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Birthday: December 10th


Bio: Born and raised in Dunmore, I’ve been in NEPA for all of my life, apart from time spent at Penn State, where I majored in Broadcast Journalism, and definitely never drank any alcohol ever...promise. 


I’m a huge sports and music fan, and have been since I was little. I like the San Francisco 49ers because they were always on TV when I was growing up (They had just won the Super Bowl a year or two prior) and they were wearing my favorite color (Red), so it seemed like a match made in heaven.


I know way more lyrics to Bruce Springsteen and Led Zeppelin songs than I care to admit, but I also love bands like Muse, Radiohead, The Strokes, Phoenix, Franz Ferdinand and plenty more. I’m into classic 80’s alternative and new wave, and also cheesy 80’s alt-pop songs (Looking at you, Erasure) and I think “Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison is the best song ever written.


I’m a married man, to a girl who is way, way out of my league, and I’ve come to terms with the fact that someday, she’ll wake up and realize the grave mistake she’s made. Until then, I’ll ride the wave. We have a dog named Clementine and a cat named Sylvia, and they are the best.


Quick Facts:

  • I won Student Body President at Dunmore High School, running on a campaign that emphasized cookie prices.
  • My first job was with Manning’s Farm Dairy at their Dunmore location, where I mastered the art of milkshakes.
  • I was the broadcaster for the inaugural season of Misericordia University football. They didn’t win a game that year, and I wasn’t back for the next     season...when they won their first game. 
  •  I’ve won two state broadcasting awards for sports play-by-play.
  • I’ve never ridden on a rollercoaster before.
  • I drove from Seattle, down the coast to San Francisco, and back across the country to NEPA in 9 days last year.
  • I play guitar (poorly), but the first instrument I learned was the bass guitar. The first song I learned was “How Many More Times” by Led Zeppelin.
  • I’ve been to three music festivals in my lifetime, but I’ve been to one of them (Coachella) four times.
  • I loved Barney as a kid, but I cried when Barney showed up at my cousin’s birthday party and I wouldn’t leave my hiding place under the table until that dinosaur was gone.
  • If I could survive on it, I would only drink Price Chopper Skim Milk.


What I love about our area is that, beneath that tough, hard exterior is a community that loves and supports each other, through the good times and the bad, and that no matter what town you are from around here, it’s always a “small town.” Every town has their favorite pizza joint, or Friday night hangout spot, or quirk about it. And we all share that common bond. It’s what makes this community so much fun to be in and a part of.

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