FERG BLURBS -- Kids React To Bon Jovi

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Get the "React to..." Treatment on Youtube

February 6, 2018

(Image courtesy USA Today Images)

It's going to be a busy 2018 for Bon Jovi, as the band is thrust back into the spotlight, thanks to their pending induction in this year's class for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. On top of that, the band has planned an expansive US tour around the ceremony (PPL Center in Allentown on May 2nd!), so Jon Bon Jovi and company will be very active in the coming months. Naturally, it presents as good a time as any for those "Kids React" videos to choose the band!

If you're not familiar with the "React" videos on Youtube, it's done by the guys at Fine Brothers Entertainment. The premise is that they'll take a group of people (Sometimes kids, sometimes adults, sometimes teenagers, etc) and play them different videos and tape their  genuine reactions to what they're seeing. Often, the kids are reacting to older bands, newer music videos, and older funny video clips that once went viral, while the adults will often react to newer bands, songs and current viral video clips. The Fine Brothers have over 16 million subscribers on Youtube. 

With that short introduction out of the way, the latest video has a group of kids (Ranging from ages 8-to-13) watching short clips of various Bon Jovi hits. A few of them have the answers we all come to expect (My father listens to these guys!), and, of course, most of the kids knew "Living on a Prayer" the minute the chorus kicked in, but it was generally surprising to see they legitimately had no idea who Bon Jovi was, or even some of their other hits. The one kid is clearly not into it...but he looks like he'd fit right in at a Bon Jovi show! Check it out below:

If you've got the time to fall down the internet wormhole that is the "Reacts" videos, here's the Fine Brothers Entertainment page.


-- Ferg