FERG BLURBS -- Sheryl Crow Writes A Song Inspired By Twitter

August 1, 2017

It's been a weird few days in the life of Sheryl Crow. You'll get that when someone mistakes you for being dead...when you're very clearly not!

Sheryl was in studio, working on some songs, when someone tagged her awkwardly in a pic concerning Kid Rock (Someone she's dueted with on numerous songs) announcing his candidacy for US Senate in his home state of Michigan. In said tweet, Kid Rock's campaign logo is pictured, and the tweeter added the caption that said Ms. Crow must be "rolling in her grave right now" about it, tagging Crow in it...one problem dude...she's not dead! She had a great response that went viral:

But, Sheryl wasn't done there. She stewed on it for a hot second, then hit the studio, and turned it into a song!

No word on whether or not this is the lead single to a brand new album, but it's nice to see Sheryl Crow can roll with the punches, not just in her grave!

-- Ferg