FERG BLURBS -- Weezer Doubles Down On Toto Covers

Weezer Breaks Out Not One, But Two Toto Covers In Response To A Twitter Campaign

May 29, 2018

(Image Courtesy USA Today Images)

Weezer and Rivers Cuomo have always had this inane ability to never take themselves too seriously when it comes to their music. Their music videos are usually a prett good example of that (Keep Fishin, Pork and Beans, Buddy Holly, etc), but lately Weezer has been getting hounded by a Twitter user named Mary who is hellbent on the band covering Toto's "Africa" in all its glory. She even created a Twitter account (@weezerafrica) dedicated to spamming the band about it.

Well, just this past weekend, Weezer finally gave their long-awaited response to Mary's incessant questions about the progress of a Toto cover. But...they covered "Rosanna," not "Africa."

@WeezerAfrica was a bit perplexed, as Weezer trolled their troll.

But this story has a happy ending, as Weezer eventually came through and released a true-to-form cover of "Africa" today. 

And, of course, @weezerafrica celebrated, as the mission that began so long ago finally came to an end.

What's next? Toto's other other famous tune is "Hold The Line," so...just sayin'. 


-- Ferg