FERG BLURBS -- 8-Year Old Girl Is Amazing On Drums

This 8-Year Old Girl DESTROYS a drum-cover of Led Zeppelin's "Good Times, Bad Times"

June 12, 2018

The Hit Like A Girl Contest is a global, female-centric contest with girls of all ages showcasing their drumming skills via viral videos, as judges pick and choose the best of the best. It's a pretty cool concept that just finished, with thousands of entries. You can watch the awards show here. The "<18" winner was 13-year old entrant Yuki Ogawa of Japan, and the "18+" winner was Calsey Tory of Indonesia, and, trust me, there are a ton of incredible performances. That being said...I'm only aware of this competition because a certain 8-year old's entry is making the rounds on Twitter.

Yoyoka Soma's video has the eight-year old tackling the Led Zeppelin classic "Good Times, Bad Times," which is by no means a beginner-level drumming song. In Yoyoka's Vimeo page, she describes her life growing up with a musical family and how, from pretty much age 2, she's been drumming. Her family has two self-produced albums as a family-band, and Yoyoka doesn't just drum: She also plays keyboards and sings. She knows how to write music and lyrics. She's pretty much way more accomplished than I am, and I am 21 years older than her. 

She lists John Bonham as one of her favorite drummers, so, naturally, she had to do a Zeppelin song, and while she didn't win the Hit Like A Girl Contest this year, holy crap, she made the biggest splash. Please, enjoy.


-- Ferg