Kristen Brooks

M-Sat 6a-10a

Birthday: October 2. That means I’m a Libra, which also means that my diet isn’t the only thing that’s well-balanced (ba-dum-tshh).

I’m a life-long Northeast PA resident, born and raised on the streets of Scranton. Music has always been a HUGE part of my life, and working in radio is the best way to get my fix!

Now, for some juicy details (…why else would you be here?)

I love to cook, snuggle with my dog (who is the greatest dog on the planet, sorry DiRienzo!), and Seinfeld re-runs.

Karaoke is my jam and jalapeno poppers are my favorite snack. I’m far from lazy. I hate bugs, olives, and when birds walk instead of fly. I love craft beer and boxed red wine.

I’m obsessed with Pinterest (and yes, I do actually try/succeed/fail at the DIY projects I attempt). I’m grateful to the person who invented Post It notes, without them my life would be extremely disorganized.

I jumped out of the first plane that I ever boarded. And, one time I had a job offer from Joan Jett, which I declined and definitely regret. Last but not least, the house I live was built by the Stegmaier family, and no it didn’t come with a lifetime supply of beer (although that would be awesome).

A few of my favorite things and places in NEPA, in one to three words: La Festa, Maroni’s Pizza, Susquehanna Brewing Company, McDade Park, and the Pop Up Studio. To sum things up, I’d like to quote a very wise yet dirty man, “life’s a garden…dig it!”

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