FERG BLURBS -- 2019 NFL Schedule Announcements

April 18, 2019

If you're like me, you're already anticipating the return of the NFL to finally give our lives some sort of meaning. Well, yesterday was just the kind of day you needed to whet your appetite, as the various NFL teams made their social media announcements about their schedules. Finally! Our first look at the 2019 NFL Schedules! 


The Mundane

Some teams (cough49ERScough) just put the schedule out into the atmosphere and kinda just left it at that. Boring, yes, but it got to the point. 


Hey, You Tried

Other teams seemed to take some creative liberties, and had varying degrees of success. The Pittsburgh Steelers went all "Mr. Rogers" on us, and went out of order on the schedule. A nice idea, but people got confused quick with what games went where.


The Eagles got a bunch of familiar faces in and around Philly to help make their announcement. I liked this one a lot more than the Steelers announcement. 


And the Giants got Tracy Morgan to sit on a chair and talk about their opponents. It's...okay. It gets stale, FAST. 


Oh Wow, You Really Went For It

And then, you've got teams like the Jets, Panthers, and Falcons. These teams went above and beyond. First up, the New York Jets, repping the best football game of all time, NFL Blitz!


Let's go down south to the Carolina Panthers, who couldn't pick just one video game to spoof, so they did them all!


But, let's be honest, this round goes to the Atlanta Falcons, who took their cues from the Game of Thrones intro, complete with some extra shade to throw at their archrival New Orleans Saints. 


Get the full NFL schedule for all 17 weeks HERE. And remember: You've only got 140 days to go until the start of the NFL season. Plenty of time to get worked up over stuff that will be inconsequential in the long-run! 

-- Ferg