FERG BLURBS -- Berwick Softball on Sportscenter

April 24, 2019

It's the spring sports season in NEPA, which means that baseball, softball, track and field, and tennis rule the local headlines. 

That being said, sometimes there's a catch that takes it a step further. Enter Berwick softball's centerfielder, Katie Starr.

In an otherwise ho-hum 5-3 win for the Bulldogs over Crestwood, Starr provided the highlight that showcases just how athletic these local kids are.

The sophomore saw the ball fly off the bat of the Crestwood Comets' Haley Naperkowski, who skied one towards the outfield fence.

Starr got on her horse, tracking the ball while sprinting back to make a play. Starr lept and crashed into the chain-link fence, with little more than a yellow plastic bumper to "soften" the blow. What could have been a multi-run homer, turned into a deep, 2-RBI sac fly. Starr, wincing in pain, managed to get to her feet and hurl the ball back into the infield. 

See it for yourself:



According to Doug Farley (@Dad_Farley on Twitter), who caught the whole thing on camera, Starr would recover quickly, even smashing a homerun to help secure the Bulldogs win. 


That might sting for a while. Nice job!