02-16-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Can't Believe It

Friday, February 16th

Mens Room Question: What could you NOT believe was happening, even while it was happening?​


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He would sure love to hear is real. Trying to. Invited to join the party. This is. Other than secrecy. Yes it is done. Thrill. They say shake your radio more than three times. And you're. And ordered all wanted to another 2771. Along with Steve bathrobe he'll. Hey Ted spread and laden car. My car. Yeah and a mentor a OK here comes the bad jokes bitches the return of Ted vs the FCC. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines events and shot of the day fumble listener emails and everyone's favorite TV time with to click clack. Do you did your are right here Miguel California license pot dealers now want the stakes. To crack down. On the illegal lead. Meanwhile Apple's new five billion dollar headquarters is very nice but is making some employees foreheads really. Susan Allen says the do not disturb sign that you put on your door no longer means squads. Meanwhile the Tropicana hotel room in Atlantic City sells much more than just thoughts. And Moscow residents come up with a ingenious way to get the snow clear and it's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All out mention is good day to you and yours. Are sometimes you find yourself from the situation we're in spite of the fact that the situation is happening. You said Campbell leave them situations happen parent. Take roots drummer request to a bank of 2003. You Biden's opening dinner table was among other people OJ Simpson acknowledged strange enough. But the OJ. Asked quest to write a Sloan. Arrest implementing will bring in Jeanne OJ is innocent and his was says yes it was the weirdest three hours of life. Kind of awkward a little long ago. On a flight from Dubai that Amsterdam. The pilot is forced to make emergency landing after a fight broke out album play. That's not something you expect to see it but why was her place. Because one passenger would not stop far he'd been asking for up Favre and he basically told them to look at themselves you'll partisan pleases. The fifth start flying there to make a burdensome Glen. Which again there's a little stretch and speaking of having a fight 23 members of one family. Were forcibly removed from a carnival cruise ship. After they got into an all out brawl. You remind have been harassing other passengers for days before finally turning them teller in the getting into a knock down. Drag out fight and of course there's video and all the rest goes along with these are just situation you can't. Actually we were happening so. Today we have a question a follow along those lines we wanna know. What did you not believe was evident even wild. What's happening there brother Joseph caught a 44999. All you can like commenced or month FaceBook follow us on Twitter amends in my pants and those emails to the men's room at men's or my dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Pitches you. True. To our panel and got a lot of December 2771. Program we have for today here come the bad jokes bridges right before we drink it tells. Will be shot of the day they exciting return of Ted vs the FCC dead day is on us somewhat of the winning streak as far as the year is concerned. You think it's easy to play ten verses the FCC download the men's or man now and play you verses the FCC keeping it's that easy for them to pull off because. In fact it is not September's the FCC is coming up profile this and a and a whole lot more and they were a talk about. Bizarre things that have happened in your life and I think when we we talk about weird things they all come in different shapes and forms depending on. What this and the situation was but I think the called the best describes. The story. With qwest loaf is it was the weirdest three hours in my life cure. And I think he has reason to it and you would have to think someone like qwest love they've been an all kinds of strange situations where they're. At a table with. Famous people and just do situationally maybe didn't see yourself of that place when you were a kid like I can't believe I'm sitting here having dinner with this birth center sure he Eads and constantly surrounded by celebrities and about those the difference between like I'm the successful band and I can roll in these circles now. And then OJ Simpson correct because that's just terrified so our quest love from the roots and you also known to be I guess what they would call the bandleader. Of that. The late Fallon Fallon Jimmy Fallon correct. He was being interviewed by John Oliver for his podcast and during the discussion he told the story of when he had dinner. With OJ Simpson now this was about fifteen years ago and it happened in 2003. And that was after OJ was acquitted on murder chargers charges but that was before. That he went to prison for the Las Vegas deal all the way down Grassley of memorabilia or the the stuff that he claimed to be is that he went back and and got I guess is the right value the gunman. Conquest love said. He was at a table with OJ producer Scott Storch. Rahal Scott Storch I was gonna ask anybody. Storch was this massive producer like an early 2000 stuff coming up bunching hit songs. And pretty much just bought jewelry cocaine okay all right though does is he still around Jersey not real that's why act kinda difficult. Because he's just gone from his am I feel like he was like and he. But he's on the meant so he's gained some weight and socialize more we are right OK there you don't know one time in 2003 Dudley made while he was he obviously the main threats she got to Miami so quest lovers there and so Scott Storch so was OJ Simpson and a Busta Rhymes. Okay quite a lecture art doesn't tell the day and up oh Jay Wright then told him that he wanted to have a rap anthem. For his innocence. That had to be the most are OK we're moment in anyway. For someone else and shockingly enough he did reference Bob Dylan's hurricane which is the song about. Hurricane Carter. Right but different scenario much different scenarios. One who refuses to release that and wonder are viewers Matt Wright and that's what that was a song you reference so quest loves that quote he's like you know. The boxer hurricane Carter all the singers Bob Dylan and them they fought for his innocence and you know I need the rappers to make a song about me. Yeah and was love says that we're all looking at each other and he started talking about prosecutors Christopher Darden Marsha Clarke and all that in it was like. You know are we allowed to be talking to OJ about the sort of thing or not. He said it was the weirdest three hours of his life. We don't comparable right. After he got OJ Simpson guard makes you nervous because you might kill you and Lisa and he's a weird intense kind of individual anyway and now he's asking you. To do a rap song for dozens. And into my late you're not benefit Bret Bret when your term having dinner with my god they are murderers and now you want me quite. I don't know how our response to Nokia could just say. Listen Brock like you don't do is asked right now right but you don't wanna say that sounds small in oh wait you say hey I'll think about that or deaf. I'll talk to some fruit of the when you say what OJ for Iran right rap song about Williams. And the question is too late is a huge ego and how I met track of like the moment the moment you gotta help me out the truly feel I think it would it would it would if the. Scott Storch fry like yeah I've been down an antenna and oh yeah I think out of anybody have all the people in this room. You'll probably had more weird experience is not weird experiences that you've been around more celebrities have been more VIP areas more rooms more show are things are you the you know. So that's a did you see back there. It's it. I guess some other can be exciting some of the can be bizarre. This took us a real when you're in those situations based on the on the percent who are around you. And I don't have a lot of those stories in my lifetime I mean. What we get to interview people we know them for. Fifteen to twenty minutes and then maybe we see them again maybe we don't and we do see them again then we feel like we know the more and they feel like it remember us and know we have a blue book reports about the for the most part. We have one interview and that's it. He you don't really ever see that person again block so Ed this probably is I can't remember it was in the late ninety's. Early two thousands. It was just one of the most surreal it's because. In this day and age when you go backstage. And you think it's gonna be crazy. He you are different to anything in all the guys in corn and are on their phones and played but it may play video games there on the laptop and others Jonathan Davis stock into his wife girlfriend whatever there's no. This is not crazy like you would expected to be backstage like back and added I'm sure there are certain instances where it's still it's crazy yeah. But more so than younger bands. Problem you walk on her tour was younger rams are generally having a much really not perceive as much more fun right thing and so he took it more veteran made as early in the game right on the scene it's like. There's not going to be much the Bob horn been around for one absolutely be new games and talking to the spouses should we have had some younger Mans and come through and man. You welcome her tour bus and Lloyd. Why so the radio station Els working at the time has sponsored a show with David Lee Roth and bad company. I don't Andy Lee Roth opening up for bad company bad company is on like they're one of the fair world will towards older original members blah blah blah blah so end at this point time. I was at the Paul Rodgers had made a deal with the original members of bad company. And to look at who we will go out on tour that you guys EU we have to take like a sobriety pledge. I don't think Paul drink so much but the other guys in the band. So I Simon Kirk Mick ralphs or the hell was I can't remember that they they they apparently they've had their problems in the past that they want to make sure. Who's just as you know Lou blows can do Evey thing. Kind of fit well you know like you all do this to war but you know don't drink a right. So. That's the size symington accurate so anyway so about a week week and a half before the show happens. This that you wanna do it a phone interview with the evil Iraq. A promote the show because there were tickets those crappy day. So it daily Roth is on the phone and we're talking before we actually do the break have you called during a commercial break in his senator inning of a day where they would are made on an answer and then ran. Cool what's Amsterdam Lichen on young kid I've never been Amsterdam on and look what it's like they got legal we've ran it again drugs and fun you know. So is tell male stuff any it was a it was. You know you you are back in that Arabic is nothing it's cobblestone streets and buildings it's you know the ladies of the night and everywhere. Drugs for already talked about that so packed in the middle of before we go on the gas and hey man. Do me a favor. If you can. Bring me of a couple of nods back of that we've I would love I would love rexrodt that we you know he's probably DC but we Giuliani did he get on the East Coast of cannot even knowing that I would if I went to the show or whatever regular that it kills it. So. They've show Hercules for the show I get an email from his manager. His name was big get at Anderson user manager Van Halen back in the daily called rainy today man. I know you'd mentioned when we talk that you would maybe wanted to go the show or whatever I've got tickets waiting for you will call I've got to up plus three seed number three your friends. And you know what man just I get only when you get here if you can be done mother the stage and show and you know all Aussie dug up greater and I would okay cocoa so. Daily show I have these four tickets below on the whole got a couple buddies bail on me a couple of things have a situation where much you know what ethics. I'm as I was going through a difficult time at home much and I'm going to go to this concert by myself that element. So I show up song. Man. As and I got down to the front icici. The on. My. I'm so lonely. And I feel the front he's like hey miles how are you like a great man he's a gorgeous friends like I escapes elemental I think. Well then let's go backstage and I'm like are right you know to me like David Lee Roth wrap. Of this thing and we go backstage. And he introduces me to David Iraq. He's like hey man this is Dave the roaming a data miles and I talked to and telephone your an answer they. Dude I got your we need to know if he runs back into the locker. And he grabs this just this big bag. Any grab any he reaches his hand and there. He pulls out like seven or eight. Not spread that are just yellow there just I've never seen anything like it before it again and it's a global build a blizzard that. Do ease Danny McBride Lee Roth is 100% they eat right this is this is no character this is David Lee Roth. I might add that as you walked into the dressing room he had palm trees above the door. Like paper palm trees and piling up palm trees but the entire the entire room. Was covered insane. For him a beach theme of this was Dave's beach party right in it happens every time he plays anywhere. So we start drinking and start spoken we've other things in cereal he gets a little crazy all right and then. These strippers command from scores. Are right and they put 88 they put eight look at. Basically like at table cloth down on the floor like a linen tablecloth. And then they break outs. This big double instrument that it's clear that has a light that goes back and forth. And now the mountain I think you can see where this is going if you've ever been not camping before you know when you stick a flashlight in your mouth with her breath taking your whole face turns red. Tell like Mac. But not in the mouth and we are right. So this is going on and I'm sitting there talking to this guy needs he looks like the typical. English manager who's gonna scream matchup he's just an American sipping a beer and were watching the show and of course you Dave's like you know in the middle of it again. If he's loving this like he'd never seen strippers before Brooke but he's seen them a billion times but that's no good it's still just that that little boy look at our you have an AA is you know it. And that's what he's done. Source and there are also a pounding on the door like. So Simonyi is over opens the door to door was locked. And it is Paul Rudd who is that they. And he's screaming inside that room. And the guy at a summit is a list. Announced that. Was alone you know what as I'm trying to appear and it and he's in injures myself those files easily newsmakers Simon rose got us out of wherever I don't realize. These the two guys and bad company. Open your cable already finished their show it's been like hours of gun Byron in this haze of drinking and smoking. And they're the two guys in back company. Who were not supposed to be drinking so now in the midst of the show you've got like this lead singer disease guy just banging on the door trying to you know like. I know you're an assignment. In America it is whenever the deal as and it. And they're like how much they run of the show our elected president I'm Roth still dancing all instilled in the NBA. Yeah I don't care yeah I mean like he's just trying to hang out with friends drink beer and a list of these guys forgive Allah so. The hoping got a shuts down after that because apparently they had to drag those guys out of there this unit Holloway to these guys like fifty some how awkward is this freeze just weird a refresh they all love dancing we'll blow that are strippers. All right now screamed at least two drug has yet arrived and shot I kind of know Paul Rodgers looks like but if you ask needed to pick out in the lineup of the other guys are in in basically any band right you don't mean I might get a few but the other guys Aaron you know I mean like I can identify Chad Kroger. If you see a picture nickel back to shore any of those other guys walk by Geico K I don't even think I would know who would be tomorrow they've sold more movement millions of millions about the Euro on since I didn't know really was sitting side. But the look on these guys' faces man all right Paul Rodgers is a small man is like five to Moody's are so he's also a very well built. Right so he's like he's pretty jacked up you know and and he is pissed I mean. He is pissed so at this point in time I deduct that it's time for legally but who then OK I don't Beasley timing doesn't I need to get out there all is the great part. So I walked out into the MCI center this concert was just five minutes ago read my mind. The entire stages down. There are closed and no one in the arena at the MCI sooner and I might look around like. Aren't. So I'll walk outside and I'm like oh my god it's 5 o'clock. It's 5 o'clock in the morning. And soul iced but as to what I have got to get home like I got that worked today I gotta get the hell out of here did you have to work. The afternoon at a middle today but still I'd still need to go to sleep for a couple hours and on mean. So I start driving in DC and I start driving what I believe to be east okay. Now I am kinda near Chinatown I don't know it. If you know DC were well ornaments if you start going under the names yes and the way the roads are the road's gonna just go outward straights now from the middle instead of having any kind of grid system zoning on this one road. Thinking that I would be close to. Whatever the hell does fifty year I can remember I'm actually going in directly. Into south east Washington DC. You don't want to go to this was not. I mean I give them nobody wants to go there and if you're white you especially don't want to go yeah yeah safety zone and I got out it's on go to 7-Eleven analyzed data guys like he got them right up like. He's like man man man what are you doing here and I might a future and I'm like oh I'm I'm I'm trying to get home and I need to get home and trying to get. Could east on fifty or another over the street Louis and he goes out. Man. You gotta give me twenty bucks because like I gotta be between bugs and yet he's only get you out of your crew killed. You give you twenty bucks an obvious about it because like here. And right arm angle the fear and and you look at that I think you fix that I clearly pretty close who is really easy to get out. We have but everyone does anything and everything is there any you know do we Florida exactly. They got home the shouting image what did you sat there for a minute thought to myself that might have been the weirdest night in my life just like in that kind of way sure African bizarre. What look at not only was happening even while it was happening a 44999. Holocaust on the way on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. I listen miles. That does annoy the return of ten vs the FCC don't forget that you play you vs the FCC when you download the men's room at our question. What did you anomaly was happening even while it was happening 8449990. Love hello pat welcome to the men drew. Hole I thought wow it. All of I'm sorry that. I'm doing good thank god. Are you ready for this story. All my arm weighs less well. It's not now hold that is a digital only got to sit down. No it's all about it's it's. Almost a love story. All right Omar. Almost a love story and it until late as to what the story. I ended up spurt to talk to the girl that I know I will. And she invited me over to a party one that. And I get there it's just a couple people I know an assist me in my body was always guys. And I all the way out he all the sudden there's two bottle to Koehler battered pretty much at peace and thirty racquet year. And I look over to the other girls than they were to stick their compared to do. So far so good that. Everyone was okay. And all of a sudden before you know it they disappeared. My other friend disappears in this yard they disappear. And there's more happening right there in my whole. You are part of the ordeal or you like the guy left out watching everyone else and George. A lot of under option at the spoiler just formed doormat. But the girl that I was talking to sit there with me at all sluggish searching goes. Jumps right in the middle up in Albany wet. Did you need to be with one your body's. On Jameer men Bellamy has given those did you have sex with your buddy's fiancee. I did not have sexual purpose she. Did tout its pharmacy made. In front your hair your buddies OB I understand wrong here's what happens orgy but your body wouldn't wouldn't when his fiancee and doesn't was fully TU and I'm guessing. I guess he's cool what does it does he's engaged or does he give you look like hey man. I get a highest Biden let's go please tell me your the best man at the wedding were allowed to make a speech. He would not have the wedding yet but I bet I will be you got us. Car I lock my that with a in my life that I knew these two were perfect for each other in the middle of an orgy in a hallway when he high five me after that and I just wanna say that. That is true up. I know if I was or. That's you know that that's that that is a truly. I cannot believe what is happening experience yeah I think he's. Riverbed at the wedding Billy did a funny story about the brat brat who's got another stories hello how do people lose everybody back there are guys out there all right you have been doing blog about it. Are you ready for the kicker sure. Are you with a girl but I want their he's still. Let's go to those guys have you guys in enjoyed it more orgies. You know I thought boy all right but I am pushing more and how does this day. Almost two years I'll push you Ferraro and is the time that it would she also involved with some of your friends. Are not that I thought but it wouldn't matter I got declined to. Wouldn't bother you how are literally on one of these idol alum. That is. I wanna go to about what life or death over want to go to a wedding but that's just they hear his speech I want that would rank castle you have a you have you have a very injury. If you were talking about your evening with with David Lee Roth and all idea reminded me of one of the one of the strangest. Encounters I had with with someone and Ben actually two different bands. I produced a radio show for Ozzie Osborne's a scream albums this color like ten years ago nearly 20072000. Itself. Where in this little tiny studio in Los Angeles and it's just me and Ozzie and the guy that works with them goes a small room but luckily you with the best smelling man in music now. It's shutting on it should be noted. That we have had Ozzie in the studio lots unto location is correct do we know the smell. Of what of one of the best smelling man and in show business. I don't recall right noticing not I will say. You don't go small battery thing like that but I do not we coal. It has been about a cent a dollar and I don't melee yet he was sitting vertical I just don't remember going so. I guess if you know Ozzie. You know that he smells good this is something that people that know Ozzie. Know about him there's a special Cologne that he wears that you could only get at this place in London holocaust a million dollars a drop and Ozzie how many people Ali he apparently Seattle's great it is that unique of a smell I guess so I just I I you know I happen to think that could that that kernels recipe it's like Irvin replicating Jose smells like a Little Rock world. Would like one of those things that's known among band members of all these different bands Ozzie did great smile and usually bans smell terrible short. Miss some things that Arnold on we're gonna de La station ID break here and indeed until the store's parent but Ozzie goods going to ask you. Our question I'll look at you now believe is happening. Even while it was happening a four part 999. All of Morey calls coming up in seconds. The show and many pins continue on the men's room. On the radio network.