FERG BLURBS -- My Chemical Romance Is Messing With Us All

MCR Uploads Their "The Black Parade Is Dead" to Youtube

January 17, 2018

Fans of the band My Chemical Romance have been begging for a reunion since 2016, and the band, who broke up way back in 2013, has consistently responded that there are no plans for a reunion...but that doesn't mean they aren't above trolling their fans.

My Chemical Romance, as recently as yesterday, uploaded the two-hour concert film "The Black Parade Is Dead" to their Youtube channel, sending their 1.9 million subscribers into a tizzy. The video was filmed in two parts, using footage from MCR's appearance in Mexico in October of 2007 and a concert just two weeks later in Hoboken, New Jersey. It featured 33 live songs from the Black Parade Tour, in support of their iconic album, "The Black Parade." It was released June 30th, 2008. See it below.

"The Black Parade" just recently hit a massive milestone, becoming certified triple-platinum, selling over 3 million units since its release in 2006.

-- Ferg