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Monday, February 12th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is the men's room. Right so let's say my car and I made four point 999 a little play profile this in minutes. And if you had your headlines and only one hour from now firstly check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out a little Caesars and Indiana which shut down by health inspectors after someone found mouse who baked into the crust of their pizza okay oh now now all we we talked about this. Initially when the story first came out of what we kind of determine why this was that if something is actually baked into the pizza. Now if you can see it on the outside the might look like just a burnt piece. Of the cross Laura thought that was a thing like look I don't know a hundred a mammogram that we RD evening not known. Right because it was such as we saw a mouse terror based on the size of mouse turns and I've seen in my life. That I would not think that the most certainly usage to think of her feet across so look I've been a little seasoned pilot could be just five and I'm wondering and I eat now would you also worked. In a place where they were proofing dull and they rolled an outsider based on temperature and you said you open the door there's a bunch of pigeons on there and I hope Donahue said. They don't you pick the pigeon poop off the top. Not doesn't even it looked. I was I was how I'll give you hints this video was working at a time. But Morgan to the streets of voice and I was it was very hot and humid in this city so be in the back doors. To the kitchen open but the prep area was little puts up from fifth. I walked into the proper area I'd never seen the Samoa itself it's not from a pizza goes proof enough base more and like to Adelson and some vegetables yourself. Put all the pigeons and it has eaten adult friends I chased all these things that my closed doors and it's like my first at first or second beta. Both say when we got him man that you're pigeons back and read the food is that. There ma'am we may get on the north up Megan's do just. The man we do need to know delayed the pizza man does get him that there were more concerned about the footprints from his role of our. They reenter it and did they I would bet he'd beaten from the place in my life. If you lie you've heard us talk about Detroit style pizza it isn't. Authentic Detroit style pizza but it's close to what the stylus that you get the deep deep deep. Dish pizza we'll see a little Caesars does your lifts you're curious what that pizza can taste like as far as trusting everything else drive at a book I was serves notwithstanding I'm still won't little seat. So a man and China recently dropped his iPhone eight in the toilet then had to be rescued by firefighters. After he reached and grabbed his arm got stuck. How deep is your iPhone a time where you have these. Phone deed it is the don't. Ten network I've dropped my my that's my phone in the toilet before and maybe they've improved it. Sorry little threat of it maybe they've improved but the thing is it's now or say because it doesn't work after right. I mean and like minded I go to on the whole I grabbed it within two seconds in it was still it was completely done. Did you so did and rice. Yes my eyes open right I did all hotter than Iran and oh yeah down and then served it now but yeah sergeant Wright had been sort of thing and you don't write you don't put water in mind. He's the letter in the red and that's why didn't work Zach thank you gotta greasy followed a group of nuclear scientists in Russia is in trouble for connecting a supercomputer to the Internet. And using it to mine that finds. Smart and got balls they can do whatever they want generally think anybody is gonna care I just wondered how do you mind bitcoin isn't just online currency. It is but there's something I don't understand the whole thing but if you go to supercomputer at your disposal it makes things a lot easier I guess. You can make money on the practice site miner from gold. Over the bitcoin going to be going down here pretty soon. Yeah that's probably general aura accurate enough. A 33 year old man in North Carolina was arrested for smuggling stuff into a prison by throwing a bag over the fence. While out of some high tech dummies guide won't look at it contain a pound of tobacco. Ten cell phones and thirteen doses of medication to treat erectile dysfunction are. Ahead I didn't know that any of these rational currency imprisoned for sure no one really the tobacco district but in the form cigarettes I don't know how many people a prisoner just flooring. Tobacco leaf out of one of those white man I would rather than tobaccos and Viagra based almost right by the tobacco. Then maybe I can negotiate my way out over the guy who took it easy drunk depicted in our own satellite Laguna Royce of cigarettes but the thing away and wanted to go. That has been Iraq. All led to this elusive he's got Viagra think that. All that it's been cool here for the last two months my hand and no excuses now we'll go through and I'm Rick do you go. And now we have to be today's vote organizers of a recent ice missing competition and want what's. Ice fishing all things all jwoww is like a one line to goal. I was nice she and I don't like sci am having trouble designer I think on pucker up too much doubt if I need a nice warm pants when you woods when you make an ice. He made a hole in the ice and pulled fish out of staff anyway there's competition in Minnesota that and they made three fishermen take a lie detector test estimation of the seated in seats. How do you achieve tonight I just don't know hopeful. Quote you bring your own fish floated on the hook up and put it in the water varies in my area where I found this finish is already dead. You've come a tropical fish through. Word Minnesota I think that's just a good excuse to go on get drunk with the bodies. House I don't think there's anything more to have that it's still fishing it's the same reasoning also exists I can probably catch gators. The scene photos of the gators have taken their mouths of over the our ability of my old lady or something more than adequate red light. There were breaking device to kill people already sirens are guys that average guys that those just a freak storms but maybe now freak anymore. Still they get you know some moments on the snapshots. I don't know amendment they're discussed and. The website at how many dot com posted a map that shows the most popular sex toy in all fifty states well. Did a very. I feel that this is good but because it's thinking like what's more popular I guess we'll find out when they released overnight on the right that's really the soured on this story miles. Yeah given that the follows or a company if you think it will we'll be back I'm waiting. A company in Maine we'll have to give its employees five million dollars in back pay. All because the state legislatures didn't use an Oxford comma one they wrote a lot about who qualifies for overtime. Well I five million dollars. Listen I'm for punctuation some big play good moon and learn what like right now aren't they after England from right. Punch away so there's a reason that the governor is real big guns that have made so he says. While there's no reason why everything that that's drawn up all these bills that are dropped there really worded the third and awarded the really wordy. Well so hard to strip them about everything because they need to use this language to define it is down to the teeth are absolutely right if you and there's a contract if you're doing your taxes. When you talk to attack I could bottle right so they've read almost ridiculously Latin here and therefore here through there for the party known as. And they look at you get always say here is that you get Kuwait for the next week. You don't really put this on a par below Reagan's and they know that the delicious mixture of Goddard got there are also includes and I do need for a would you are recommend you mixing it will even though there needs to wolf there's an even than you do Coolidge brand does not stand and we'll be consistent with a flavor of the we're recommending you take it from here on out aides who were referred to not only water bottles full sparkle is always good job and they've created this language so they can keep a job. That's because it's just like. You know when wanted an unmarked you want someone to just stop talking tell the story get it done with quickly gathered up today they can't do that sort of justify basically how they do what they do they just have to give you this long tangled web of crap that only they can read. And they can be explained and. Four semis then yeah luggage aren't just announced that they're retiring one of their marshmallows. Girardi know which one man it. It's the hourglass as we were already working on that and that's why I'm not organized activity you guessed it. I don't know I still hear my best apparently the popular no hot dog topping is way Florence peanut butter peanut butter death in some reviewers say that it is surprisingly good. I don't really shot. Yes I would try to at least now on never America peanut butter and so they have some until May not to a didn't think that it was pretty guest. Commend them on burgers a solemn pride that you don't pancakes. I would try I have not done and I would pick but it's really get. Did you ever professor at New Hampshire was fired after giving a student a failing grade on an assignment that she actually did correctly flows oh does she know tale about a one hour from now. Thank you might not headlines on oil one hour from now towards the guy I do love. Through three cents. This is a drug to police are on how profile this is playing at sort Dan miles of the symbol game where we share with you will like news story something that happened right here at planet earth. Or. And as you listen to store and made some stereotypes you believed to be drew of people. And the decisions that people make well less wooden is you think makes the story a story. Hello drew welcome to the men's room. And thought wow. Nigerian thing and others are games place. Yeah fantastic. Let's go to a buckeye Arizona. Moral woman there suffered from a rare condition that causes her to wake up. With different accent but she's an quote and by the way and you may lose quote she said it in an English accent. Everybody police sees or hears Mary Poppins. While she suffers from a told. Foreign accent syndrome a rare condition that causes accidents it should be noted she's never left the United States not the first time an app and surely actions Irish. Minerals Australian now British. She also stood quote some people think it's physiological a completed psychological people like me we don't care which one it is. We just really really wanna be taken seriously in a consultant of when to hurt me. Please help them do you believe that this woman who has a different accident pretty much or punctuation. Is black whites make C or H. It. Mean there are heard of this condition before obviously it's rare blood. Well I think you just weird things that aren't like physical for some reason I just think white. I know my black friends say has been all day the psychiatrist. So is based on that alone and like I never met a marriage couple of likable and marriage counselor I just figured out why national ads out of Idaho animal feed you okay are you really now do you want to browse so I think when you go to this extreme of just weirdness in general I just always think lights whether it goes through whatever. Even if not why it is not only logical. Mean look great even the one show. I camera when network of Osama like ghost Brothers I think is actually the name of the but there's always been a ghost hunters right and so there is part of the new collection but. I've nothing to show him but the difference in commercials that. There's still a commercial look with the white guys in the lake mobile Heyman what was that and they take off running horrid at the store they got Cameron when they want evidence. The shows roughly the same thing of all the Brothers man they knew the exact same boat with. Yeah that. Outrigger by an idea how loud you're having a brand she does she only speaks with an English accent now that just does not sound black. I'm sorry that it sounds whiter than hell I would final answer. My final answer we'll find out if she was black quite nicely or Asian. Fat with a T you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have turned men's room. I'll filed SA says still buckeye Arizona and a woman who has what is called a foreign accent syndrome and she's woken up speaking different languages before. This time she woke up speaking with a British accent I don't got knocked and I guess the rest happens to were. Just whenever it happens is when a breath I mean I don't know what triggers it and apparently sometimes you wakes up and she sounds in the English Irish or Australian. She's sick of it she says no one takes it seriously and add the beef player. If you have that condition the worst conditions I have right but anyway. We get a report but we as you do did you believe that she was black and white make your agent and you went whites. Yeah I'll I had. And really nah I want to picture a black woman nonviolent. Halls really offense. And I looming. T that's why he needs I'm done it's overweight so Billy glad it's not great but we'll do little look at you can hear that because. And still be nice that you might expect if you are white chick and break and I rejection. There's no matter where you go and embargo irons and bus back now for all the TV news Soledad diver TV talent seeing. All those hours in front of the talking and the mid. Presents. How everybody sorry sir do well. No so. We've all been to a live sporting event yes I was yes many many so you guys know that there are sometimes they've just things that go on in between the commercial breaks if you're in a basketball game in between periods in my name is Randy Shannon yeah rice also is trying to hit that half court shot for brand new toil to trust rights of dads and hockey through the puck in today and the sunroof trying to trying to win a brand new cars they then went on hockey is when they take the gold. And they make a hole in front of the goal it's maybe an inch or half inch bigger than the actual puck movement and have the person take that shot a lousy eyes and they hit it you know whatever wins big money so the trailblazers the Portland trailblazers are or are herb do the same same way during the commercial break to bring somebody down so they bring a couple couple fans down to play basically the older scheme known to man take I'm pleased about your player to show. Well and we'll go much isn't this is the worst possible game of take tech to we have ever seen. All right Morgan Masur second layup grace makes her second. OK it is that the maegashira attention grace. And they don't have mixed up up up up brace Gracie article that spot just got to pay attention by the spot that's open. Oh no no. Quote no. I'm not sure what's happening here. But an open spot at one. I know. The red tape to put the ball out of our misery so basically they had this morning it right down the middle with a 12 or three try as you might raise that blocker. Congratulates the Moore did a great tonight well Mario big bags don't give them. Supposedly in the know remember that for awhile. All yell you surely won't bicycle brutally all the gondola volley was John Lowber they had this big target set out. Mid court and it was just did it had a grip on it and then people would make a shot to make a lay out the may grab whatever piece mother's ex is a nose in the mid places down there. For some reason neither of these two knew exactly what they were doing because they had an overhead shot. And there was one gal that twice. Put a piece on top of the her competitors are you saying that neither one of these people had played techtag tell or the only one my guess is that nobody had played Pitt to tag tell how long as you get through your life not having rights intact so you know there was there was an obvious. Spot vertigo there was one point where where the gal that won she had she had to pieces right on the middle there's an open slot for the third death should sell her I wanna makes the lay up she's going with her spot and she chooses a completely different spot. What are the urge you to block okay what do you believe the first remedial game is that all people should learn is are we talking checkers. I mean take checked those obviously it is easy way up there yeah it's easier than our. They take that tone is one reason why and I had to say it is based on my experience with my kids and are still young enough Candy Land are not just I think weathered a lot of there's not the Obama learning any of those AM I think they complain at all of those the difference is. When you end up in a restaurant and indeed kill time for them from losing the African mine and you probably don't have checkers or can't do and I knew but you can get a pen and you can do to take them to me that's why it doesn't matter where you already you can be stuck in the airport area around Brian you can go to the home when it's one of these things you can do now that said. Did get pissed we may be no look I guess I beat my kids a candle and all my son owns a game but he you can beat them and are tolerable because it takes longer to detect those quick game. Because kids such data in it does not matter every time I tried to explain under the defense they don't wanna listen and I like. A new beach again don't give it some don't get teary out the first Ball State attack. Tapping toe all right so. Now don't get upset about but can't beat me because a play like crap and I keep on display knew what to do so he's getting a little better but that ball accurately tell the universal day. Once he figures and a movie find there's there's a grade where you have a bunch of letters and then there's like five or ten words in you have to find the words I yes and got a circle actually opened around the words are so right. The best way to play that game is only. Look for dirty words and so if your kid is actually trying to find radiator whatever Aaron or whatever the deal let's harass you just circle lasts you know that. There's all kinds of dirty words on there to make it much more. Thought I just saw miles of the site correct word but in a listen as it sounds ridiculous OK so. My son he has homework they can ago that's where and it's fantastic resort last night and I am helping them do it. And let's just say spelling is not his strength I had so his older sister could spell any guide they emerge Denver so that's an abuse deuce and I here's what's on this is not case. Trying to get frustrated and M. In all just put them one letter that is so that's a freaking cat they gave you see. They gave you the T you don't mean like with homer should not take that long I understand I'm an adult much easier when that we're going through this. Coming in frustrated one of the word was foot OK it is keep that in mind the other word. Was crash it was. Like cult something like this anyway. He's struggling to get through all this and he's trying to sound at all and pilots are getting pissed Marla that must have ma'am. As a new run around the house and do you Tutu spoke but you know old priest both proved what you can spell these things but you can't spell. This sets but then the epiphany hit me. So me and let's go back cup if that were but what's the buzz that you so good that the this last night we go to foot in army struggling to get through it and they don't put two separate dashes so we can supply a letter and low art. He's like I know to put them picture afoot this bottom half respond to T eaten in my c'mon man whose drums sounded out and file them like. And spoke group once again. All the is that like OOT and I'm like I'm teaching my kid dispel based on bucked the hoop nets but it actually makes a difference. Sparked. Over the weekend you know the the Olympics were on its gonna handed in the background there a sort of the says I was actually reading with the TV on there all the time and add that I noticed. I have the TV on in the back from a lot when I'm gonna sleep I have a Netflix on my iPad and not falsely to the sound and got me think and what are the top ten TV shows to have in the background. I do. I was absolutely. Number ten on and I know it was me. These shows you want to clean up my sense engineers and he's let them play you. The company has come out downloaded it's a very dry comedy but it is good. Off there very often I'll start I found with this list that it is like you said there additional word. Things happen. And and I and I do like most of the shows that are on this listen I found that I enjoy them I need a lot of whom I have watched front to back. But I never mind that they're on three and leave them on and do your thing when your ranking when you're walking around whatever I thought all right he a bigger story in the background but each episode can be watched individually without hat without needing to know the rest so big guys. I love it down. It is beyond your. Standards cable now. No idea of a few miles I can see it on your face you know the job done nothing this ten feet from the Science Channel. Business show called how it's made oh yeah okay not a love this film maker didn't teach you how to make a bunch of random ass. Formally goes drilling a pencil factory coming back rentals you like it's amazing indelible in my on their they had paper clips and I'm only can your values so I am a huge. Massive science Jim guy like that in his mind that's my ESP yeah right right. But how well when this show comes on. I always struck so what I'll do I wanted to guide I'll see if there's anything else on camera it's is so dry but if there's not I will go back and it's odd you and I never want to watch it define him going back to it I'm Rivet can't step out right Billy best TV show to have on the back. Before there was breaking bad for me there was this shelf. It's energy you know not hey guys and they get no doubt it. It's about Six Feet Under now summer. Hugh Laurie house house I love this stuff. Is Larry says and this to me made jewelry and ma'am Billings compare me to him play unless you're really there. Really does mean grow bill to require that the what can I legs and live for that yeah I don't know I like to show well I knew there was a wit to OK I can see a little bit older but. Seeing you would automatically appealed. Pull Huard and other content or or house so these are okay. Did he needed them back. But nice dinner and next generation and this one to me from what I understand this looks like some big revolutionary show because Star Trek the original only ran the length. Three he's used to and it has such a cult following that when they wanted to create the next generation may. You really didn't wanna screw this one up and apparently this would just lit up I have never seen an episode of the next generation but it's got just a big following his as the original intent. So these are the best TV shows to have gone in the background. It's. Hold hold hold him. I think I can call one or two episodes that I watch I don't know that I want one all the weight rooms. Tonight and we time. PBS show because I was here you know what channel was beyond. I don't know what this man on the very nice and soft and easy travel to put it like my mother and an open has into the bush translated although it's now that I brought this is Bob bras all America will join appeared they would Barbara I think Bob's got more popular since he's passed on that it wasn't news alive doesn't even in my can Lemony seams and more of a cult following an afterlife for sure. They're fun. Got to be on any alleged to have them back Brandon Wright again another show that I have now what's going to back my sister just finished because it was on Netflix. And again I never watch a front to back but I never mind when it was on May have to okay its doesn't matter when you show up you can pick it up wherever that. So these are the best shows to have on in the background. Under water. Joseph has come and go on win. Know my parents watch this show. He was on USA and that's okay yeah does that ring leaders are human yeah and Randy Newman ran into things. A man was severe OCD. There were among. We have heard show no authority salute you athletic believe all of the comedy was like a detective or something like that but at those CD but again just then. And about playing Gene Kelly shows Lucas and my dad never Watson and I want to say one some. Political Stevie Emmys horrors on the Randy Newman's got to just like I'll leave that guy in LA who no one really likes is not that popular but he'll Renaissance worse when you take one song at a time from home as long that this look at even the stories like I'm always going to be there is nobody has a Randy Newman album does not want to listen more than once long and again it does do this under the you don't believe me I'm legal and Galileo to leave it to you recall we've gotten there. These are the best era shows how long enough. Montgomery better a lot of good that I done as good as deadly as I had to go this is an awesome TV show again you don't. You can watch from the. First season you can watch a brand new season and it's the same show every time but I am riveted every time a while I agree that I I think if I can put some of the other background Scott Moore the reality to behind some degree in. Whether that's. Antique roadshow events like ice truckers what whatever is these are real people. As best I could tip and you know no matter the season something big happens and every you know even the new rulers the dude who were down and like within the subtitles even though they spoke English your cash in the driver's. When match goes on for awhile like if I was gonna duck dynasty as much then but that show these. Just these jackass is trying to stick their hands and whole lot of big catfish and Mike app. I'm sorry I'm stuck on this is is on the way. She. I have never seen an episode of. I vulnerable on orders. I admit that this this show has been on since I was just how we knew that was it I was so why don't agree on Bible lucky that they created this door on the third day like any that is how I mean I don't like a day I got I'm. The little don't want. Order just it's everywhere a numbing at all in three different kinds of law and order as I areas other than the wire the whole cop thing the whole hospital thing like. I don't know if I speak for just myself but I'd like to think that I'm speaking for everyone else like. We've seriously had enough. It's not they have had enough you don't do anything he's not somebody who its citizens are like the basics only for what you do is like that's what the genre work for our resumes on words. Indeed historic total of only a small. And I don't know but the characters a swallow it which ever ones stick they keep ending OK these are the new hospital cop dramas. Get rid of the right now is this thing is this a cop drama or is today it's bone yeah. All I don't know online order here. Bloomberg's thirty I don't know ordered out on the first heard it basically that the premise of the show that's in pretty good the first thirty minutes the cops do whatever the case it's. The last thirty minutes the case is now gone trucks and enough gas to get a few sets of two sets of main character to just write long contracts and only they can read it gets me. No it's not. Way they've made him look almost like his I. Haven't shown time and I do not alone the great thing you fill the Americas this but again it just fits the criteria of background. That's right you don't have to know what's going on you know dad are they gonna you know our our Leonard and penny dating had this episode are they getting together is somebody avenue maybe her impending Leonard and penny I'm background sports guy. Is this point she lives I got alana I don't know what the hell's going on May and a five minutes on and on background sports has sort of good and I go watch pretty much any sport if it's an abandoned island material that's also a streak to reveal previously creativity that they couldn't they do a lot of the future. Of course I think you. You'd think from the bureau homemade meal. Not of course you do leave me alone then match. Didn't manage I don't know I won't I know they knew we usually don't have Major League ball today they were delighted these children measurement chicken lampoon dead. So did that in a restaurant like doc you're the man we'll see here to Jennifer headlines that you do a lot of these things so much you're listening to the men's or radio network. Please tell you Swiss miles. No let's see what's happening in the real good Chicago where no the ice. Or Southwest Airlines means no flight for you. Meanwhile FaceBook says one strike and you're out if your in your co worker named sue. Southern New Hampshire professor fired for annoyed that Australia is the place made man goes a personal Blackberry gets all of that is dog's face. And George order of 735. Dollar for the food if they don't tip the waitress in the waitress gets fired. Fun time. Since I'm here headlines. It's time to live there. Mike caught. Our top story we got a New Hampshire word geography professor has been fired after he gave a student a failing grade on an assignment that he actually did correctly. She was supposed to do an assignment comparing American social norms with another country in sheets is decided to do Australia. Professor neighbor failing grade because he said that Australia is a continent not a country. He was up. Probably not this the brightest gather any teaches geography right guy Dana you don't know your confidence game. Now I can see the gray areas sometimes if you don't know all your oceans because for a while there that was technically and an article in an Arctic Ocean are that we know to be there on the road for forever and out of fire because of the great Southern Ocean. Really listening now to be part of the Pacific and the Indian and out of Atlanta and right now and I don't arrest. And go OK but football strangely we know to comment but. It's special because it's also a country. Right it's small enough to where we can just make it its own country and I'm out of geography you're afraid and like my clothes let my kids are my kids are. Seventies and nineteen years old. They're not big on geography. It's out there wasn't taught but it just doesn't seem to interest them like they don't know states and capitals. They don't know I mean they don't countries but they really just really doesn't seem like there's an emphasis on knowing that kind of thing anymore. Command and man I'm maybe still no longer memorize it move on I don't know. Around the world major pulled out another win. The heads the senate they head and scattered remains of a man were found after authorities speculate that he was killed and eaten by lions inside of a game park in South Africa Piaf. He's a man nobody is very much left over the situation is because the man suspected of being a poacher of the lions and other animals inside the park. Such as evident by the rifle that they found next his remains in effect today ganged up on on the specifically killed that guy feeds and let this head. They are right down and that's. Mob like was. The dealers X 12100 no other reason is because what they do is they take that head home with him and then they get a tax service to mount and they put them on their wall that are in their mandate and what they do as much like you do with your lines another big game you re created in the situation that you were never end. The guy would be smiling. You don't really like what I see that Tyson Burma's moral what was he really standing out as high legs holding enough no because I don't think that's what he looks like. When you hit him with a bogey on all the cats that I see you know cougars bobcats and stuff like that they always seem to be the stalking. We'll yet this guy thought to be that the lives suddenly pretty good idea about this guy acting like he's eating a Wendy's bacon if things that they expect that. Sit down at a table and clear all natural only Mosul MB. Sit down in the Caribbean a twenty something double that sold everything that they had loose for the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and beyond that their dreams dashed. They said sales a day after they said sell the vessel that they bots. Sorry all that they bought to house them on their multi year voyage hit a sand bar or something of a light and punched a hole in the bottom of the boat and within a short half hour all of their present. You sank in the Caribbean area and they had a zero role of trying to sailing experience community you don't know this we don't mean the actual hole. Navigating of his so what we've they had that even been nothing I eat a four year old man who died down the mountainous keyboard for the first time was shocked that his wrist and collarbone was broken with the ability even if you have to fly a plane. I look we're gonna die if I compiled. There's a mystery meat and several people I've been on a plane and I Ben I'm eight point never piloted. The ball and with a number of big meant even on myself out. They came from Denver Colorado Obama's elbow thought they would just take it out and zoom around the Gulf of Mexico and to work. And Outback Steakhouse server in Florida has been fired from her position after going off on a customer on FaceBook. A church in the area was holding a conference that they wanted to serve out back food at so they just put in the takeout order that racked at least 735. Dollar bill. When the employee to leave it delivered the order that she had to sacrifice time that she could have spent serving in earning tips the bill was painful with no gratuity. Yeah employer went to face but to complain about the church it posted a friend saw and made a call into the church. The version of big of the food claims that they didn't know that it's it was expected and called it the outback to make it right. A back responded by reimbursing the church for their entire order and firing the employees. Stating that they have a strict policy to not allow employees talk penalties on FaceBook. Yeah that doesn't mean I I understand a business and I do I do understand hers other than going on FaceBook in making that guess I would say the slightly. I would disciplined enough fire iron into a corporate thing do would ever gonna do what. The one thing he absolutely should not have as reimbursement search for the looks like or what they got the food right. Then things get bad service shouldn't spit in the food she was bitching about it after the. Mike one I didn't emitting go to outback sane how dare she do this they're like hey sorry about that we screwed up we wanna make this right like one no one knows a drive announced after the show got some place to 930 have a favorite sit down place of ours that they the story after we get out there a grandmother that might. And all the things are appreciate analyses next time brag gas food drug charge the return of sin and and the word is back puzzle bring it tells with a shot of the day yes indeed. It is all true but until then we'd be all about who's been so until tomorrow do what you do best. And relieve the six. Good game good.