FERG BLURBS -- Chris Martin Pays Tribute To Chester Bennington

August 4, 2017

With the music world still reeling in the wake of Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington's apparent suicide, some of the tributes that have come out have been pretty touching, and certainly heartbreaking.

Well, it's about to get super emotional up in here, as Chris Martin of Coldplay paid tribute to Chester this past Tuesday at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, with a cover of Linkin Park's smash "Crawling":

Gone are the rawness and anger that Chester and his bandmates brought to the song, but remaining is the emotion and forlorn feeling that the song is about. I think this is Chris Martin at his absolute best: Just himself and a piano. Stripped away from all the pomp and circumstance that Coldplay has today, it forces everyone to remember what a great, emotional musician Chris is.

It's a wonderful tribute to Chester and Linkin Park, and almost surreal to think it's Chris Martin (And Coldplay) paying tribute to them.