FERG BLURBS -- Nickelback Listens To Jams (And Also Not Jams)

Chad Kroeger and Ryan Peake of Nickelback Let Us Know What Jams

February 20, 2019

We're still waiting on what's next from Canadian rockers Nickelback, anticipating the next album after their massive Feed The Machine LP from 2017. The band is wrapping up the Feed The Machine tour in Southeast Asia, and have a few tour dates and festival appearances lined up in the summer in Canada, but otherwise...they got some free time.

So, to pass the time, there's a video making the rounds from 2017 where Chad Kroeger and Ryan Peake sit down and decide the most important questions in music: Jam or Not A Jam? Note Chad's reaction to ABBA...that is the only correct reaction.

Watch below! 

-- Ferg