evil villain confident. I don't know at Wimbledon I still loyal to ruin the. Yeah. And telegraph and the bottom edge and went you know I had my utility nothing nowhere. The only reason I'll defend specifically the that the cons in the one he's talking about is we have mutual friend to go to my one bodies semi wild pictures every time. I'm just crazy stuff going on specifically from that hotel. Oh really I think it's it's pretty notorious man when he's comes come through everybody wants to get a room because look man you called nerds they funnel whatever you wanna say it's. This mold both federal ban on late you don't know what's that they want they closed the gone for the day and go back to the hotels and bars landed is that. It's a different free DDD world up that is yeah that was not browse expecting that to go. Yeah I mean like. It pulled it off but he's not a guy who who retook charm and charisma maybe once a well that's. What good down look at you now believe is happening even while it was happening. People are far 9990. All the allowing a more your calls on the way in seconds. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.