FERG BLURBS -- What Is Happening In San Diego?

Local TV Remains Undefeated

June 5, 2018

I spent some time at the Pennsylvania State University working on TV news projects, so I think I can safely say I can sympathize with awkward television. That being said...seeing it in a market like San Diego was not quite what I was expecting.

Meet Dave Scott, weather dude and special reporter for San Diego newschannel KUSI. Dave's particularly excited today (Well, back in April), because the Inflatable Run has made its way to San Diego. The Inflatable Run is a 5K race with inflatable obstacles and objects along the course, according to its website, while also providing kids activities for free, carnival games, and it donates its profits to charity to help at-risk youth. Pretty cool, right?

Well, let's break down what happens here for poor Dave, to make what should be a pretty easy TV spot about a fun run turn into the most awkward three minutes of live TV you've seen in a while:

1) Dave opens with a vague, cryptic question about inflation/inflating, trying to goad his morning anchors into playing along. Dave's morning anchors have to ask him to repeat his set up.

2) Dave's morning anchors then beat him to his half-baked punchline, forcing him to stumble awkwardly through it.

3) Dave then forgets everything he's ever known about reporting and asking insightful/meaningful questions by asking the various volunteers "What kind of fun" they could or would have.

4) The volunteers, clearly taken aback, didn't really know how to answer...so they said things like "Lots of fun," "Helping," and "bouncing." 

5) Dave, in his infinite wisdom, decides he needs to cut to the mascot to save this segment, but he can't just ask for him to come out...no no, he needs to do a "magic chant" to get him out...the thought of which gets absolutely NO reaction from the gathered volunteers.

6) Dave makes up a chant, on the spot (He had to, right??), rhyming the same word twice while doing so.

7) POOF! Mr. Wacky, a surfer they pulled off the beach and stuffed into a half of a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man costume to represent the race.

8) Mr. Wacky, somehow, turns this interview into something salvagable, as he's the most charismatic person there.

9) Dave can't let him steal the spotlight, though, and asks the DUMBEST question in the history of television: "So, everybody here becomes an inflatable today?"

10) And, to close it out, Mr. Wacky implores everyone to do the Mr. Wacky Dance...and he gets maybe 25% participation.


Read Buzzfeed's full recap here, where they've got various social media reactions. It's an absolutely astonishing, incredible piece of television that should be put in the Smithsonian and forever revered as the day TV both died and became immortal. San Diego hasn't seen such mastery in local TV since the days of Ron Burgundy. 

That being said...I'd love to do one of these races.


-- Ferg