FERG BLURBS -- New Pearl Jam

First Listen To Eddie Vedder And Company's New Tune

March 12, 2018

(Image Courtesy USA Today Images)


You've heard me talk at length about how Pearl Jam was putting SOMETHING out this year. Sure enough, over the weekend, Pearl Jam delivered.

If you are in the Pearl Jam Ten Club Fan Club, you probably got an email this weekend or some type of correspondence to let you know there's a new Pearl Jam song available, their first piece of music since last year's "Obey The Law of the Heart" for the Basmati Blues soundtrack. The newest song is called "Can't Deny Me," and it's definitely got a subtle political stance to it.

Pearl Jam hasn't released an album since 2013's "Lightning Bolt" and spent most of last year rather quietly, but rumors have been swirling since the beginning of January that Pearl Jam was working on a new album to be released at some point, this year. While the band has remained quiet about any details surrounding that, this is the first indication from the band that they are, in fact, working on and producing new music.

Pearl Jam is out on tour this summer, mid-June through mid-July in Europe, and with stops in Seattle, Missoula, Chicago and Boston in August through September. 

Hear part of "Can't Deny Me" below!

-- Ferg