FERG BLURBS -- This Guy Is In Love With AC/DC

See a YouTube user react to AC/DC's "Back in Black" For The 1st Time

September 27, 2018

Sometimes, the Internet can be a cruel, dark, lonely place. Just read any comment stream on our local news channel's Facebook pages. So much anger, vitriol, and just plain depressing behavior and comments. Then...the Internet gives us moments like what I'm about to tell you about.

There's a user on YouTube, whose name is "YouYouYou!!!", who does "reaction" videos to various artists and their albums. I'm not sure, exactly, what his usual preference is when it comes to music, but he seems to use this series to explore a ton of classic rock and metal music. He's done videos on Anthrax, Metallica, Linkin Park, Rage Against the Machine, and a lot more in between. You can check out his channel here. One of his latest videos tackles AC/DC's monster from 1980, "Back in Black."

I think what I love about YouYouYou!!!'s videos is his genuine joy for music, regardless of its genre. And it's on full display in his review of Back in Black, as he keeps pausing "Hell's Bells" to tell us how great it is, keeps restarting "Back in Black" to explain how blown away he is, and keeps exclaiming how this is a perfect album...I mean, is he wrong? Check out his pure, unbridled enjoyment of AC/DC's "Back in Black" below.

-- Ferg