Tooth Fairy Sends 7-Year-Old a Thank-You Note for Making Her a Face Mask

May 23, 2020

After losing one of her baby teeth, a young girl in Michigan wanted to make sure she kept the Tooth Fairy safe.

Seven-year-old Evolette Westhouse was concerned about simply leaving her tooth under her pillow amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Since her mother, Kayla Westhouse, had been teaching Evolette about how the virus can spread, she was worried about exposing the Tooth Fairy to any germs.

"Imagine touching teeth, especially other people's teeth," Evolette told “Good Morning America.”

That’s when Evolette came up with a plan to make the Tooth Fairy her own face mask.

"She refused to put the tooth underneath her pillow," Kayla said. "Finally, she said, 'Listen, Mom, I'll go to bed early if you stay up and sew a mask for me.'"

Evolette eventually placed the tooth under her pillow with the mask and a note explaining her good deed..

The next morning, she awoke to find a dollar bill and a thank-you note under her pillow.

"Thank you so much for the mask,” wrote the Tooth Fairy.  “You are such a considerate young lady. I am so happy to be able to help not spread germs as I go from place to place...Say 'Thank You' to your mom for sewing my mask.”

Ever so grateful, the Tooth Fairy really stressed to Evolette what a spectacular mother she had.

She added: “She seems like the best mom ever. Be sure to tell her that as often as you can."

While Evolette played it safe making a mask for the Tooth Fairy, medical experts have confirmed that the TF can not get coronavirus.

Dr. Anthony Fauci made the revelation after a concerned youngster asked him what the likelihood was of the Tooth Fairy catching COVID-19.

"I gotta tell you, Ava, I don't think you need to worry about the Tooth Fairy," Fauci said during an appearance on Will Smith’s Snapchat talk show series, “Will from Home.”

"So when you get your tooth [to] fall out, stick it under the pillow and I'll guarantee you that that Tooth Fairy is not going to get infected and is not gonna get sick,” the health expert added.

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