FERG BLURBS -- T-Pain Wins The Masked Singer

T-Pain wins the first season of The Masked Singer
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FERG BLURBS -- Nickelback Listens To Jams (And Also Not Jams)

Nickelback Listens To Jams
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FERG BLURBS -- Weezer Teams With Finn Wolfhard From Stranger Things On Their "Take On Me" Music Video

(Image Courtesy USA Today) Weezer made headlines a few weeks ago when they dropped a cover album out of the blue (teal) last month , and while the reviews have varied from " positive " to, uh, let's say " displeased ," what you cannot say is that Weezer isn't relevant in 2019. They're more talked...
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FERG BLURBS -- WATCH: St. Vincent Covering Red Hot Chili Peppers

(Image Courtesy USA Today) At a benefit concert for the victims of the Woolsey Fire in California, indie rocker St. Vincent busted out an acoustic version of a Red Hot Chili Peppers classic. Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, is an accomplished indie rock singer, songwriter, and musician. She can play a...
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FERG BLURBS -- Melissa Etheridge Talks EGOT, Nirvana, and Holy Bleep

(Image Courtesy USA Today Sports Images) Melissa Etheridge makes her way to the Bloomsburg Fair tomorrow (September 27th), ready to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her album "Yes I Am," which broke Melissa through both commercially and artistically, and made her a household name amongst rock fans...
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FERG BLURBS -- Tom Petty's New Tunes

(Image Courtesy USA Today Sports Images) As I talked about on-air last week, Tom Petty's previously unreleased songs, b-sides, live cuts, and alternative versions of songs are all being released together on a four-cd box set called American Treasure, set to be released on September 28th. You can...
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FERG BLURBS -- Def Leppard Decides To Cover Depeche Mode

(Image Courtesy USA Today Sports Images) Not to be left out in the current Cover Song(s) War happening between Weezer and Toto, Def Leppard decided last month to take their shot at the alternative and new wave giants Depeche Mode with a wonderful cover of "Personal Jesus" for Spotify Sessions...
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FERG BLURBS -- Toto Covers Weezer's "Hash Pipe" And Kicks Ass

(Image Courtesy of USA Today Sports Images) On a previous episode of FERG BLURBS, we brought you the news that Weezer had covered not one, but TWO songs by the band Toto. More specifically, the iconic alternative rockers gave their takes on both " Rosanna " and the timeless " Africa ," all at the...
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FERG BLURBS -- Journey Covers The Police

(Image Courtesy USA Today Images) Journey, currently out on tour living their best lives with Def Leppard , have thrown their hats into the covers game...only, this one's for charity. Ultimate Classic Rock has the full story, but Journey have released a cover of the Police's "Synchronicity II" to...
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