FERG BLURBS -- Weezer Teams With Finn Wolfhard From Stranger Things On Their "Take On Me" Music Video

The World's Most Famous Cover Band And Stranger Things Together At Last

February 14, 2019

(Image Courtesy USA Today)

Weezer made headlines a few weeks ago when they dropped a cover album out of the blue (teal) last month, and while the reviews have varied from "positive" to, uh, let's say "displeased," what you cannot say is that Weezer isn't relevant in 2019. They're more talked about now in the music world than at any point in the last ten years, surely since "Beverly Hills" came out in...wait, that was 2005?!? Good Lord...

Okay, anyway, back to what's happening with Weezer now: The band who succumbed to pressure from the Internet last year to cover Toto's "Africa" is promoting their new "Teal" album (With the "Black" album still on the way) in the best way you can think of...yes, making music videos for them! This time around, the band teams up with Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler on the popular Netflix show) and his own indie rock band, Calpurnia, to capture a ton of 80's essence with "Take on Me." In the music video, Wolfhard plays Rivers Cuomo in 1985, complete with the most 80's metal hair you can fathom, and as he and his bandmates start to play the iconic A-ha song, we start to flit back and forth between the real world and the black-and-white drawing world in a nod to the original music video. Give it a watch below!

-- Ferg