FERG BLURBS -- Depeche Mode For Kids

Kids Singing Depeche Mode Is Creepy...But Also Good

April 12, 2018

Noisey posted an interview with a father from Colombia, who has a Depeche Mode cover band of sorts with his kids...and oh my God, they are so cool!

The dad's name is Dicken Schrader, and he's from Bogata, Colombia in South America, where he and his two children, Korben (10) and Milah (14), have a Depeche Mode cover band called "DMK." It stands for Depeche Mode Kids, and it features father and kids playing bare-bones instruments and covering Depeche Mode songs. It's the coolest version of Kidz Bop you've ever heard or seen.

They have gone beyond just uploading videos to the Internet, playing at festivals in their native Colombia, Texas, and even as far away as Poland. Seriously, check this out:

Mr. Schrader isn't sure what the future holds for DMK as his kids get older, but here's hoping they keep pursuing something musically, because they've got some talent!


-- Ferg